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  1. 2-3 days would be nice, but its panic over for now. Fortunatly my mam and dad have leant me some cash to cover me til payday. Parents are great arnt they. It would have been a shame for my LTSB aq cheque to bounce, then get charges and have my claim thrown out for not paying... how ironic.
  2. I dont want to sound impatient or greedy (but i suppose I am) but do you know have an idea how long it will take? I didnt get my expenses through today like usual and I got £100 cheque coming out in about 2 days (to pay for my Lloydstsb AQ funnily enough) and I got £75 in my bank account to last til payday 29th March. If my expenses (£209) have not gone through, then I am up the proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle...
  3. Served 23rd Feb Acknowledged 27th Feb. Defence to be in by 23rd March. I could really do with them payin up rather than doing a defence as its a 5 week month and I dont get paid til 30th March. But if they decide to defend, thats ok, because its bonus month in march so I can wait.
  4. Cheers Barty! Then I can be sure that I've given them plenty of opportunity! Do you think i should mention in my LBA that this is thier second chance sunday?
  5. I think your dead brave you people that are putting all this together to the courts. Im bricking it just playing the game by the rules without challenging anything. But, if it wasnt for you guys doing this and pushing the little men, things would never change, so thank you for being brave!
  6. Hi there everybody My boyf and I decided to leave the joint account til after my solo account one had won, plus when we had a bit more cash to cover costs. Well I sent my AQ for my solo account today and so am ready for the joint account. Now, its Been AGES since i sent the LBA and prelim - last year. Does this matter, should I send another LBA, or is it ok to just go ahead and file a small claim even though its been 3 months since LBA?
  7. Sorry to jump in on someone elses thread but why dont LTSB like it? Ive sent my AQ in today btw.
  8. Today stuck a stamp, Upon a brown envelope, AQ posted out.
  9. Wheres the cap 1 success stories thread please,anyone?
  10. OK - Contact lenses ok - The dog got her stitches out fine but she needs a check up on saturday just to make sure she is ok; - No paperback guide for FF12 til 3rd March, - Derby courts shut on a saturday! Sigh... I wanted to pay by debit card, but hey, i guess i'll have to post it monday with a cheque... more delays (mumble mumble, grumble winge)
  11. Popping into town later to collect my contact lenses, buy a paperback guide for FFXII, get my dogs stiches out (lloyds could hav settled rather than defended, then it would have made the £378 vet bill easier to pay) and drop off my AQ at Derby Court
  12. I thought they were wusses and coughed up? Lloydstsb have been playing hardball. they managed to submit a defence, 2 days after the deadline.... how that works i have no idea, not impressed at all...
  13. Filed my claim, Filed my claim, Filed my claim, Filed my claim.
  14. By the way, if anyone is reading this thread and would like to comment, or add thier own bits feel free. I personally dont consider it hijacking. In fact, I welcome you all with open arms, because its a bit dissapointing sometimes coming back to my thread and seeing little or no response, not even an "Go DBR" from a complete stranger (except thanks to Barty and GuidoT for making me feel less lonesome) So come on, feel free to have a go, add your twopenneth or even just say hello.
  15. These threads are rather long... i take it, its post 2 that we use? Im at work atm and my AQ is at home, but will be having a proper look at both AQ and thread when I get in...
  16. AQ recieved today... got to be in by 5th March. Its all very exciting!
  17. I suppose this is why they dont submit thier defence til after the 28th day then, on purpose. Its just taking the p1ss really. The whole thing is a just a mess on. Why dont the small claim courts say 30 days instead of saying 28 days (oh and if you like, we'll give you an extra 48 hours coz you 28 just obviously isnt enough for you)? Surely LTSB mustrealise I'm not giving up here, if ive come so far. Its costing them money in added interest, added fees and added costs that thier solicitors department are writing them... I reckon they are going to use this to be honest. When the time comes and the ruling is made that its all illegal, LTSB will turn around and say "Now we are going to have to charge you to bank with us. Look, all you good people out there that ran your accounts in order, you will PAY for these people. Look how much they cost us / you when they fought the fight to get back thier charges, and now, we have to pass it on to you... Ive already heard those holier than thou types winge at me for going through this process "Well, if you kept your bank in order blah blah, it will be the end of free banking for all of us I'm afraid blah, Blah, BLAH" ARGH! :mad: Rant over, frustration not. [/b]
  18. GGGRRRR!!!! Defence You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for continuation. You will receive confirmation to where the claim has been transferred to shortly.
  19. .... done it. Entered a judgement by default... *DBR is scared*
  20. I just got off the phone to MCOL, you must have written this as i was speaking! She said I can go ahead and start a judgement by default, but - like you say... if LTSB file a defence within the next 48 hours, then they have to accept that defence. A part of me is hoping and hoping theyre far too busy to keep up with thier own tactics and the 48 hours will pass them by *DBR trots off to MCOL website*
  21. After the overwhelming response to all my questions, Ive found this on MCOL helpfiles and am just confused even further. I have been reading the faqs on here, Ive bought and read over and over the small claimspack, and Ive read all the notes on stuff sent to and from the courts thus far, but my head is still battered. Please can someone just answer me... My claim was served 15th Jan It was acknowledged 16th Jan Therefore is Lloydstsb's deadline for a) 12th Feb (15th Jan claim issued date +28 days) b) 13th Feb (16th Jan claim acknowledged date +28 days) c) 26th Feb (15th Jan claim issued date +28 days+14 days because they acknowledged) d) 27th Feb (15th Jan claim acknowledged date +28 days+14 days because they acknowledged)
  22. Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if i clicked on the "start judgement" bit on my mcol...? would the court look down unfavourably 'pon me, as if I'd not allowed LtSB enought time and throw me out? Surely Id be well within my right, theyve had 28 whole days to submit a defence, thats what they wanted, and they havnt. Theyre too late? (like i say, just a thought, not going to jeopardise anything by doing so)
  23. NNNNNNOOOOooOOOOOooO!!! How come they can get away with pratting on like this!?!?! They've got to play ball, play by the rules!?!? Its not on! Why can they get away with being so rude as to not even go by the correct dates? Surely, surley, LTSB cant get an important document from the court saying "you have 28 days to comply" and then read it as "you have 28 days to submit a defence and then some, say an extra week"? Thats NOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Can someone PLEASE read???? Ok... today is the 13th... Nothing has arrived at home (bearing inmind i work away during the week, but my boyf says there isnt) There is nothing on the MCOL. Im checking my paperwork as i type. The notice of issue says my claim was deemed served on 15th January. The defendent has til 29th Jan to reply. They replied with an acknowledgement on 16th Jan which says on it that judgement may be entered against them if they didnt file a defence within 28 days after service. The 28th day was yesterday...? Im confused. Why is it so quiet? Does this mean i have won????
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