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  1. Darn, Ive left the details about what the judges name and address is at home! Needless to say though, no docs and no dosh.
  2. well, i am a bit scared now. Today was the deadline for LTSB to submit thier docs and Ive recieved nothing from them, no docs or cash in my account.
  3. Its LTSB, stupid idiots that they are, they cant see that by dragging thier heels its costing them more and more and more. Why dont they just admit and pay up FFS. Morons. On the plus side though dolly, its like one big, high interest savings account for us For a laugh, i might just start writing letters to scm,coz if they write me back each time, its gonna cost LTSB about £50 a go coz i dont care, im not a shareholder, Im not stupid enough to invest in thier stupid bank!!!
  4. OKIES! have received a reply from ikea when I wrote to accept the full and final offer we will not accept the part about no refunds in the future, and crossed this out on the letter we had to sign as well. So, i am going to just write to them again and reiterate this...
  5. the way i see it is that all the banks are unethical when it comes to charges. this puts them on a level playing field. But at least smile dont invest in the arms trade or other nasty industries. With Nationwide, it looks interesting because of the fact there are no shareholders... i will have to look further into all of them. At the end of the day, theyre as bad as each other when it comes to charges, so its a case of picking out the lesser of the evils. LTSB wont be having my business for much longer. Shame - after 17 years of loyalty as well.
  6. Ive filed a defence and got a court date!!! Its gone past all that. What Im waiting on is for them to send thier papers!!!! My court date is 12th June, but the judge said for me to send all my papers within 28 days to him and LTSB else he will strike out my claim. Also then, for LTSB to send all thier papers to him and me within 28 days of me sending mine else he willl strike out thier defence. I sent mine on 21st March and SCM recieved thiers on 23rd according to the PO website. So i just needed to know if Bank hols counted. I guess thier day will be 22nd April (or 23rd as 22nd is a sunday)? I know! My joint accoun has been charged for going over twice in one month - THREE times now, and theyre taking £70 a month for going over £50! Its a perpetual vicious circle. Once i get the majority of mine back, im going to open an account with either Smile or Nationwide. i like the look of an ethical or non-shareholder banks...
  7. According to my calculations, thier 28 days is up on Friday (20th). Unless Bank Holidays dont count... in which case it will be on Sunday (22th). Unless weekends dont count in which case, i have no idea. Anyway, i sent my LBA for the extra £125 they took since starting this claim.
  8. Acknowledged yesterday. *yawn* Bo-o-o-o-orrrri-i-i-i-ii-ng.
  9. LOL! I just rang them to tell them I will not be accepting the rise, and the smarmy little YTS patronised to me, so long as i keep making the payments and dont make any more purchases the rise will not go on my account. I told him I cut the card up anyway, and as soon as the last bit is paid off i will be closing my account anyway (considering i only got £160 odd left to pay that will be very soon). I said - out of interest, why has it suddenly gone up - and he went "um, er its because capital one are bringing thier credit cards in line with the rest of the market"!!!!!!!! i told him it was utter bollocks! Capitalone are having a laff if they think 34.84% is standard , and it didnt matter to me because the sooner i can get rid of capital one out of my life, the better - bye!
  10. The ikea ikano address was this one, i think we just took it off the statements, so maybe write to which everone is on the statements. Ikano financial services Adam House Players Court Player street Nottingham NG7 5LN If you ring, you might be able to negoatiate a full settlement, why not try it anyway, because they didnt put up much of a fight with our ikea account.
  11. Ah its ok though, i got the new order anyway. There is about 2 1/2 weeks for them to send in thier stuff.
  12. Oh, By the way, I didnt recieve a copy of LTSB AQ. Is that bad / good / doesnt matter?
  13. *sigh* Id rather get paid than have to go through more form filling... we need £80 to start my boyfs claim!!! Anyway, thanks for all your help and good words, they give us the strength to hang on in there. Like a pack of chiuahua's clingling on to LTSBs ankles, never letting go... or something
  14. I did indeed, i got the bundle and everything in that and also included the statement of evidence from a page i found here How long do you think it would take to pay out after the court got this letter?
  15. Hi Alex I used the bog standard DPA SAR letter. It was in regards to our IKEA account though not Oasis, sorry not to be of much help!
  16. Well, not heard anything yet. Not that I am expecting to but if SCM dont send me their bundle by (say) 23rd April, that means their defence is struck out. What happens then? Do I need to ring the court? Is it all automatic from the court? *DBR is sick of the waiting game*
  17. LOL! Guess what!?!?! CAP 1 are now putting my interest up to 34.9%! To avoid this ridiculously high interest rate i got to either a) pay off the balance in full; or b) ring them, tell them i dont want 34.9% but make no more purchases and destory my card!!! The card was cut up anyway and I have every intention of closing their sh1tty little account, but how about that for spitting their dummy out!? FFS the card only has a £200 limit... Cap 1 - kiss my ass!
  18. Hi Pen - Whose your court with? Also, no hide nor hair from anyone *sigh* 17 days to go Except LTSB - who charged me another £65 yesterday. I sent another prelim out straight away. Completley sick of this whole stupid game playing now.
  19. The swine have taken another £70!!! So, Ive written a new prelim to ask for it back
  20. I think then, i shall do my letter and send it with thier letter and the clause taken out. Then there should be no mistaking my position! Hurray! Its a good feeling isnt it, better than the feelings of despair as the amounts racked up! Hijack away! I like it when people join in
  21. Is this ok as a rejection? Im not sure how to word it to say "thanks for the offer, i'll take the money, but I dont want your condition that no more charges will be refunded" I accept your offer of settlement but without the conditions imposed. While I am confident my Ikea account will be managed impeccably in the future, I will not accept any further unlawful charges to my account. I will seek to recover any further unlawful charges applied to my account in the future. I require repayment in full of this money without conditions. If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus, plus my costs and without further notice. ANy thoughts anyone before i go ahead and print it?
  22. HUrray! checked my account - available to spend as at 24th March - 165.56! I can call off the dogs now!
  23. Not even!!! Got a letter today (24th) dated 22nd basically saying while we think what we do is legal, as a GOGW we will refund everything to your card! YAY! Thanks again! I love this site! Im on a proper crusade!
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