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  1. Hiya, LTSB didnt send thier docs in for me either, which was supposed to be 23rd APril. GaryH advised I send the letter to the court, which I did. DId you send the letter too? Im asking because Im hoping that you did and the court told scm as much that thier defence was struck out and this is why you got the money back. Im getting pretty desperate now - can you tell lol - so if this is the case, then im hoping mine isnt too far away!
  2. I might nick this if thats ok, my defence should have been struck out ages ago too, and I really cant wait til 12th June... Actually, i wont because Ive already sent a letter, and nothing has happened. Sorry for butting in.
  3. No news - i am just here for another moan. My sis transferred £100 to my online saver on friday. I thought it would clear on saturday but it didnt. Tuesday came and went and it hadnt. Weds it hadnt cleared so i rang the bank and the boy PROMISED me it would have cleared by thurs. Yesterday, still no £100 so i went to the bank and we could see on the screen it was there, but not cleared. She said manyana. Manyana is here, and i still have no money. i rang the bank and the woman said for my sis to put a trace on it. Im not even going to start actually, i dont have the heart any more...!
  4. Cant be chewed with going through all the court stuff, but what the hell, at least my boyf will end up more in his back pocket! Will send the letter and give them 7 days because my boys gets paid on the 18th anyway so we can issue a court claim then!
  5. Hiya Sorry, What I meant was, when we sent the thanks but no thanks it was a mutated LBA. Basically used the LBA template but added in -thanks for the gogw, but its not good enough, we want the lot, else we take yo ass to court mo fo- Thats when the bloke has sent the letter mentioned in post 1. So I know we have threatened court with an LBA, but I just would like to know if anyone thinks it will be a waste of time writing a letter as in post #1...
  6. Hi there :grin: Got the list of charges, then sent prelim. They refunded £750 so we sent a letter going thanks but no thanks, thats when we got the letter mentioned in Post #1.
  7. Is there anybody out theeeeerrr-r-r--rrr--eee??!?!
  8. Bump back to page 1... please can someone have a read and make a comment?
  9. Hi all Another DBR thread My boys got a GOGW of £750 and we decided to write a letter saying thanks for the cash, but we will only accept as part payment. They wrote us back and said something along the lines of... Sorry to hear you want all the money but we can only offer a gogw of £750 which does not affect your right to take further action. £750 is the max we can award Then the next paragraph goes: "I can see that you have already issued a court claim for repayment of these fees and that our solicitors are dealing with it. If you are successful in your claim, this figure will be deducted from any award that may be made. Other than this, we will not be making anyattempt to reclaim this money OKAY! for a start! the bit in italics, does not make sense, can someone explain!?! Then, my boyf has NOT started a claim yet. We both have on our joint account but he hasnt on his solo account. numpties. What I was thinking was replying to N*** S**** (stars to spare his blushes) the "Customer Service Recovery Centre" and gently explaining as much and suggesting that they pay up the remaining £800, otherwise its going to cost them a lot more in fees and interest... What do you reckon to this...? "Thank you for your letter dated 19th April 2007 in which you say your unable to offer more than £750. Also, in your letter you stated that you can see that I have issued a court claim that your solicitors are dealing with. I have issued a court claim against LLoydstsb for my JOINT account, but the account in question here is my SOLO account. I have not YET issued a court claim for the outstanding £1494.00 I will accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, with a County Court claim within the next seven days. I have attached a schedule of charges showing the amounts outstanding. This schedule also shows the statutory 8% that I will be claiming should I issue a court claim. Lloydstsb will have to pay this backdated amount plus the court costs should they lose in court which will be in excess of £1800. It makes sense to pay the outstanding charges of £1494.00 rather than court fees, interest and solicitors fees. Yours faithfully" ALso, this is how the GOGW appears on the schedule O/draft excess fee£90.0001/11/2006 188£3.72Unpaid DD£35.0001/11/2006 188£1.45Gesture of goodwill-£750.0029/12/2006 130-£21.45O/draft excess fee£90.0002/01/2007 126£2.49O/draft excess fee£60.0001/02/2007 96£1.27O/draft excess fee£90.0001/03/2007 68£1.35 Your thoughts, comments and hijackings will be much appreciated :D:D:D
  10. OK - Got home to Derby from work yesterday... 2 things 1 - They paid back the £70! Hurray! 2 - And I got the "Notice of Transfer of Proceedings" for the court date, and weirdest thing... it goes like this A defence to this claim has been filed The claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the claimant lives or carries on business Please read the accompanying documents carefully... (The bit that normally says and note that the allocation questionnaire should be returned to the Derby County court has been crossed out!!!) Wicked!!! The defence is a 9 point defence. In fact I cant read half of it because whichever bernard photocopied it, is incapable of using a copier, it went through on a diagonal and cut half of it off. ANyway - next page goes Without hearing IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1. The filing of an AQ de dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise** Note - any party affected by this order may uncer rul 3.3(5) appplyto have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under rule 23.3 within 14 days of service of this order ** Please note that an allocation fee may be payable in this instance. Please contact the court of transfer for further details. date order drawn April 27th 2007. Guess theyre getting a bit bored of all the claims!!! Anyway, I got no AQ to send.... do i just hang tight now and wait for a court date (i guess providing scm dont apply for a stay?!)
  11. Madness, we got a letter from them dated 26th March saying they'll give us it back within 5 days... Still not in the account though. AQ arrived for 1st claim at home yesterday so will be filling in that puppy and dropping off at the court tomorrow afternoon.
  12. eh? do you mean just cancel w/o paying the £30 and they will just call us after the 30 days and resolve it all (ie scrap the £30 and give us a good offer?)
  13. Morning Pen Thyeve handed in thier defence ages ago and were ordered by our judge to send myself and (s)he thier evidence within 28 days after Id sent mine in, else the defence would be struck out. So Myself and the judge should both have recieved thier evidence last monday (23rd April). I didnt get anything, so I sent the letter that the lovely GaryH advised last Tuesday (24th APril) asking nicely for the judge to strike them down, and ive heard nowt from SCM or the court. Im just so frustrated by it all - GRRRRR!!! Hows yours coming along, please can you put a link to your thread so i can see. Ta Oh yeah, and I had a horrible dream last night. I dreamt i got a letter of the courts going "amount refunded by Ltsb will be as follows" with a list of reasons why. One of the reasons was "You couldnt even be bothered to turn up to court. you people are doing these claims and dont know what your doing... Sheesh, get it right. Court costs 1p, refund 1p" I was gutted.
  14. AH... ok. Best pay them and ask nicely for the charges back after. re cancellation - i meant the 30 days was to start from immediate effect. Still cancelling though. They and NTL have been nothing but a waste of space since we signed up 2 years ago. We both have mobiles and we got freeview so dont really need the tv & phone.
  15. Hi there, Im wondering if we can get away with this... We got a direct debit bounced by VM that they never re-presented, which companies usually do. The next payment from them didnt get paid because they never presented it and theyve now said we owe them £10 x 2 late payments and £5 x 2 payment handling charge, plus the two payments (£13.01 and £13.85). When we contacted them, they said that the direct debit had been cancelled. We said we never cancelled it, it bounced because we didnt have enough money in the account, and if theyd represented it it would have gone through. I rang today and said we would glady pay up the £26.86 we owe them and start a new direct debit but we werent prepared to pay the £30 in charges. VM said we had to and I said no because we didnt cancel the Direct debit and if they'd represented it, then we wouldnt be paying £20 in charges and the DD would still be set up and therefore we wouldnt be getting charged £10 for that too. VM still said we needed to pay so i say ok, we will pay the £26.86 and cancel the lot. They said we cant do that and needed to pay the lot, so i called my boyf and he said to just pay the £26.86 because if they wanted the charges back, theyd have to take us to court and prove that they were legit. I paid VM £26.86 today and said to put a note on our account that we were cancelling with immediate effect and the letter confirming as much will be in the post. Do you reckon they will take us to court?
  16. Hi Barty I rang MCOL just now. They said its getting transferred to Derby and I should recieve the defence and whatnot in any day
  17. Well not a sausage from anyone since monday. Guess I'll be waiting til the 12th? Or will it be worth phoning SCM to ask if they have sent any docs (even though i know they havnt) in case they decide to pay me now. I reckon they are just going to happily string me along til the 12th. Not bothered like, its a great little saving acccount, at 8%, Ive saved over £60 extra since filing the claim (not to mention the £500 over the past 6 years)...
  18. It says on MCOL - defence 30th March, Ive not heard ANYTHING from ANYONE yet... no defence paper, no AQ sent, no change of court and most importantly - no refund...
  19. It certainly is worth the wait, but its just so damn frustrating...! Good luck though - cool name!!!
  20. Sorry Gary, Im not enjoying any of this at all, and just one more question i promise - does this mean i have to wait til June 12th? or will the judge send SCM a letter saying that its now struck out?
  21. Bump - again.... Can anyone shed any light on what is going to happen pleeeeeease!?!?!
  22. I have done the letter and put it in the post. But I rang the court too, and asked what was meant to happen, the defence should be struck out and she said yes, the judge may well strike it out on 12th June on my court date.... Please dont say its going to drag on til then?
  23. Dunno what to put... What do you reckon... Date 23th April 2007 Dear Karen Malin RE: Response to settlement offer – Account number: 6331 5600 4402 4263 Thank you for your letter dated 20th March. I wrote to you on 2nd April accepting your offer of settlement but without the conditions imposed. While I am confident my Ikea account will be managed impeccably in the future, I will not accept any further unlawful charges to my account. I will seek to recover any further unlawful charges applied to my account in the future. I have not heard back from you. I require repayment in full of this money without conditions. If you do not comply fully within 7 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus, plus my costs and without further notice. Oh... and I dont think the amount has been put back onto the card coz Ive noticed a direct debit for £18 come out the bank this morning - its should be about £7 if theyve removed the £200...
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