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  1. Thanks guys!!!! I will be sending off our DPA letters at the weekend Aftter many weeks of lurking, i think i am getting to understand the processes involved, but if i return with (seemingly) stupid questions, please bear with me as I have been reading the faqs, posts etc, i just want to get it RIGHT and get my £2k back!!!! Thanks!
  2. Hi Im sending mine and my boys Data Protection Act letters off this weekend, but i have a few questions first. 1 - Do you need to put your sort code in there, or is account number enough 2 - We are putting in claims for our own separate accounts, but, we have a joint account that we would like to claim for as well. The thing is, it was an old account of mine, that they converted into a joint account. Do we both have to claim or will it suffice for just my name to be down on all the documents? 3 - All our accounts are Lloyds TSB, including 2 savings accounts. If Lloydstsb decide to close down the accounts we are claiming on, will they close down our savings as well. 4 - Will they close your account if you have an overdraft? What if its got money in it? 5 - Last one, (for now!),There are a lot of addresses to write to. Am I correct in putting Penny Berryman @ The Pentagon address for the DPA letter Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi All I am new here, but I am quite excited by all the success stories I have been reading. A couple of questions though - I have a select account, a online saver, a normal saver and a joint current account (shared with my boyf) - all lloydstsb. I am going to claim back charges on the select account (£1416 in total) and ive read some bits about that they might close my account if they pay up. Does that just mean the select account or all of them? Also, has there ever been any failures? (Can anybody point me in the direction of what NOT to do threads)
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