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  1. Hi - Ill try and keep this short! My aunt is over from New Zealand for a few weeks (vitising lots of friends and family) and on her bucket list has been a balloon flight over York. on 12th September she bought a voucher from Adventure Balloons to the tune of £516 for 4 of us to go up. We went saturday and as there wasnt enough wind, we couldnt fly. So, she is going back to New Zealand soon and there are no more flights before she goes back, so she just wants her money back. Clause 4 in the T&Cs on the website (http://www.adventureballoons.co.uk/terms-and-conditions) states a refund can be given if everything is sent back within 14 days of purchase, which my aunt has done this morning (signed / recorded delivery etc). But upon looking in the T&Cs further down the screen (item 9) they will take 42% as admin fee - ie, she is only going to recieve back about £299 out of £516! I thought she should get a full refund as I thought you got 14 days cooling off period, was looking briefly on the net last night and Im trying to work out if it falls under the distance sellilng regulations which is only 7 days? Ie is a balloon ride counted as goods or a service!? thanks
  2. YIPPEEE!!!! I have just applied for mbna card, the one I got through in the post, and when I finished the application it said we need to speak to you to process this application, so I rang straight away, he put me on hold and said the application is fine! My Lloyds TSB card should be transferred in 5 days and so I can get shot of that. He set my limit at £3k, but I asked him to dop it to £1.5k but he said coz I have a balance transfer he will set it at £2k, so I said ok. Im only going to ask them to drop it ina few weeks anyway! I got 0% interest til october 2008 but a 3% balance transfer applies, but that works out as £43… considering I am paying £20 a month interest to ltsb, that’s ok, coz once ive done 3 payments to mbna, its paid for itself! WOOHAA! Happy days, it should drop by £900 instead of about £700 now!!!!!
  3. I tried that! i saw the 0% interest advert for cap1 and applied but got kncoked back. i have signed up for experian and i check my credit file each month and my score at the time was 808/1000 (which is only classed as fair!). But then, i did have a cap 1 card which i claimed back my charges from and then closed the account, so they might have black listed me lol! If anyone knows of any 0% interest cards i could get with a fair rating i'll apply today, £75 a month off £1410 with no interest will come down like newtons apple! Minimum payment, I think its about £30 a month, and thats been dropping each month by about a quid, happily. If I send a sar request, asking for a list of interest applied each month, will they comply?
  4. Hi I decided a while ago to pay off my LTSB credit card. I had reached the £2000 limit and kept it there and one day it clicked that I was being very silly and would be better off without it. Hurray. Ive been making regular payments of £75 a month (way over the minimum) and have not been spending anything on it. Surely, if I am hitting the deadline for payment, and paying off probably more than double the minimum payment, then each month, the interest should be coming down too? I look at my credit card statements online and Ive noticed now for at least the last 6 months or so, it says "merchandise interest charded at 1.240%" has been about £18.40 one month, the next month it is £19.25, the next month its been £18.50 the next month £19.20. Its almost like a random number selected between 18 and 20 and been happening for about 6 months from what Ive noticed. My online banking only shows the last 3 months statements and today, it only shows the latest statement! Surely something is awry? Someone suggested a while back its been fluctuating because there are 30 days in one month and 31 in another, but surely it shouldnt change this much? Can I do a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter asking for a list of interest charges over the last 12 months?
  5. My immediate thought was - only fair. But - what happens though, if she was to rack up £500 worth of charges and the banks won? Would she have to pay back those charges or would they only be able to start charging her from the date barclays won?
  6. daisy_bumbleroot


    Do Smile respond to requests via secure message centre? Ive just asked them not to charge me £5 a day for about 20 days of being OD. I know its my dozy fault for gong od, but it doesnt help that thier statements dont update til about 4 days later. I have written and said i will pay the extra interest and the £15 "management fee" but I simply will not be able to afford the £100 extra. I also said if they couldnt consider not charging me, then i will reconsider switching back to my old ltsb account. Do you think they will still charge me? Also, in case they dont is it possible to send SAR's, LBA's etc via the secure centre or should they always be written letters?
  7. Thanks hazyjog and welshcakes, i shall pass on your advice
  8. Hi I know this has probably been covered and Ive had a quick look but I am writing this on behalf of a friend at work, so i cant hang round on the CAG site too long unfortunatly. He has sent his DPA letter and the 40 days are almost up... Barclays bank havnt replied (*tut tut*) yet, so without his list of charges, he doesnt know what to do! I am sure I saw a DPA non-compliance section somewhere but havnt found it, can some one please help?
  9. Hi Pen - DBR popping in just to see how you are and just to let you know your old support is still around *hugs*
  10. Hi all My boyf has just recieved this letter re: agreement number 12345678912 We have been attempting to contact you at a previous address held, however we have been unsuccessful. We have accessed public information in order to ascertain your current address (as shown on this letter) and believe its is your current address It is important that you now telephone us on the number shown at the top of this letter, as we hold the above agreement at the address shown and we need to explain this in detail to you. If you believe this is not your account then please telephone within 21 days on 0800 xxxxxxx to avoid this account being registered against your name at the Credit Bureaux. We look forward to hearing from you. My boyf did phone and the chap said it was a debt from Barclaycard at 2 Blah Street, Thingy town (obviously changed btw!) in 1997 for the tune of £1843.03 My boyf said rubbish - its fraud and the chap said that my boyf needed to fax a copy of his passport and signature to see if they matched the details they had on record to prove it. We sat down and chatted for about an hour trying to suss this all out because... a) Hes never had a barclaycard b) we cant understand if the man meant the card was taken out in 1997 or that was the last know address for him as he did live in Blah street, but moved into a different number (not no2) and that wasnt until 2000 We are trying to rack our brains if hes p1553d someone off and they took it out in his name, but we cant think of anyone that would have. We cant understand how they got Blah street as he didnt move there til 3 years later - is this co-incidence and the man was trying to fish and expect my boyf to trip up and correct him (which is strange as he never had a barclaycard anyway)? The conclusion we have come to is - they are sending sketchy letters with words like Credit Bureaux as a threat, because surely it would be Credit REference Agency? Trying to scare him into paying? - are we right in saying he doesnt have to pay anything as the debt is now 10 years old - but they are trying to pin it on him to get the money from him? He was going to do what they asked and send a copy of his signature but Im worried in case someone has somehow got a copy of his signature way back then and took a card out in his name? I think we are going to leave it tbh, but just wated the wonderful folk at CAG to maybe offer thier suggestions and advice?
  11. This is what is says (in a nutshell) 1 - in 21 days i must supply a) a schedule (unless already filed and served) and b) a statement of evidence. else the claimant gets struck out. Pretty straightforward, i shall crack on with it today... 2 - 21 days thereafter ltsb must supply a) contractual documents b) whether a charge is a penalty, if not why not c) If such a charge is a pre-estimate of the defendents loss - prove it d) Witness statements e) copies of decided cases and other legal matters else the defence gets struck out (i'll be interested to see what papers they send even though we all know they wont)
  12. Okies, Got a general form of judgement or order. Its not on my person, i forgot to bring it, but the lovely ohrebus said he will fax it tomorrow. It basically is the same as my solo account, except - My part - i only have 21 days to send a schedule (if not already sent) and a statement of evidence else I get struck out (solo account was 28 days and i had to send all court bundle too) LTSB part - they got 21 days after to send all kinds of gumpf!!! Loads more than they had to on my solo account - else they will get struck out. And seeing as they sent sweet FA in on my solo and did get struck out and ordered to pay up then I feel rather confident about the joint account. As soon as OhRebus faxes tomorrow, i will type up what it says - YIPPEEE FOR DERBY JUDGES!
  13. DILEMMMMAAAA!!!! ARGH! IT troubles at t'mill last week, my hard drive fried. IT had been out to fix it, ended up getting a new PC instead and cant download anything from ol nackered PC. All my spreadsheets with dates, letters with dates, letters Id done for friends etc are gone, Gone, GONE!!!!! Darn! Anyway, i got a printout of our Joint account and boyfs solo account so can handball them in - again... Warning to us all - BACK UP YOUR WORK!!!!
  14. Im interested! Could just put CAG logo on small on left / right hand corner, then on the back put it, with username across the top! If its too dear for usernames, just put dotted lines, bring some markers and you fill in your own! Shouldnt be more than a tenner surely and you can order more as n when!?!?
  15. Ah.... We had to get her put down... but at least I got the cash to get her ashes from the vets now FFS!!!!!
  16. Just had a call from Steve Harris of SCM he said sorry for not getting back to me yesterday (I didnt know he was going to thanks to the unhelpfulness of SCM) and said the money will be in my account today or tomorrow!!!! ITS CLEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was thee ANY need for that run around yesterday and everyone getting SO upset and vexed at each other, NO, all they had to do was say yes you will get the dosh on friday!!!!!
  17. OMG! YOU CAN MOVE ME TO THE WON THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I just had a call from SCM - Steven Harris and he said "Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday" (I didnt know he was) "But the money will be in your account today or tomorrow" I checked my bank balance, and its there, just not cleared...... WAAHOOOOO!!!!!
  18. I put " I request payment immediatly" What happens next? Do I just wait for a letter in the post to say there is a judgement? How long do you think it will take? Once I get the letter do I just ring SCM? When can I send the baliffs in fnar fnar fnar?
  19. Ok, done it. Do i send a copy to SCM? I put " I request payment immediatly" What happens next? Do I just wait for a letter in the post to say there is a judgement? How long do you think it will take? Once I get the letter do I just ring SCM? When can I send the baliffs in fnar fnar fnar?
  20. Oh no.... you know the IT issues i was on about... well, my hard drive is fried, on its way back up to Head Office... and my schedule of charges is on it.... can you believe it... I got a hard copy in my file, but thats not going to give me times and dates is it....? ARGH!!!!!
  21. Awww, I cant do that I still love you, you wally! He's turned the house upside down, i think its been binned with the a load of envelopes and letters. I will crack on right now. Had a good nights sleep last night. Switched on tv to watch corra and saw the football was on so flisked through the channels and realised there was nowt on, so decided to go to bed. Put Alan titchmarsh and the chelsea flower show on, must have been out within 5 minutes!!! Thought about SCM on the way to work. I actually feel pity towards them to be honest. The way the woman spoke to me in her sanctimonious manner and the nasty, aggressive way the mr.jones used suggests they are a bit sick of people like me ringing up on a daily basis. Id hate a job where all I got all day was (edit) from people at the end of the phone. People ringing you up all day, being thick on the phone, wanting your help... it must really (edit) them off. And when you got a (edit) job, you tend to take it home with you. What kind of life must they and thier families have? So I dont feel sorry for them, but i do ity them. Altogether now for SCM - aaaaaaahhhhh!!! *snigger*
  22. Upon the courts own motion. The court has made this order of its own initiative without hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of recieveing it. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1 - the defence be struck out by variation of the operation of the order dated 08-may-07 2- the claimant may enter judgement upon making a request setting out fully the sum claimed with a calculation of interest and the fixed costs sought 3 - vacate the trina listed on 12 june 07 dated may 11th and thats it.... so do i have to do something now? Theres nothing to sign or send back....
  23. well, i just spoke to boyf, he has turned the house upside down and cant find it. Great. Anyway, he is faxing the court leter to me and he said there is nothing on there for me to sign!!!! i will type it up as soon as i get it.
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