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  1. I have finally received my statements from Topshop, (GE Money) and I have added up the account cover or PPI charges from April 2003 till this year, Totaling £284.68. I also have a copy of the agreement which I signed and there is a box which I have signed requesting account cover, however It does not tell me what this account cover includes, or what I am eligable for? What it does say is: I do remember applying for the card and at the time I was unemployed, I think I even have a copy of a redundancy letter dated to prove this, would this help get my money back? There was not even a tick box on the form to say if I was employed at the time? Can I still send a template letter off? PLEASE HELP! Many thanks! XX
  2. Thanks for this. Ok, how easy is it to get the statements dating back to 2003, and the intial agreement? Is it worth me sending a letter asking for the statements and intial agreement and do I mention PPI in my letter, being the reason for this request?
  3. I did not even know I had it, or what it was, so I guess I was mis-sold, I dont remember anyone asking me if I wanted it, and I never received any information about the insurance.
  4. I saw Martin Lewis talking about PPI's on GMTV last week, I wondered does this include Store cards. I have had a TOPSHOP card (GE MONEY) since March 2003, I did not realise I was paying for the PPI on it until earlier this year. I phoned up and cancelled it. However I know I have been paying for this since I signed up to the card 4 years ago. I have no idea how much I have paid on this insurance but I think it was always a percentage of the balace (maybe 2%) and my balance has always been over £500, is it worth me trying to get the statements from TOPSHOP to check this out? Do I have a case? I claimed back my bank charges earlier in the year, and wondered if this TOPSHOP PPI is acheivable? PLEASE HELP? Many thanks, Donna
  5. I got a phone call from the legal advisor from Barclays yesterday, disputing my claim and only offering me £1772, I told her to check my schedule of charges and get back to me, but my figure was around the £1905 mark now, including interest and court charges! She called back at 3pm, and said that was fine, and emailed me a settlement letter, I signed it scanned it in this morning (stated I will inform the court when the money is deposited into my account) and emailed back, the money was in my account 1 hour later!!! WHAT A RESULT!! EVERYONE ON HERE HAS BEEN FANTASTIC, I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! MUCH LOVE XXX Can Bank fodder change my Title to ***WON SETTLEMENT*** or SOMETHING
  6. Thanks Trucker. I have just phoned them and spoke to Laura! She offered me my original claim of £1762.20 from MCOL last year, but I refused and said its not the amount due now and not including the last lot of court costs. She said there is a discrepancy on the original schedule of charges and so I asked her to call me back explaining this. I am not budging on this one! I am including interest up to today! xx
  7. Is there any guidelines on the telephone conversations? What will they say to me? thanks x
  8. Surprise Surprise, My mum has just called me Barclays have telephoned my old landline number and left a message with my mum, wanting me to call back urgently! Thats because Judgement is entered today at 4pm when they dont deliver there defence! How exciting! Any ideas on what will happen on the phone? And what am I hoping for when settling out of court? My original claim was for £1390, but after court costs and interest its now works out at £1910.32 Please help before I call them back during my lunch! xx
  9. Dickeggsy, Trucker, Many thanks for your support, looks like we have court dates which are 2/3 days apart, so looking forward to our outcomes! John, I wish you all the best with yours, and your right at times I have been very worried! But this website has give me the guts to stick with it. I am starting today to help my parents do the same they have an account with first direct and the bank charges are even worse, in one month my parents were charged £190! So I am starting their claim toaday! As mine is hopefully almost over! This website is fantastic and without the support on here I would have given up a long time ago! xxx
  10. So what happens if I dont hear from them by the 13th March? What does the court letter above actually mean? thanks, don,x
  11. Mark, Just read your threads, Sounds very similar to mine, I am s****ing myself a bit as my date draws nearer, I was tempted to ring barclays but you have proved it best not to bother. My date is 29th March 2pm, I am trying to work out if its worth me booking the day off work just for the hearing but I am guessing its another Barclays tactic to keep me guessing on how soon my money will be refunded, and to make my life difficult. Think I will book half a day as my work is near the court! Keep the pressure on, and well done on the MBNA victory! x
  12. Oh yes, I sent my court bundle to my local court and another copy of the bundle to Barclays Churchill Place. I sent them both special delivery by 31st January. And they had to do the same with thier defence. But I heard nothing! Which is why I sent the non compliance letter to my court.
  13. UPDATE!!! I sent my letter of non compliance to my local court, that was over two weeks ago! I received a letter from my local court yesterday explaining the following: General Form of Judgment or Order Upon reading the claimants letter IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Unless by 4pm on 13th March 2007 the Defendant has served on the claimant any documentation on which it intends to rely, the defence be struck out and the claimant has permission to enter Judgement. 2. This order was made without a hearing. Any party affected by it may apply within 7 days of service for it to be set aside, varied or stayed. What does this actually mean, I have not heard a thing from Barclays since the original offer of £300 last August. My court hearing date was and is 29th March 2007, will I still have to attend? And will I hear anything from Barclays? Please help!!! Many thanks don,x
  14. Peter, Thanks for your help, I have sent my letter of non compliance to my local court today! So What is the next thing got look forward to? Also is it worth telephoning Barclays to see if they want to settle out of court, like Dick says? Let me know what you think, Many thanks Don
  15. Thanks Dick, I have sorted out my agreed overdraft, once again it was a bank error!!! They were not at all helpful and would not even forward my complaint I am now going to have to write to Barclays Head Office regarding there terrible unhelpful service this is all a separate issue to the bank charges! Is it better to wait nearer the court date to call them, and either way do I settle over the phone including intrest charges and court charges? So far it has cost me £225 in court charges?
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