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  1. Even though they said they would defend claim I got a letter yesterday thanking me for accepting settlement in full. I'm happy even if they've gone loopy! They said they have put the money in my bank and they have. Now my overdraft looks much healthier. Ta Halifax
  2. Well, let me bring you up to date - as you may remember I had two offers (one for a pittance then and then one for half) I refused the first and then said I would accept the second but reserved the right to take it to Court (as per instructions sir!), they sent a shirty letter basically saying they were withdrawing their offer in that case so I proceeded to next step and went to Moneyclaim. They acknowledged service and said that they would defend then blow me down yesterday in the post came a letter from them saying that they were pleased that I had accepted their full and final offer and basically it was for all the money I had claimed (didn't mention my costs though) and that they had credited my account to that amount. Hmmm not sure what to do so am doing nothing till I get input from you bright things. Any thoughts.....
  3. Just letting you know Halifax are playing hard ball. Following the rules laid out here on this site. I am claiming £600 odd. First offer £110 - I refused. Second offer £311 - I said I would accept but reserved right to claim for remainder. They withdrew offer so I have now done a Moneyclaim for whole amount. They need to reply by 28/06. Watch this space!!
  4. Can you believe it - my computer has a virus and the letters that I sent to the Bank previously have been eaten! Of course, needless to say, I cannot find the photocopies even though I have scoured the house. Just out of interest - will I need these if I do the court thing? Best to check now rather than end up with egg on my face. Thanks:-x
  5. Thank you for the great info. Now I shall trawl through and find the court stuff I need. Hey ho. It'll be worth it in the end. Again, though genuine thanks. I feel stunned mostly!
  6. Hi, sorry, some days I am so blonde. I do have trouble with all the abbreviations so to clarify - firstly I sent the original one saying give me my money (sic) and enclosing the spreadsheet. They then wrote back and offered a pittance. Then I sent another letter saying 'you gotta be kidding I want it all' (sic) and now they have written again to say 'ok we will give you half of what you are asking' (sic) and now I just need to clarify that I am going to say yeah ok I take the half but will carry on to claim rest or whether I should tell them to bog off and advance straight to go to do the court thing. thanks for your help and again apologies if i am not very eloquent.
  7. oops only problem with that - i forgot to put a date on when they should have completed by. Initially I just put on the date to reply to my initial letter which was 14 days. am i in trouble boss?
  8. Firstly I have to make a public announcement I love Martin yes I do. Thank goodness someone like him has the b*lls to get up and fight for our consumer rights. Yey! Moving on swiftly - I am in the middle of my fight with the Halifax. I have just had the reply to my second letter - first one said they'd offer me just over a hundered quid (out of over £640 I am claiming) I said 'you gotta be joking me loves' and now I have just received another response offering what they call a year's charges (whereas in fact I am claiming 6 years charges hah!) this offer was about half of my original claim. I am tempted to say non! stick it up your jumper - what do you think peeps?
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