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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, firstly waiting for something to happen and then just being a bit cagey because of the confidentiality thing (not that I was accepting it, just wanted to cross the t's etc before I shouted from the rooftops) So.......submitted MCOL on 15th June, acknowledgement on 20th. Letter from DG solicitors received on 24th offering full amount and asking for confidentiality. Posted reply on Tuesday 27th having crossed out the bit about confidentiality and written a statement next to it saying explicitly that I did not agree to it and received re
  3. Not sure about how you might do this on line, but there is a customer services number (0845 6015935) and I have heard that they are very helpful. Does this mean you have had a positive result or are you just preparing yourself in case. I filed my MCOL today so it would be great news if you have.
  4. Have submitted my claim via MCOL so this should be processed tomorrow morning. I have prepared a spreadsheet detailing the charges to send to the Court and the bank. Just wanted anyone's opinion on where best to send this info. I have given the branch address on the MCOL form but am not sure whether to send the spreadsheet and covering letter to them as well or to Colin Langdale in Leeds who sent me the most recent 'offer withdrawn' letter. I know the response to anyone asking about where to send things to has generally been that they should go to the branch, but since I am filing th
  5. As I understand it (and I am no expert so hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong) by acknowledging the claim they have an additional 14 days to file a response. This is on top of the 14 days they are given from service of the notice (which is considered to be 5 days after your claim was processed by MCOL), so basically by acknowledging it they have 28 days from receving the claim to file a defence. This is how I have understood it from the Courts Service guidance
  6. Thanks Caro - your words of encouragement really do mean a lot. I shall adapt the library 8% spreadsheet to include all relevant information. Am a bit worried that the fact that I didn't accept the 90% they offered me will count against me in the Court's eyes, but that said I did say I'd accept it as an interim payment. As many have pointed out, this money is ours so why should we be fobbed off with anything less than the total amount.
  7. Sorry for not responding sooner Stodge, its been a bit hectic round here and I've found it difficult to log on as much as I'd like and when I do I spend all my time catching up on other people's stories. Its great to hear that people are interested in whats going on - its what keeps me going. I sent my acceptance of what they'd offered as an interim payment letter combined with an LBA, the deasline of which was today. Got home to a letter saying they'd withdrawn their offer and referring me to the Ombudsman, which I gather is becoming fairly typical for them.....so have started filling
  8. Sweety You and I are almost in parallel with this. My LBA deadline was today and I received the "offer withdrawn" letter today (from Colin Langdale - Alan's obvioulsy given up on me!). Am about to complete MCOL. Good luck with yours - am watching with baited breath for any news form your camp.
  9. Thanks Maverick I guess its probably better to be totally clear and explict when dealing with such organisations. Here goes...
  10. I am it almost exactly the same position as you. Juicy has a thread which might help. Read through it onto page 5 where Alan from Derby gives some advice about how to wrod the acceptance of a partial settlement. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=5564&page=4 Hoep this link works - if not search for threads started by juicy - its the first one on the list. Good luck
  11. Hi again just putting my LBA together. I'm going to say I'll accept the offer they've made as partial settlement, and have told Mr Pretty that if its refunded it they can deduct it from the amount I'm asking for back (as Alan from Derby suggested for Juicy) A lot of whats in the LBA (taken from template on library) about the charges being unlawful and it being implied that they will conduct themselves in a lawful manner was included in my prelim letter to them. It feels a bit wierd writing exactly the same stuff again - is it essential that I include it again? Thanks
  12. Thanks cyber frinds for helping me to keep my feet on the ground. Its hard not to get caught up in the whole thing and start seeing interest as a form of compensation. Had it not been for this site there's no way I'd even be in this position now. As you have suggested, I shall take what they have offered but will continue on for the remaining amount. Presumably I write back combining an acceptance (without conditions) with an LBA for the remainder. Thanks again
  13. well, well, well my deadline for response to prelim was up yesterday with nothing but a standard letter saying they'd look into it which I got last week. Unfortunately I had no chance yesterday to draft LBA but came home today to my first letter from Mr Pretty. They've offered me 90% as full and final etc. The outstanding amount is only about £70 and although I feel quite positive about this and that maybe I should take the money and run, I feel strongly that really they owe me the lot and £70 is much more significant to me than it is to them. I'm presuming that if I accept thi
  14. I stand corrected! Thanks Novernrob for clarifying the exect position with the prelim and the LBA. I guess I'm still in the habit of allowing the bank to be in the driving seat - time for them to move over!
  15. Hi Sopsps As I understand it (and I am still very much a novice in all this so someone tell me if I'm wrong) you don't add the 8% on until you file your claim with CC via Moneyclaim. As for not having a response to your preliminary letter, I would have thought that without proof that they received it you probably can't progress to LBA. To potentially save yourself the time and hassle of re-sending your prelim it might be worth biting the bullet and phoning them.....just a thought, obviously its up to you. Good luck
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