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  1. Not so, a quote from the defence I received from Barclays regarding my claim against them, shame they didn't actually read my claim as I claimed against 'Barclays Bank PLC trading as Barclaycard' So you could do the whole lot in one go if you wanted to.
  2. And remember that the interest is on the whole amount, not the amount less partial payment.
  3. Hmm, I'd be cautious with this. What exactly does the small print for the insurance say about undertaking any sort of paid work? Most insurance companies will use any excuse to avoid paying out, so be extra careful. Likewise it's worth checking about what work is allowed whilst claiming benefits. As you say it'll be a struggle to get much work in the winter, maybe best to use that time for planning the business rather than risking even more problems?
  4. Keep going, they'll probably settle just before you need to file your claim with the court.
  5. AndyE

    androobe v MBNA

    MBNA took nearly the whole 40 days for me, but everything was settled in full before the deadline stated in my LBA. Good luck!
  6. Any offence that carries a custodial sentence is recordable, along with a whole bunch of other stuff that's been added in recent years. Driving without insurance isn't recordable, nor (I think) is not having any road tax.
  7. Different people and banks use different terms for the same types of charges. Also you may have seen people discussing claims for interest on these charges (which you can also claim back, but the first step is to work out exactly which charges you're going after).
  8. Late payment and overlimit charges are the ones you should claim for. Everything else is a charge for a service that they provided.
  9. I'd still stick with your timetable, in the unlikely event it does end up in court you've even more chance to show how reasonable you are about the whole thing.
  10. Unfortunately (for you) you do need to pay them, their failure to collect does not mean you're not obliged to pay.
  11. Yes , Yes, Yes! Good luck!
  12. Probably the easiest way is moneyclaim.gov.uk - fill the forms in online, pay the fee with a card and they will then file and serve the claim for you. Some basic instructions are here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-step-step-instructions.html For wording for moneyclaim online look here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html The fee depends on the value of the claim, I'm not sure what the value of the claim is but for small claims (less than £5000) they start from £30 and go u
  13. AndyE

    mo v cappyone

    All you need to do is stick the numbers into the spreadsheet to get the total interest to date, this can then be manually entered into the N1 using the format recommended. Likewise interest accrues daily at 0.00022 * the value of the claim, this value can also be calculated and written into the N1.
  14. If you're claiming statutory interest then you need to: Work out the interest at 8% per annum (not compounded) on each charge from the date it was levied to your date of claim. Put this figure into your particulars of claim. Work out how much extra you'll get for each day after that (that's where the .00022 comes in). Put the second figure into your particulars of claim. The spreadsheet you want can be found at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html#post750 It's the complex sheet.
  15. AndyE

    petere vs MBNA

    Cash it. If your earlier letter to them said any payments will be accepted as part-payment only (and predate the cheque date) then you should be ok, if not drop them a line saying something along the lines that you're treating the cheque as part-payment only and continuing your action.
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