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  1. Hello, I'd be interested to see how you worded the contractual interest part of your POC, i'd like to do the same thing.
  2. Dino deserves lots of stars for being quick, efficient, and helpful. On the other hand Paul Quinn's star should be removed. Regarding out of court settlement he wrote me a letter asking me to email or phone him. The email address he sent me(and listed by this site) doesn't work. I've called at least 20 times and he has never returned my calls.
  3. Hello, I am desperately trying to get hold of Monument Terms and Conditions before Friday when I'm going to court. I realise I forgot to put them in my court bundle, but would like to have copies with me just in case. Can you help?? Thanks.
  4. I've been grappling for days with contractual interest. Whether it is fair or greedy to ask for it etc. Now I've got an easy question: Barclaycard on their statements don't seem to mention authorised or unauthorised, they talk about 'cash annual rates' (27.9%) and 'purchase annual rates' (19.9%). Which one should I be thinking of claiming?
  5. Thanks for your help Chetz. It is very mysterious. I started again and re-downloaded sheet, it was still no good. I've decided to use a google sheet instead. Problem solved.
  6. Thanks very much for your response, but I think the column that you are referring to is column N (interest on penalties) which is indeed calculated for you once something has been entered in column K. But it is column K that I have a problem with (penalties chargeable to interest) which doesn't seem to calculate anything. Sorry, but could you have another look? Thanks.
  7. I used the one from the Bank Templates Library :6. Interest Calculation Spreadsheets. England complex credit card. See below. Thanks. I've spend a long time looking through threads to answer what looks like what must be a very simple question. http://www.cag-files.co.uk/barracad/Spreadsheets/England/Complex-credit-card-charges-calc.xls
  8. Simple query. I hope someone can help. I have filled in the complex credit card spreadsheet (England) for a claim against Barclaycard. Column K is 'penalties chargeable to interest'. I presumed at first that this must be the same as column E 'cumulative penalties charged'. This doesn't appear to be the case. What should I be putting in this column? Thank you.
  9. Hello there, having submitted my MCOL for Nationwide, I have received a letter to the effect that they are going to defend the claim. I wasn't expecting this. Have you heard of this happening to others with Nationwide, I haven't been able to find any. Thanks for any any advice.
  10. I'm about to send my request for repayment to Monument, I sent the last letter to customer services, does anyone have a name or different address to send the repayment letter to? Thanks
  11. I'm not sure, but have you looked on the spreadsheet pages of the 'vampiresses chambers' thread? It should explain what you need to know about interest...
  12. I'm about to send my request for repayment to Monument, I sent the last letter to customer services, does anyone have a name or different address to send the repayment letter to? Thanks
  13. Has anyone actually had their account closed down by Nationwide, rather than just a request?
  14. In doing the calculations for the interest (not the 8%) for my monument credit card, there are some months when I am charged interest but not a fee. In these situations should I ommit that statements details altogether? Or can I still charge them cumulative interest? For example, I discovered by accident that if I have no fee, but am charged 18.87 interest in a given month when my statement balance is 815.55, the interest on penalties, (even though that month there were no penalties) works out as 17 quid. I take it I shouldn't be including such months on the spreadsheet? Can you co
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