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  1. Thanks very much for your quick response! I've tried to open the SAR template and it just keeps knocking me back to the Consumer Bank Forum homepage?? Any ideas?
  2. Hi there Over the past year or so myself and my wife have been hit with nearly £1000 of bank charges by Abbey. We have tried calling them and asking them for help, but they have said there isn't anything they can do as they refunded us £15 in June which we didn't know about. Most of the charges have stemmed from when we had a bit of financial trouble around Christmas last year and ended up with Bank charges of over £300. Obviously the next month we ended up with more as we had a £300 deficit in our finances. Is there anything we can do about this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi thanks for your quick replys. The trouble I hav is that I made the calls to them from work, and we don't keep a call log on each individuals phone Is there a standard template letter you can send requesting all data they hold? Thanks Pezza76
  4. Hi have had a complete nightmare with Next Directory. Basically I hadn't used my account for over a year it had a zero balance on it. We moved house in November last year and I hadn't changed the address with them. At the beginning of April I thought I would treat myself and would order an X-Box 360 from them. I went on to the website and changed all my address details before ordering. I then went ahead with my order. When I printed my order out I noticed it had my old address as the delivery address, so I rung Next Directory to make sure the order went to my new address. The guy I spoke to se
  5. Hi all, I'm sure this has been documented somewhere on the site, but for the life of me I can't find any further information. News has gone quiet on the outcome. Did the banks manage to justify their charges? Thanks in advance Pezza76:)
  6. Hi Lat Could you possibly PM the particulars of your claim? I am going to get this prepared over the weekend and send off on Monday. Thanks Pezza76
  7. That would be great thanks. Do you know how much it will cost to file a MCOL I'm claiming £1950 + roughly £500 in interest charges. Do you know if HSBC are still paying out? or are people actually getting as far as the court room? Thanks in advance Pezza76:)
  8. Update Sent Prelim and received a letter back from HSBC saying they are looking in to my complaint and will reply with their findings. Then sent LBA which has been far longer than 14 days and not a whisper from HSBC. Am just about to file my Money claim online. On Saturday I received a letter through from HSBC from Angela C Harries saying Thank you for your request with regard to information about transactions and charges/fees on your account. We note you did not request copy statements (that's strange then how comes I have 6 years worth of statements from you that come th
  9. Update I still haven't heard a thing back from Abbey and the allocation case is due next Wednesday 27th. Will Abbey actually turn up? Thanks in advance Pezza76:)
  10. Update 10th May - received rest of statements, about another 30 letters for the postie to deliver. My charges totaled virtually bang on £2000 with the 8% interest looking at approx 2.5k. I have sent the prelim letter off to HSBC today, so 14 days until LBA. I take it that HSBC are making everyone wait until the last minute, before refunding the money? Thanks for all your help so far!! Pezza76
  11. I didn't think of it like that! It shouldn't really make any difference though as with any business if you have to much work on then you employ more staff!! Silly me why would they employ more staff to deal with giving the money back? It's their own fault for taking trusting customers money unlawfully in the first place
  12. Was that also after the 40 compliance period? Thanks Pezza76:)
  13. Update- On Saturday I received about 30 letters through from HSBC I think the post man must have wondered what was going on!! The letters contained statements dating back to 2003 but no further back. They were in no sort of order at all. When I finally got them in order they have sent me through from sheet 59 (June 2003) to sheet 130 (most up to date) so basically have not sent to me sheets 1 through to 58. The forty days has passed now, we are now nearly at 50 days. What should I do next? The statements I have been sent through charges add up to nearly £1500:-o Should I
  14. Thanks for this, any idea which page (there are 38) I will find the link on?
  15. Thanks for all the great info Unfortunately I'm not registered with the internet banking! I will fax over the template straight away though, giving them 7 days to supply my data. If I haven't received it by then what is the next stage for non compliance?
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