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  1. Hi all I have just finished the L.P.S & Brethertons merry-go-round. Just ignore all their letters. Nothing will happen The letters can be quite scary but hold your nerve and they will eventually give up a go away.
  2. Tell them to confirm everything in writing via email as you have now involved Consumer Direct as it would be easier to forward all correspondence to them that way. They will tell you how it works with Consumer Direct is they sort the problem with you and then inform Consumer Direct on your behalf. Just tell them you want your own record. insist. They won't like it and will send you a micky mouse email thanking you for you time in discussing you problems. reply back saying 'in our telephone conversation you said this how will this work blah blah blah' That way they have to respond to
  3. I am having problems with British Gas although not quite the same as you. You can see my thread further down the page (Got in a tangle between British Gas and Scottish-Southern) I got my situation moving towards being cleared up by contacting: Consumer Direct and they will intervene on your behalf. When you contact these companies on your own they have no interest in helping you as you have no power. A quick email from Consumer Direct and they are falling over themselves to resolve my complaint.
  4. Ok a long and convoluted story so please bear with me on this one…… October 2008 approx I received a letter from my current gas/electricity (Scottish-Southern) supplier to say they had to put their prices up in by 36%, but that they would also backdate the price rise to August 08 and that if I didn't want to pay this new price they would have to arrange for my supply to be moved within 2 weeks of the date of this letter and I should notify them of this immediately. A stroke of luck on my part but I had arranged for my supply to move to British Gas and this would happen well withi
  5. Just found this by googling their telephone number 02087634522 - who calls me? Seems I'm not the only one ****ed off by them.
  6. That is some seriously good advice. And advice which I will follow. I do have creditcard which provides me with ID Theft protection and a free helpline. Maybe I will ask them to intercede or maybe I'll just block the number. What sort of society are we living in where we fear everyone official or official sounding.
  7. Sorry for the delay but I didn't take all the details to work with me. 4 computer voiced messages on my answerphone when I got home and 2 computer voiced calls as well. They are: Credit Solutions - 0208 7634522. They are looking for someone called John M's. I know that isn't the correct spelling but that's what it sounds like. I will call them tomorrow and just tell them to go away.............. But should I ask about how/where they got my telephone number. (I am ex-directory) Am I entitled to demand! they provide me with this information. Could somebody be running up a debt us
  8. Hi thanks for all the replies. The telephone number is 0208 which is London somewhere I believe. So should I just ignore them................. or call them up and tell them of their error. ...................which may help them track some other poor sap down, which I'm not really happy to do Or should i just make a complaint about them bothering me with their auto dailing system.
  9. I have received about 5 automated calls (Land Line) for a debt agency looking for some guy I have never heard of. I don't like these agencies and want nothing to do with them, should I call them up and tell them to *uck off or would that just be inviting trouble in. I have a ref number and telephone number and if I do call what if they ask me to prove I am not who they say I am. Could I get myself in trouble? What if they ask for my address, DOB what should I tell them, what shouldn't I tell them. I have had debt problems in the past but I have resolved those and paid everybody
  10. Banking Code................. Hope somebody can answer this for me: I seem to remember that the Banking Code has a statement about charges being 'Fair and Transparent' What does this Transparency mean? I have been trying to get Abbey to clarify why I have been charged monies and why there has been a variation in these charges. My final charge was £5 higher than previous charges. Every time I write to them I get a similar letter stating that I cannot have my money back even thought I haven't asked for my money back...rather and explanation of these charges and the variation o
  11. My new hobby. Abbey Baiting. Ding!! Ding!! Round 2 after many letters from the Abbey claiming to be investigating my complaint (Please bear with us while we think of an excuse or you forget about this or the court case finishes) I have received a letter telling me that their charges are valid and because I have already had a partial refund I am not entitled to any more. Now please go away!! So not one to let them off the hook I have penned a new letter. Reminding them of what they should have been investigating. This is the new letter.....Comments, Thoughts, pointers.... I am per
  12. Just been hit by a load of charges from Abbey National. Rather than go for the throat immediately I thought I would write a nicely letter and see if I can get in under the wire. Thoughts - Observations - Pointers - Tell me I wasting my time Dear Sir In June 2007 my account went into the red by £9.50. At that time I was charged a Paid Item Fee of £30.00 and an Unauthorised Overdraft Charge of £20. I was unaware of this at the time and I was subsequently charged a further £20 on the 15-08-2007 (Unauthorised Overdraft Charge) and further charge of £20 on th
  13. I asked for some unfair fee's back from the HSBC and I got nearly all I asked for. WoohOOO.... Round 2 'Ding Ding' Recently I called into the bank (HSBC) to draw a bankers draft from my account. While I was there the assistant asked me would I like to upgrade my bank account to a Premier Plus account. 'You get free travel insurance with it'. How much does the account cost? 'oooohhh £14 or so.....introductory offer of 1/2 price for the first six months. Intrested?' NO!!! Well they upgraded me anyway. So I now have a premier account which is exactly the same as my previous accou
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