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  1. I too have recieved the new defence and a couple of days later a letter from the court ordering a stay. Has anyone yet had any success in the removal of a stay? Chuck
  2. Thanks again Michael, will send off letter tomorrow. Chuck
  3. Excellent news Michael, Just noticed also that towards the latter part of the statements the printouts only show the charges and not the balance of the account when charges were applied so unsure on how to claim the interest applied to account at those times. Any suggestions? or should I write back to them telling them that the information is incomplete? Cheers Chuck
  4. Ok Guys, Just successfully claimed for the old man against crapwest now doing my brothers against Lloyds. Just one question, Im going through statements, apart from the obvious charges are the overdraft usage fees @ £25.00 a pop claimable? Cheers Chuck
  5. Any chance of a Mod changing my title to *Won* Cheers Chuck
  6. Hang in there anjipl, your day will come, and just remember you are not alone. What a great community this is. Chuck
  7. Certainly does thought the end would never come Im well chuffed, thanks for all your help mate, now to start his other claims against Abbey & Cap1. Chuck
  8. Cheers Michael, wish I could enjoy the dosh but did the claim for the old man, still he did say when it clears he will see me right. Chuck
  9. Well guys, got a phone call from the old man to say that the postie arrived this morning with a special delivery letter. Yes you've guessed it, a big fat cheque for £3914.45 with the usual terms. What a relief, in total its been about 5 months from start to finish he's totally made up and is going to look for a new kitchen the weekend. Can't thank you guys enough especially Deller1 & Michael Browne plus many more. Will be sticking around to try and help others with the experience I have gained, the old feller dropped the bombshell also that he wants me to start two more claims for him. It goes without question that a donation is to follow as I wouldn't have had a clue if you guys were not here. Thanks guys. Chuck PS Can a mod change thread title to Grant V Natwest *Settled in Full*
  10. Hi, this is a prety standard defence. Mine was very similar and yes when they sent me a copy the court were very suprised as they said it should have gone via them. So in due course you will recieve another copy from the court with the allocation questionaire. Upon recieving defence from cobbetts I just sent an acknowlegement letter to say that I had recieved it. All the best you are approaching the home straight. Chuck
  11. Cheers for that Muggins, will do. Chuck
  12. Finally got a response from the court, knew this was comming. "It is ordered that" 1. Unless the Claimant do file and serve and amended claim form, signed by the Claimant personally or by a Solicitor acting for him, by 4.00.p.m. on the 16.02.2007 the claim do stand dismissed. So have now printed off new N1 form and this time get the old man to sign it as apposed to the advise from the court that said I could sign on his behalf as a litigation friend. Heyho slight delay but will get their in the end. Just a couple of questions, the ammendments to the claim form should they be completed in red ink to show the changes ie his signature? and should I send one to Cobbetts? Chuck Ps @ Tinkerbell good on ya for finding it I searched and couldn't. Good luck with your claim.
  13. Know how you feel Dennis, its now been 3 weeks since I submitted AQ and court still nowhere nearer to fixing a date. But heyho when it comes just think of the celebrations. All the best mate. Chuck
  14. Not 100% but sure I saw it Tinkerbell in the Lloyds TSB section. Will go and check, should carry same weight non TSB claims. Chuck
  15. Well its been a little more that 2 weeks since submitting AQ, think the court told me porky pies as when I spoke to them yesterday they informed me it will be at least another 3 weeks before I hear anything due to the back log they have. Oh well sit and wait some more. Chuck
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