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  1. sorry the post is so long, its a bit complictated. I do not have a copy of the rights and easments but the dropped kirb originaly had double gates and pillars. these were taken down when I applied to the council to have my frontage converted to a vehicle hardstanding. which was approved by the council. the tenant next door at the time decided that he also would like to park on his frontage and this continued until the council stopped him because he hadnt constructed a vehicle hard standing. I had. At this time my front wall at the roadside was still in place aas was next door but with no
  2. Hi, some time ago we had notification that the housing association who own the house next door were going to remove the existing single dropped kerb between our properties and "give it to next door". I have downloaded a deed plan and property register of my property and the boundry puts the joint access on the housing associations side but the register states A: Property Register This register describes the land and estate comprised in the title. 1 (15.01.2001) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and
  3. Hi Rebel11 and thanks for replying. I dont have my T&Cs to hand and so have not had a chance to study my contract yet. In August when this started, it was basically a case of take it or leave it. MD has not confirmed the duration of cut hours and I have had no personal contact with him. All contact has been made via telephone or email with the general manager.
  4. Our employer has cut our hours from 5 days a week to 2.5 days a week. This has been in place now since 1st August this year. The cut was due to a downturn in work and as things show no sign of improving i am wondering how long this can go on for and how long he can enforce this. I/we have accepted the situation as a temporary measure, but we have had no contact from our MD as to what his intentions are. I have been with the company for 10 years and presumably would be entitled to a redundancy payment but dont know how this works.
  5. hi all, As expected, Wescote have sent a letter (for our benefit) to ensure that we are paying only what we can afford. When they first had the account transferred to them I emailed them to organise continued payments under both our names but they would not deal with me only with my wife directly stating that the account was not in joint names and therefore without her confirmation I could not deal with them. they are now asking for income and outgoings, I am sure I have read elsewhere that if the debt is in her name, there is no need to declare any of my income
  6. well I want to make sure they have no excuse to make trouble.. we've not heard from them yet but according to BOS we are still paying through stepchange and we havnt for years. I probably will sent a request.......you never know.
  7. Thanks DX! I am impressed! Yes, We did get the PPI plus interest returned and so reduced the debt by about £1500. We were paying the remainder at £10 per month as per the original agreement then last year BOS starting getting shirty again. Pretending they had been trying to contact us and demanding payment in full. We reminded them that it was not up to us to to instigate a review of circumstances, doubled the amount we were paying, complained again to FOS about their tactics and its all been quite for about 18 months. I'm assuming now that they consider
  8. Looking at the letter again, it states that the "managment of the account has been transferred from Blair Oliver & Scott
  9. Hi All, We have just received a letter from Bank Of Scotland informing us that our account balance has been passed from Blair Oliver & Scott to Wescote Credit Services. This account has been paid via a payment plan without default and was originally sum £7,000 and has reduced to £4,900 after recalculation and refund of PPI. We had our SAR and credit agreement returned to us a long time ago and at that time we increased our payments of £10 p/m ( which were being made the the CCC,s) to £40 p/m when we made an agreement to pay ourselves. We have not heared from W
  10. Hi All, We have just recieved a letter from BOS. asking us to telephone them regarding a payment plan. They have already been informed that they cannot do this as we have asked them to correspond only by letterand the balance is in dispute untill such time as the PPI is taken off the balance and our true liability is expressed. We have sent them our payment schedule and have been paying them at the rate of £40 per month opposed to the original £10. We have asked them to state their acceptance of our payment offer and they have not done so. The letter st
  11. We have still not recieved a reply to our payment proposal and have been making payments at £40 per month as opposed to £10. We have just recieved a letter from them which says thank you for your payments.....we now require the full balance. to prevent further action: Pay the balamce in full. call us now on our helpline number to discuss repayment of the account balance. We have sent them our financial schedule and increased the level of payment X4. we have also told them we will correspond only by letter. It would seem they want us to phone them only.
  12. we have now had our data via SAR. and have entered all into the spread sheets for both 8% and 19.6% APR. as per the original agreement. what we are unsure of now is who we should dispute the balance to. The original creditor GUS Finance. whom the loan application was made to. Or BOS who are the DCA. but Bank of Scotland advanced the loan. also, should we have recieved confirmation of our payment proposal after sending our financial schedule. We are making the new payments but have had no response as to whether or not they accept it. Should I write to th
  13. The reason for looking at the PPI is to one, reduce the balance as much as possible and two. .. to hopefully dispute the amount of the debt and have it substantially reduced. Hoping that if they do try to take further action they cannot claim what they say the balance is because the PPI part is in dispute. Just trying to cover another base if you like.
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