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  1. Today a letter arrived offering full settlement....great news £2900 back - so looks like I dont need to go to court etc etc etc. A few questions: a) I submitted the my claim and missed out the 8% interest on penalties but did inclued the 8% interest on interest on penalties - therefore my claim that i issued was light by GBP 580.....has anyone had experience of getting the rest... b) LTSB have charged me another GBP 60 since the actions...can i ask for this
  2. I have taken action against LTSB.....but one of the docs stated HSBC..>! I now have a problem as I cannot make the 25th July court date?
  3. I have received two letters: a notice of transfer of proceedings stating a defence has been filed...then an attachment from Northampton County Court stating me vs HSBC (not LTSB!!!) that a filing of allocation questionaire be dispensed with....any party may under rule 3.3(5) apply to have set aside varied or stayed within 14 days, then an attachment of the defence. What does this mean? Then 2 days ago a notice of allocation hearing from Kingston upon Thames arrrived stating an allocation hearing will take place on 25 July, the attached doc states that the judge has decided several cases are similar, and the judge will hear cases against the same financial institution together in one block. It goes on....[he] wishes to investigate if any of the cases can be settled, and a)whether it is in the interest of justice for more than one case to be finally heard with other cases, and, if so which cases should finally be heard together b) what docs and factual evidence is required and c) whther the cases should be tried as a test case or cases subject to the interests of both sides and all other relevant matters and if so on what terms as to legal costs and otherwise It goes on....that there will be no final hearings on 25th July and so the court will not hear fro any witnesses as to the facts of the cases on that occassion. The court will give directions for the final hearings which will take place on later dates. It goes on....if you fail to attend court the court may order you to pay the costs of the other party that does not attend...etc etc.... What is going on? :?
  4. gdmartin

    lloyds v me

    Will this delay the whole process .... ? Could I just leave it as it is or is my claim invalidated?
  5. gdmartin

    lloyds v me

    Have received notice of acknowledgement of service But have reviewed by MCOl submission and I have noticed that I have missed out GBP 600 of 8% interest on the charges from my claim. What is your advice
  6. I have just read the judge has adjourned proceedings to consider case?
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