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  1. Hi, Just wanted to let EVERYONE know that i have sucessfully won against HSBC. I received the cheque on Friday 13th of all days - 13 is my lucky number though! - for just over £2500. Went through the standard procesess, HSBC offered me a 'settlement amount' i politely declined and went for the lot on MCOL. Julie Kyle from DG contacted me asking for a breakdown of charges which i duly faxed, then, on the LAST day before the 28 days were up, rec'd a phone call from DG saying that a cheque had been posted to me. It was for the full amount PLUS i asked for an extra £75 as they added on
  2. Hi Kopella, Firstly good luck, stay calm & be ready for a lengthy & rewarding ride! You will get there in the end. 1) Send it to your local branch. I did, as alot of people did on here, it will get its way to the right hands. 2) You can only claim back the unfair charges, like going over your overdraft limit and so on, you can't claim back the overdraft interest each month they have taken out. HOWEVER, when you claim back for the unfair charges, you get to claim 8% APR per year on each extortionate charge. So for example, if a year ago they took out £50, that is 8% of £50 add
  3. Hi, an update! I thought that the 28 days were up on weds 4th oct, but apparently you are right, MCOL add 5 postage days so when i rang up MCOL helpdesk/line the lady said the deadline for HSBC to file a defence is today, Mon 9th. On Fri 6th last wk i rec'd a letter from Julie Kyle, DG offering the full amount i had asked for. I posted her a letter back & signed her copy of the letter. Not sure about the 'complete confidentiality' bit though, was thinking about contacting GMTV!!!!! Ive also asked for £75 additional charges back aswell since i started this, seeing as they are writing
  4. Ok, thanks for your help & advice, ill keep you posted, im checking the post every morning, they are cutting it a bit fine thought aren't they?
  5. Hi, I have done all the letters etc as your website has suggested. I regisitered my claim the usual route on MCOL and the serve date was 6th Sept. I heard from court/MCOL bods who state that HSBC/DG have 'acknowledged service' which then gives them an extra + 14 days to buy more time & build a defence. DG wrote to me on 20th Sept asking for a breakdown of my charges, which i duly faxed to them on 26th and phoned them. They rang me back on 26th and said they rec'd it. I have now not heard anything from DG or HSBC since the letter. The 28 days from the original date is up tom
  6. all sorted by the sounds of it, keep going we will win in the end!
  7. Hi, In almost similar boat to you verses evil hsbc, my 28 days ends tomorrow and heard nothing. Seems as HSBC/DG have filed their defence too late against you surely, it HAS to be within 28 days from the start of issuing/serving the claim to HSBC, if they don't respond within the 28 days then you win by default. Your 28 days ends 22nd Sept. If they filed on 29th that is 7 days afterwards. I'm not sure, and someone else will probably correct me as i may be wrong, but i would probably contact the MCOL helpdesk and ask them 4 advice and tell them what has happened so far, (note you'll
  8. Hi Thanks for that info/responses. I am going to send that template letter (see end of post) and ask for their offer of £1700 as PART settlement and request the rest they owe me. They cant get away with this, its ALL my money they've taken, i want it all back, not a good will gesture from HSBC! YOUR Street Town City Postcode Date BANK NAME Address Address Postcode Re: Account number XXXXXXXX Response to settlement offer. Dear [named sender or Sirs] Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/xx I respectfully decline your offer of settlement a
  9. Hi all, Fairly new to all this after i began to get well and truly F***ed off with HSBC charging me £125 for going over my o/d. Calculated 'unlawful' charges for past 6 yrs which is £2000.50 plus £327.88 with 8% apr interest. Used all the template ltrs from library, very helpful, thanks. Sent prelim ltr, 14 days up, then posted LBA ltr but today rec'd a ltr from HSBC offering me £1700. I have to sign a form at bottom of their ltr in so many days to accept it or not. Any advice/help much appreciated. Thanks alot. If i dont accept, whats the nxt step?
  10. Im new to all this thanks to a knowledgable friend. This website has been fantastic but now im a bit stuck. In past 6 years HSBC have taken £2000.50 in bank charges (and £327.88 in interest at 8% apr) which is £2328.38 total, as i went over my o/d. Recently i started to get charged £125 every time i went over my o/d so i had had enough. Anyway, after doing the normal routine & using the letter templates on this website and sending the letter before the LBA letter, HSBC have written to me today offering me £1700.00. I have to respond within so many days. What shall i do now? An
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