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  1. Ive won!! I spoke to Laura, who has taken over from Rebecca and she agreed that the missing interest should have been included and it is now all settled. Just waiting for the money to hit my bank and I will then write to the court. I have decided to just leave it at that now and not go back over my mistake. Keep positive everyone.
  2. I have worked it out to be £39.49 short in the interest from August. I shall be contacting Barclays first thing Monday before accepting it! One thing more. I have made a mistake, which I have only just noticed. All the schedules I have sent to both Barclays and the Court have had the correct charges entered. On the moneyclaim site the total claimed for was short by £85. I know that I don't really have a leg to stand on here but do you think I would be able to go down this route again? I don't know which dates I missed out originally though. I wouldn't want to risk Barclays turning
  3. It was a West Mids based company called Warmglaze. Am I allowed to name them??
  4. Hello again. Well, I have to admit that I thought this matter was well and truely dealt with. I had received my money from the company, albeit on almost the last day available. I then received a phone call from the company director a couple of nights ago stating that the judgment was still showing against his company name. He wants me to write to the court and copy him in on it stating that the case has been settled. I asked the Judge on the day whether I needed to do anything when I received the money and she told me I didnt, which is why I never contacted them when I received
  5. On Thursday I received a General Form of Judgment or Order from the Court. It was a copy that was sent to Barclays stating that: Unless the defendant complies with the requirements of para 5 of the order dated 30th October the defence shall stand struck out without further order. (which was: The defendant must clarify his case. He must do this by sending to the court and to the claimant no later than 28th December details of how the penalty charges claimed by the Claimant are calculated.) I then received a letter from Rebecca offering a full and final settlement, without any admis
  6. How annoying! I shall just to have to keep away from the shops I complain in then!! I dont think I can replace my card with one I cant withdraw cash with.
  7. Can you refuse to enter your pin and ask to sign a slip instead? I have complained in certain shops due to the fact their machines are fixed and people behind me can quite easily see me enter my pin. I have been told by shops in the past that they are unable to override the pin entering, yet when my card didn't work I was allowed to sign a slip!! I feel really uneasy about the whole pin saga now and would prefer to sign!
  8. Right then.... I have just finished sending, by email, my court bundle to Rebecca Connelly at Litigation. I have managed to find the exact dates for my letters from my diary and have copied the standard templates. I spoke to Rebecca this afternoon and she said that she wasn't in a position to settle at the moment, but to expect a call either the end of this week or begining of next. She also mentioned that she was leaving on Friday so she will leave all the notes of my case to her replacement should it not be this week. I shall be hand delivering the courts copies first thin
  9. Hi dickeggsy I did all the letters at work and therefore did not save them to a computer (case of working on different computers everyday) and printed out 4 copies everytime and kept them all in a folder which I thought I kept in a safe place! Thanks for the handy advice though!
  10. I have today emailed Barclays with the following: Dear Ms Connelly As you will be aware my court date with yourselves is fast approaching. I wish to give you this last opportunity to settle in full and avoiding wasting any more of the courts precious time. My full claim stands at £880 in charges, £80 court fee and £199.13 interest (under section 69 of the County Courts Act). Totalling £1079.13. If you wish to take this opportunity please contact me on ****** to advise me and I will fax the court immediately the funds are cleared in my account. I am hopeful that this
  11. Anybody?? I am getting more and more stressed about this now. I only have tomorrow to sort out my court bundle, most of which has been done, I am just missing the letters. What will happen I don't send my court bundle in on time?
  12. HELP*** I am currently in the process of getting my court bundle together but I have a HUGE problem. The copies of all the letters I have sent to Barclays, along with the replies they have sent to me are missing. The folder they are contained in has been misplaced and I am begining to panic. I will probably be able to work out the dates I sent the letters due to me marking it my diary when a response was due, but I don't have their letters. Do you think I should just copy the letters from the templates and put the 'possible' dates along with who I 'possibly' sent them too OR own
  13. I still haven't heard anything from Barclays. I contacted the court on Friday and they have informed me to write to them letting them know. Does anyone know what is likely to happen from here? I shall send the court the letter tomorrow and copy it to Barclays. My court date is set for 6th of Feb and I have got 2 weeks to get my court bundle together. I would appreciate any encouragement or advice!
  14. Barclays have not sent me their details of how the penalty charges are calculated. They had the deadline of the 28th December in order to do it. I am assuming that because of the Xmas post it may be slightly delayed, BUT, if they have missed the deadline what happens next? Will the court throw out the case as they have not complyed with the request? Will that in turn mean that I win by default?
  15. As promised the young lady from FD rang me back. We had a lengthy discussion over our 'relationship'. I informed her that I did not have a problem with her closing the account as I had another account elsewhere but felt that FD were being 'scrooge-like' closing it a week before xmas. She agreed to move the date to the 25th Jan, which I felt was acceptable. We carried on chatting about the breakdown of our banking relationship and I asked the question 'is there any chance this decision can be changed?'. She said that she would have a word with Robert Kernahan and call me back. She ran
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