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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. i know some one who works for abbey and you wouldnt believe the shambles the company is in?? its moved half it unsecured debt to wescot without telling the customer they think they are ring abbey the new super dupper system dont work and they now have put most of there unsecured stuff on a spanish system thats makes a spectrum look ace i m in tears with what she says it cant set up direct debits on abbey accounts if you pay more on a loan it sends you the difference money back hehhe and now for the top prize they cant pay money onto the accounts at a brnach cos it doesnt allow it lolol letters go out that shouldnt have infact she says they could make a film like the office series but wouldnt need a script as plenty to go around
  2. can a company stop bonus payments if the member of staff is on a disaplinary a female i know works in a call centre they get a bonus every 3 months but she opened ur mouth and compalined over something and this lead to her getting a displinary etc etc but now the company say they dont have to pay this bonus even though she still doing the work etc etc as far as i know nothing as ever been signed re conditions on the bonus scheme as they used to get a yearly one previously ?? can they do this ??
  3. no he wanted me to accept 30.00 only then still keeping charging the 5.00 on a monthly basis
  4. well a card payment costs telewest 0.75p to be processed by streamline they also get charged for processing direct debits as most of our direct debits are done by rbos, so wonder why telewest dont charge the same fee for direct debit customers??
  5. lba sent today to telewest/ntl/virgin for refund of non direct debit fees + few late charges, did have a poor english speaking guy call this week trying to advisie fees part of terms+ conditions advised chappie to sent as been with telewest before fees added and i was given a choice how i wanted to pay (i used to go into telewest offices in sheffeild and pay over the counter when we 1st got cable ) he offered 30 pound reduction thanked him and said i continue with court action
  6. no worked it out from when they first started charging this fee as i have never paid via direct debit got a sorry your not happy letter back yesterday and looking into my complaint which is fine my next lba letter will be going on feb 28th
  7. sell up son you clearly are unable to afford the property both you and your wife are just working to pay this mortgage down size for a couple of years until back on your feet then buy again. might be harsh but will save you both grief in the long run,
  8. 1st leter sent to telewest giving them 14days to reply or pay up used the bank letter but alteredit around also rang and emailed emma prince the letter if no reply will be lba letter then off to court
  9. telewest wot a shower of smelly poo they charge 10.00 if pymt not recieved within 7 days and now the have increased there non dd payment charge to 5.00 without telling anybody shows on this months bill ? well i calculated they owe me £108 pounds intotal since these fee was added and have sent a letter asking for the refund or a full breakdown of costs occured im quite happy to follow the course taken with the banks to recover the money
  10. on virgin mobile contract and in middle of switching direct debits to new bank acount so as my old dd as been canxed rang them 3 days before the payment was due to a advsie new direct debit details and pay bill via debit card, so easy ?? not with virgin they said will take my payment but then block the phone because i havent a direct debit set up?? asked why when giving them new details this guy was a total idiot all he kept saying is blocking the phone like a recording wouldnt give his name or pass me onto a supervisor recalled three times and got same reply have sent a chairmans office complaint to virgin wanting some answers and to pit all checked my statement and they had tried to take the direct debit 5 days before the due date
  11. i pay by debit card it cost 75p (fact )for streamline to process the card payment so thats a lot less than 4.00 and the payment is gauranteed not llike direct debit where it can be recalled by the bank anything up to 72 hours after the payment as been asked for
  12. my understanding on these matters are if you and the bank agreed a short settlement on a account a p flag in indicatared on your credit file to advsie a amount is out standing but not being chased for or collected by the bank, and account closed and settled anything les than 80% of the full amount outstanding is classed a a short settlement + p flag indicatored
  13. have asked i group for 2345 erc to be refunded got the usuall letters back then i asked for copy of original document as they stated was tied in for 4 years which isnt on my documents anyway document arrived except it is for a different person who also as /had dealing with i group gives detail of there name adress amount apr monthly pymt signature etc etc emailed em to see if can get a explaination why and wheres my documents gone . i group get the big spade and start digging the hole bigger:smile:
  14. sent off my letter to capital one re a loan we had + charged far just got a 3 page letter back from them stating the oft agreement only applied to credit cards and not finance agreementsand that there is at this time no threshold deemed unfair for default charges applied to loans ?? please advise if so or is it just garbage from capital one
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