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  1. Sorry for not responding sooner but have been caring for my partners sister as she is seriously ill with secondary breast cancer in her bones and had to have a full hip replacement as she was walking around with a badly broken hip for god knows how long. Thank you all for your responses I have sent a CCA and yes my partner paid CrapQuest and still has her bank account statements to prove this and we kept Crapquests letter that we paid against. I am now waiting for DLCs response to the CCA. When we paid Crapquest we did not know about asking for a CCA and I could not tell you w
  2. Received a letter from Capquest in Oct 05 reference outstanding debt of £480 with Citifinancial Ltd. Settled the debt in Oct 05. Now recieved a letter from DLC saying that I owe money to Citifinancial Europe/Associates £512 which I feel that I settled in Oct 05. Can two debt collectors ask for the recovery of the same debt and is there anything I can do as I am not in a position to pay the same debt twice I am sending a CCA letter to DLC but am wondering whether I should do anything else Any advise will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi Has anyone got any thoughts on my last three posts
  4. Sorry i forgot to ask another question in my latest letter it also stated: 'I confirm that our agreement to add the loan arrears to the existing loan account has been made as an exceptional matter and that this not a course that we would normally approve. Your credit file will automatically reflect that the arrears have been settled but i cannot remove reference to their existence as they were properly recorded' I asked for any default notices to be removed from my credit file as NatWest misused the loan protection money and tole me my account was frozen until the matter was r
  5. Can anyone give me any advice on my last post it would be greatly apreciated. I forgot to ask I have asked the bank to provide updated statements as these have been withheld from me since July and finally in this latest letter they are finally going to get them sent to me. Are they allowed to withold them from me as my last one was in July and every letter i have written to them i asked for copies each time. Hopefully i will receive them this time. Any advice for my last post and this one will be greatly appreciated and i will donate to this site once i have won both issues.
  6. I received a letter from NatWest today stating the following: 'you are claiming a refund of all charges from jan 01. However, I have no reason to believe that these have been anything than lawful and compliant to all regulations. As you may be aware the OFT has just announced it is to look at bank chargesand it will be 6 months before they are in a position to announce their findings. In those circumstances it will probably be appropriate to wait and see how they view the issue of bank charges. In the meantime we will maintain a different opinion. However, purely as a gesture of
  7. Hi Andyjay, my sister tried opening account with Natwest but was declined as she was still showing as bankrupt. She has just sent her letter from official receiver to equifax, experiam and my call credit so will hopefully get her records updated. She will then try somewhere else. When i went down to see her we did queue in Nationwide to see if she could get an account there but as she cannot stand or walk for too long (she has secondary cancer in her bones) we had to leave. It does make me laugh as she got part of her cheque from her divorce settlement today and Abbey National (wh
  8. Thank you for looking Glenn very much appreciated. She tried NatWest on line to find that she is still showing as Bankrupt so she is contactin the receiver tomorrow to get her certificate, then she will try again. I explained to her why she may not get a cheque book. We did have a laugh when she understood why and I did explain that once she is up and running she will be able to pay her bills on line or through DD so she is happy enough. She justs needs her certificate now. She has been discharged 18 months now. It makes me laugh that the credit agencies find out straight away that p
  9. Many thanks for all your responses I will start enquiring tomorrow and then i will let her know. I feel responsible for her position as when her ex left her i was constantly helping her out and when it got too much it was me who persuaded her to go bankrupt, as then at least i knew that all i had to do was make sure the money i gave her went on keeping a roof over her head and food in her cupboards. Some people may say that at least she may be clear in six years, but the problem is is that she may not be here in six years as she is terminally ill. She does make me laugh as she
  10. Thank you all for your advice, Glenn UK i would appreciate it if you can find your list. I looked at the threads for parachute accounts and am worried that if she tries too many her non existant credit score will go into the minus. As Abbey have already turned her down and when she went bankrupt it was with them that she set up her savings account. So they know what goes in there. Although she doesn't have a monthly salary going into her savings account, she gets monthly DLA and incapacity benefit and when she finally gets her divorce settlement from her ex she will have that as
  11. Can anyone help. My sister is a discharged bankrupt(due to husband leaving her with debts). She has a savings account with Abbey but would like a Bank account with a cheque book. She would also like one where she can set up direct debits as she is very poorly and will only get worse so having to go to a hole in the wall to get her money and going into town to pay her bills is getting more difficult. She does not want an overdraft facility. There must be at least one bank out there that would provide this service for her. I would even go guarantee for her if i had to. If anyo
  12. No, the area dealing with the complaint are the Customer Relations, Ground Floor, Shenley Road, Borehamwood. So I will request that they send the August statement out as you advised Thank you for your advise it is very much appreciated.
  13. My last statement should have been sent out on 17th August
  14. Customer Relations are now investigating the loan issue, have spoken to the person dealing with it, and they have promised me that they will contact me next week, as they have to give the different areas involved 2 - 4 working days to get the information to them and then they need to see what went wrong so that they can make a decision as to how to rectify it. Have received 4 years of statements today so will be sifting through them this weekend and will hopefully receive the outstanding 2 years soon. I will then start the ball rolling. I do find it a bit strange that i have not rec
  15. Danmoz 98 - why don't you just wind your neck in. Take a look at what you are claiming and you say that is just a couple of charges. Give this person a break and concentrate on your own claim. If you were that clever then you would never have had any charges. This person asks for help and so far all this thread has done is listen to you bad mouthing. Go moan on your own thread and let someone help this person out. We are all on here for one thing regardless of amount and that is to claim our charges back, or should i say I am helping my partner as he has health problems
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