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  1. Hi assited blonde


    Many thanks for your reply. I didnt mean the comment was ruining my life I meant the whole expeirence- being made redundant, being passed over for a job I should have got, (IMO) and now the constant worry about how Im going to manage financially. I have no intention of giving a sob story to the tribunal, I will present my facts and hope they see my point.


    With regards to the reason for me not getting the role, without going in to all the detail i know I was managed out. i'm qualified and had effectively been in the role for 2 years. No they do not have to give me the role but if a role exists they have present a good objective reason for not doing so. They have failed to do this.


    Thanks for all the advice it helps me keep a perspective on things x

  2. Thanks for your reply. I don't have the money for an expensive additional claim however I would like him to stop telling lies about me.


    I understand it's opinion but he has nothing to base this opinion on & therefore he should not express it to others as it's potentially damaging to my reputation.


    Can I send a strongly worded letter stating that should he continue to express untrue opinions about me i will have no option but to escalate the matter? Or should make the tribunal aware?


    This is ruining my life, I know that sounds dramatic but I loved my job & he's taken that away & now seems to want to destroy me. I've lost all my confidence & self belief. :-(

  3. Hi Becky2585


    Thanks, short and to the point is good.


    So basically he can make up lies about me and I can do nothing about it? Can I ask him to provide proof for what he is saying? If he cannot produce proof can I ask my solicitor to send a letter instructing him from refraining from making any further untrue claims.


    Thank you x

  4. Hi


    Thanks for the reply. I will try and explain the long story short way!


    6 roles redundant but 7 NEW ROLES created


    I applied for 2 senior sales roles as very close to what I had been doing (in fact slightly lower level)


    I didnt get either - reason given that my ex boss wasnt happy with one of my answers to a question during the interview!!


    I appealled as the answer wasnt even what I really said and also there were lots of other question plus 2 years worth of work history which seemed to count for nothing. LOST APPEAL.


    I sent ET1 which was accepted and they responded in ET3, (they now have new reason for not offering role but these dont stack up either.)


    Of the 2 roles, one was given to some who reported into me and the other was given to no one and 3 months later is still vacant and being advertised on the net.


    In my role I didnt really manage budgets as such. I was allowed to spend up to £500 on work related expenditure but I always referred matters to my boss as I wanted to ensure he was on board. I also had a company credit card but only ever used for expenses- train fare etc.


    I obviously didnt have the authority to spend hundreds of thousands or even 1000's.


    I'm concerned that he's telling other people within the business things like this. This document has been seen by several people in the organisation and now those people will have formed negative opinions of me. Its a very insestus industry and people talk.

  5. Hi there


    I'm currently taking my former employer to tribunal for unfair dismissal. I have just received the full bundle from their solicitors and in the notes my former boss says this about me:


    No. I had given targets but it was at the time where discussions were taking place about the restructure & we knew that (my initials here) was quite frivolous with money, so we avoided this for fear that she would spend hundreds of thousands of pounds.


    This statement is not only untrue it also brings in to question my professional character and trustwortiness. I have no idea what he is talking about but I feel that he is attempting to defame my character in order to reflect me in a poor light.


    Can I do anything about this? I know libel cases are generally reserved for celebrities but I just dont feel he has the right to talk about me in such an untrue and negative manner.


    Any advice appreciated.



  6. I would appreciate a little advise regarding a COT3 agreement that I may sign in the next couple of weeks.


    The payment should be £24000 but I'm not sure if I will receive this full amount or this amount net of tax? I'm not working at the moment so I'm not paying tax for work purposes but Im unsure as Ive been given conflicting opinions.


    Thank you in advance

  7. Hi there


    For nearly 2 years I have had a complaint about my mortgage company with the FOS.

    My mortgage company were preffered, then accenden and now engage-

    (although I settled the mortgage on April 2011.)


    My complaint was mainly:

    In 2009 after being made redundant I fell into arrears, 3 months worth.

    I made an arrangement with them and was told as long as I stuck to the arrangement no further action would taken.


    some months later I checked my credit profile on Experian and they had marked my mortgage account as being in default.

    I was never sent a notice of default so had no knowledge of this.


    Also I had asked to capitilise the arrears but I was told that as I was in a fixed period it would not be possible to do this until fixed period ended.


    Also they were heavy handed with the charges on my account.


    Today I have received a letter saying they ombusman have made their final decision and that the agree the default should stay in place.


    They say I was offered the chance to capitilise the arrears but I declined, (why would I do this??)

    They say engage have "notes" to prove this but this is a blatant lie.


    They agree the charges were high and have award some refunds, about £500 and 8% interest.


    I ended up selling the house because the situation was making me depressed and I now rent but it seems I have to now spend another 3 years waiting for this default to drop off the account.


    I feel let down by the FOS for just accepting what this suspious company say.


    I have 2 options, I accept the decision, take the money-(assuming I get it!) or I reject the decision and fight through the civil court.


    I'm looking for advice on what I should do? My heart tells me to just take the money and move on but I'm so angry it just doesnt feel right.


    Furthermore even though this was settled in full in april 2011 they still havent updated my credit file to reflect this, I have asked several times.


    Any advice greatly appreciated.



  8. Thank you for the advice. I will look into submitting the claim online however ACAS advised me to do nothing before I receive my notice pay & meagre 2 weeks statutory redundancy.


    Also confused about last paragraph about the sex discrimination bit???


    Also I hope your right about the appeal being a box tick as I would rather sleep on the street than go back and work for him.


    Thank you!

  9. I assume your company do not have a social media policy?


    Agree with others, remove & apologise. It doesn't matter if you thought it was funny the guy is clearly offended. I would be offended to be compared to a rapist in anyway.


    Can you get in trouble for this? YES! The lines between work & personal always cross. It's no different than if you'd punched this guy in the face during a night out.


    A final written warning for using Facebook at work seems excessive, there must be more to it than that?

  10. Firstly sorry for any typo's! In the course of redundancy they also took my laptop so using my phone!


    I was made redundant yesterday following a 4 week consultation period. Basically myself & 6 people were under threat due a restructure. However they were creating 7 new roles which we had to apply for. I was a

    manager with a team of 4, myself & 2 members of my

    team were in the redundancy pool, (the other 2 do

    completely different roles to us) the other 3 people

    affected are operational support & we're sales. I applied

    for the 2 sales roles, I'm qualified for both & have been

    doing the job for 2 years with an excellent record. In one

    of the roles I would lose all direct reports & in the other I

    would've had just one.


    I was informed yesterday that I was not being offered either role & was there for redundant. The reason given

    for me not being offered a new role was because when

    my boss asked me at interview what I would do differently

    to what I've been doing currently he was apparently

    "shocked" that I said I wouldn't necessarily make radical

    changes. However I should point out that for the past year

    as a business we have had no website, done very little

    marketing & until october I was beig promised all of this

    plus we were going to rebrand & had chosen new name,

    branding, even corporate font! We have also been

    promised new products which haven't come to fruition but

    were assured they would be for these new jobs. So my

    belief is with all of these things in the new roles I would

    not necessarily need to massively change approach. I did

    also say however that as I would not be selling &

    managing a team I would be able to focus 100% on

    building up my pipeline & I gave examples of how I would go about this. I reiterated this in the meeting but he said he just didn't think I seemed fully brought into the new plans. We were shown a 10 minute PowerPoint which went in to very basic detail so it's very difficult to fully buy into an idea without all the facts. However I did acknowledge the need to change, I did say I had been pushing for & working for change for the past year. He agreed I had said this & agreed mistakes had been made last year by him.


    They gave the role with one direct report to someone who for the last 2 years has been reporting into me. This person also left last yr after becoming disolutioned with the lack of promises actually happening, he came back after 3 months.


    So I feel very upset that I have been unfairly dismissed. I get the impression my boss didn't like me. He rarely said more than hello to me, often ignored emails from me and for the last 2 weeks has not spoken to me at all. Before Christmas I sent an email saying that due to the redundancy possibilities myself and my team were finding it difficult to fill our time, i said was there anything he wanted us to work on as we really wanted to stay busy, he ignored the email as did HR!!


    I have been advised to appeal the decision but there is no way I could ever work for him again. The way I have been treated has broken all trust. However if I don't appeal will this go against me at tribunal? If i appeal & They offer me a job do I have to accept?


    My job is such that to get similar on similar money I would need to go to London but I'm a single mum & it's just not practical for to be in London 5 days a week.


    So sorry this is v v long but any advise greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.

  11. In may last year I was 3 months behind with my mortgage due to being made redundant.


    I made an arragement with the above and reduced this to 6 weeks.


    This avoided court action althougth I did receive the papers they were cancelled.


    At the beginning of this year I decided to check my credit file,

    new year,

    new job,

    new start and


    was sickened to see Capstone have applied a default to my account.

    I did not ever receive a default from them and as my account was never more than 3 months in arrears

    I was not even aware that they could do this?

    This will affect for the next 6 years.


    I have made a complaint which they have said they are right and if I dont keep up payments the full balance becomes due and this is affectively a default


    surely they are obliged to notify me?

    The matter is now with the FOS.


    I think they want to keep me after my astronomical fixed rate ends in April next year.

    Also I asked if I could add the remaining arrears to the balance and they said I couldnt as its a fixed rate?

    Is this just bull?


    I really dont like this company and want to get away from as soon as I can.

    Is there any law that covers this as the FOS are always very vague and hide behind the fact that they cant get legal advise.

    Should I get my own solicitor?

  12. My 16year old son along with 3 equally stupid friends was recently caught stealling from TK Maxx. He has only just turned 16 and his friends are still 15. We are really dispponted and angry at hm and obviously he is being punished and will receive a caution from the police however TK Maxx recovered all the items so I was surprised to receive a demand from RLP for £137.50, even more surprised that his friends are only being asked for £35.00 as they are under 16.


    RLP of course tried to make me feel like I was suggesting they did nothing wrong but my question is how did it cost £85 admin for a few wallets? Justify the amounts and then we might consider paying. Also they all commited the offence together so surely should all pay same fee?


    I stated that my son did not have that sort of money and they suggested he get a P/T job which I would like him to but its not going to happen over night. I will not be paying this fine but wonder if they will continue to harrash a child?

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