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  1. Still haven’t had letter from Acenden! They claim to have sent on 17th and also 1st recorded on 25th! They can’t give me the tracking number though ....
  2. actually you're wrong... My very first message related to a previous mortgage. Added to which I posted originally about the default which was actually removed as i continued to dispute.
  3. Oh right! If you search my posts you will find all the details! I don't want to post the whole story again and also there are some people who don't think I have a claim whilst I respect that view only I know what I went through, I know I wasn't treated properly or professionally. Added to which how many people have not pursued something because someone else told them it was a stupid idea?! Companies like Acenden get to behave as they because no one takes them to task over it!
  4. Thanks for quick response. I called them today as the 8 weeks were up yesterday they said they posted the letter on Jan 17th -I haven't got it. i got them to read it to me! They've promised to send recorded delivery either the first one will turn up or the copy will arrive on Friday. I will post as soon as it arrives. I too think they have a cheek to say that and also to take 8 weeks to say that! I sent the 2nd SAR because I asked for recordings and they just sent transcripts but said they no longer had the recordings when I asked again. I cant real
  5. I made a complaint to previous mortgage lender Acenden. I send a SAR which they replied to v quickly, I sent 2nd one asking for some missing info and again they replied but said they didn't have the info and so I proceeded to set up my complaint(s). 8 weeks later I got a letter stating they sold my account to Engage Credit dont have any paperwork I need to contact Engage I cant refer the matter to the FOS as they haven't answered my complaint! So my questions are: The complaint is about how Acenden handled my account and therefore surely Acenden should answer
  6. It’s odd that you’re so adamant that they did nothing wrong when I have stated they lied and have written proof of this. Do you work on behalf of them? Perhaps it’s your job to go on to sites like this and try to intimidate people so that they don’t pursue matters! I will be pursuing, I may lose but I would rather that than not try. No the broker is not in business anymore. This is my last response on this matter. I will however post my good news when I win!
  7. No they were not obliged to capitalise the arrears - I do not think I have suggested I think this. I do believe they are obliged and in fact legally bound to act with honesty and integrity. Furthermore they are obliged to make efforts to help someone in financial hardship. They lied about not being able to capitalise the arrears and this lead to me thinking I had no option but to sell the house as I could not cope with things as they were. My complaint is about the lie and the effect thereafter. Sorry I missed your other point, although you seem to think I avoid
  8. Did you go via small claims or FOS? Well done too!!
  9. Hi My other post has had so many views but only 1 response so I thought I would ask a different question. Has anyone ever sued their mortgage company? I don’t mean for arrears charges, I mean for mis- selling, negligence, outright lies that lead to detrimental decisions, etc? I’m planning to! This site is full of appalling behaviour from lenders, especially sub-prime ones and yet they seem untouchable. I think it’s time this changed. I think if they’ve done something genuinely & knowingly wrong they should be taken to task. I’ll keep you posted of my progress!
  10. The cost of having the arrears added to the mortgage wasn’t enormous by any stretch. I was paying an extra £85 per month off the arrears but they were still adding fees and so the balance wasn’t really reducing. If they had capitalised the arrears I would not have sold the house. My complaint centres around the fact that they gave false reasons for not capitalising the arrears, proably because they wanted to keep me in arrears as this was quite profitable for them.
  11. Hi Looking for some advice re making a claim for a missold/mis handled mortgage. In 2008 I took out a mortgage with Preferred Mortgages on a shared ownership house. I sold the house in 2011 because I couldn't cope with the pressure consequently this lead to a breakdown and me and my children living with my mum for a while. Since then I have been in various rented accommodation Ive been unable to save for a deposit to get back on the ladder. I'm thinking of making a claim for the following reasons: I brought the house in 2008 when I was earning a basic of 28,
  12. After years of paying back debts I've finally got myself into an ok position. I'm now looking to get a mortgage and so I've been subscribing to credit expert. On friday my credit score was 31 away from being good and this was great because I have paid down a couple of accounts and so when updated I was hoping this would push me over the edge! However yesterday I updated my address as I recently moved in with my mum so that I'm free to move quickly when I buy somewhere and I want to ensure I'm still on the Electoral register etc. This morning my score had gone down by 49
  13. Just wanted to let you know Barclays have now had a change of heart of and have agreed to alter my credit file to show me as up to date!! Plus an extra £275 in compensation:) I'm so happy this is over! Its being processed right now and should update within 48 hours! Thank you for help and advice. I'm going to make a donation right now!
  14. Hi Thanks for the reply. The FOS do seem to be on my side but also seem to be allowing Barclays to pay these games. Eg, our contact is on leave for 2 weeks - well deal with someone else then! Instead they waited 2 weeks! I've also logged a complaint with the FOS about the service I have received. With regards to the BCOBS from what I've read the legislation does not extend to overdrafts? I couldn't find a website either? x
  15. UPDATE** So this is still going on! The FOS gave the case to another adjudicator to push Barclays to honor the original decision, they agreed to this in July and so the FOS flt it was just a matter of chatting through. Barclays used all sorts of delay tactics, e.g. they couldn't see my credit file?? The person dealing with it was on leave, their contact at Experian was on leave! The adjudicator completely agrees with me and so finally they had a call on Friday and Barclays REJECTED the findings!! This is after agreeing in July. So the matter now has to go to an ombudsman. This latest
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