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  1. if you click on the Forums icon on the homepage, then click on the "FAQ Please Read" icon highlighted in red, then scroll down to the step-by-step instructions it will tell you how to file a claim. Good luck
  2. I recently sent a letter to Barclays claiming all wrongful charges made to my account, I have today received a reply saying "we are sorry you have had to contact us about the level of service you have received from Barclays. We are looking into your concerns and will let you have an answer or update as quickly as possible, but no later than 12th September 2006." I sent the original letter on the 8th August so therefore the 14days are up on the 22nd August, should I wait for them to get back to me or send the second letter when the 14days are up? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have recently registered with your website after reading an article in the paper ref: unlawful bank charges. Having read thoroughly through your forums i have decided to send a letter to Barclays, including a statement outlining several charges they have made to my account over the past three years, totalling: £875.35 including the 8%. If anybody can offer me any advice it would be most welcome. Would also like to say what an excellent website you have built and thank you in advance for your help. davidpage84
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