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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I have improved on the images I originally posted, copies are attached.
  3. Hi Sorry I can't seem to get the image any better but all it is is an application for a credit card with key facts, no T & C's, there is a table of typical APR's based on a range of credit limits within the key facts and a place for an applicant to sign the application. I took out the card in 2006. My real reeason for pursuing this is that Vanquis have just not bothered to respond to my request for a payment plan for just a few weeks and they simply just keep adding late payment charges plus interest. Instead of agrreing an arrnagement all I have are letters from Impact demanding re
  4. If anyone can advise on this I would be very grateful. I asked Vanquis if I could set up a payment arrangement on my visa card account due to temporary financial difficulties, they completely ignored my letters and all I got was harrasing letters from Impact Collections which i understand is a subsidiary of Vanquis. I sent off a CCA request with a £1 payment to Impact but again i just got harrasing letters demanding full repayment or phone them on an 0871 number. I now have received a letter from Vanquis (not impact) with what they say is the executable agreement made up of the "terms and cond
  5. Does anyone know the legality surrounding a companies obligation to provide monthly statements. Citcards have failed to supply me with monthly statements on two occasions now, the second time I totally forgot about making a payment, I pay my balance off in full every month but becaue I did not receive a statement I missed the payment date and they have applied a late payment charge plus interest on the o/s balance. I did wirte to them about this demanding a statement and also a refund on charges. They replied admitting that they had technical problems and the statement did not go out, neither
  6. Hi Thanks all for your input. I made an official complaint to Equifax quoting data protection and processing of data etc. and said I would take further action if I did not get a satisfactory response and guess what, they replied and told me that after further investigation that the details of the person they were making the search on did not match my details and as such they have removed the search. Clearly Mackenzie Hall were phishing. At least i don't have to make contact with this scammy company now. Now this just shows that if they can fob you off they will, it is high time tha
  7. Thanks PGH and Rahl I have complained to Equifax and told them I want to make an official complaint as they are wrong, I have not given MH any authority to search my credit file. I was astonished to receive a reply from Equifax saying that because I had a default recorded on my account (4 yrs ago - and it is settled in full) then any debt collection agency has the right to search my credit file, what a lame excuse that must be, because they say that when i sign a credit agreement then I am authorising ANY debt collection company to search my credit file. So remember everyone, if you sig
  8. Hello Just got a copy of my credit file from Equifax only to find a credit search in January by a company called Mackenzie Hall/J2. The reason given for the search is an outstanding debt. I don't have any outstanding debts and certainly don't have an account with Mackenzie Hall. I contacted Equifax only to be told by them that this company does not need any authorisation to search my credit file and because it is a search for an outstanding debt is visble to any other company that does a credit search and will have a negative impact on my obtaining credit. Well this cannot be rig
  9. Thanks Rob for this info. I looked at the MIB website and saw these statements so I am puzzled as to why the DCA is chasing him for the debt. The fact is he never had an accident, the third party knew his address but there has never been any court summons sent to him. From what i can make out from the MIB web site this organisation only pays out if all steps have been taken to trace the driver and his insurers, something which has never been done. I am just wondering if the DCA is trying to pull a fast one and get him to admit the debt and then the third party legal team can get a result.
  10. My son was accused of causing an injury to someone back in 2003 and driving off, he strongly denied any involvement in an accident, in fact the police were never called and his insurers never followed it up becuase of insufficient evidence. He never heard a thing until this month when a debt collection agency contacted him saying the Motor Insurers Bureau have paid out over £4000 in injury damages to this third party and now they want the money back. It seems odd, my son was never pursued for this claim, he never had any court summmons and after four years he can't even remember who is in
  11. Regarding getting compensation, it appears there are two options. You can go to court and let the court decide the financial award. See http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/data_protection/practical_application/taking_a_case_to_court.pdf This booklet also suggests that it would be wise to inform the ico before taking court action. I would like to make sure that this is done by the book so there is no possibility of them getting away with this so firstly i am going to make a formal complaint to the ICO and then advise them of my intention to go to court with an LBA and then a mon
  12. I have today received my no compensation letter from Loans.co.uk and no doubt it is the bog standard reply that others have received, however I did ask them in my letter to say how they got my info as I had never applied for a loan with them or dealt with them. The reply states I made an internet application in 2003, I don't think so, anyone could have done this I suppose, in my name. I have not received any unsolicited phone calls because of this matter so either whoever made my application did not give my phone number, or gave an incorrect number. The fact I have had no unsolicited cal
  13. Yes, this is the same response letter I received, they say they will respond by 10th October.
  14. I have today responded to the letter (using some of the details from Maltese Wizard (many thanks). I have also written to the information commissioner: Loans.co.uk 6 Marlin House Croxley Business Park Watford Herts WD18 8TD 10th September 2007 Dear Sir/Madam, I am in receipt of your letter dated 3rd September 2007. It appears that you have personal information on your files relating to myself although I have never ever had any dealings with your company. To make matters worse you have in your letter stated that you have failed to looked after this personal i
  15. I have just received a letter from a Company I have never dealt with. They are Loans.co.uk and they basically are apologising for the fact that third party companies have sold my details held by loans.co.uk to other loan companies without loans.co.uk permission. It puzzles me that loans.co.uk should have any details about me anyway since i have never dealt with them. The upshot to this is that by way of an apology and just in case someone steals my identity as a result of this, they are offering me a free sign up to Experian Credit Expert for 12 months. All I have to do is phone them to set th
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