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  1. Recieved a letter today, addressed to "The Occupier". When opened it had my full name and "We need to contact the above named person regarding an important personal matter and we have been provided with your address, if you are the person named please contact us... if you are not please contact us to allow us to update our records..." I wasnt aware I had any debts remaining so I wasn't worried about calling the number. It turned out to be a debt that I 'assumed' had been written off from 7 years ago, that debt was made up of (at the time) unlawful charges and after responding several times that I disputed the amount and suggested the remaining balance was written off to avoid the need for me to take them to court I heard no more. I guess I forgot about the alleged debt over time opposed to assuming it had really been written off! My response on the phone was I would formally write to them again detailing why I dispute the amount owed. Anyway, back to the topic... do you think the letter I received is in breach of the regs mentioned? If so what should I do? Perhaps include this in my response as to why I dispute the alleged debt and also ensure the original debtor is copied the same letter (to show the 3rd party is not following regs)?
  2. I guess I thought this would be the case. We probably get on well because she knows she is getting it good from me! However, my new relationship is under pressure because of it. I guess I'll go to her and ask her to take on the insurance payments.
  3. Hi all, I split with my ex some 6 years ago and since then I have paid CSA of £450 per month (4 kids so 25% of my take home pay of £1800 as it was then!), I have also been paying the full mortgage, a secured loan and the Home Insurance for the house I do not live in. As I write this I can see I am being too generous. I do however get on fine with my ex and I see it as me paying for a roof over the kids heads not hers.I also have no problems seeing my kids anytime I want. However, I am now in dire financial trouble and am looking for ways to reduce my outgoings. I simply do not have enough income now my new partner has lost her job. I actually now take home approx £2000 but the CSA payment has never been amended. I was wondering, legally do I need to increase the payment to £500 as I am paying the mortgage and secured loan (which was for home improvements before we split). I actually pay out £1200 per month to CSA, the loan, the mortgage and the Home Insurance, oh I just remembered I pay both out Life Insurance too!! I'm therefore left with £800 per month to live on. I know some will say stop paying the mortgage, however she cant afford it and I believe I legally have to keep a roof over the kids heads? It also only has 10 years left before it is paid so I don't want to sign it over to her as I'll lose my share of the equity. On another note, although it is in joint names she has never paid a penny towards it. So I guess my question is, should I approach the CSA? Is it possible to deduct the mortgage and secured loan from the £2000 and end up with me paying less? I simply cant sustain the £450 let alone increasing it! Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. Hi all, My friend has just shown me some paperwork in which she is claiming back PPI from Welcome, however she started by using a company called Consumer Refund Service, they take 25% of any monies recovered. I have told her she can do this (with some help) and keep all monies recovered. I thought I'd log on here and look for the correct process, however there is so much info on PPI claims I'm becoming overwhelmed! Is there an idiots step by step guide as to claiming? I have found a link to the FSCS detailing how to claim but it looks a little dodgy as the email links back to Welcome! I have requested the claim form through them for now but just want to be sure I'm not playing into their hands!? Any help / advice will be greatly welcomed (no pun intended!) Regards Steve
  5. Thanks guys, I've written to the credit company explaining the death of my father with a brief outline of the circumstances. The research I've done online leads me to believe it will have to be paid for out of what is left of my fathers esate. I dont expect them to show any sympathy. I'll let you know what happens when I hear back from them.
  6. Anybody want to buy a top of the range fully electronic moving/reclining leather sofa and matching armchair?
  7. Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there will be enough in the estate, just, to pay for the sofa but that will be the estate gone. Obviously the money doesn't bring our parents back but we would rather have had that than a sofa! I was hoping there might have been some loophole that meant because not a single penny had yet been paid on the sofa it did not yet belong to my parents and we could have asked the credit company to remove it as it is thier property.
  8. My parents have both just passed away, my father had just taken out a 6 month interest free credit agreement on an expensive (£2500) leather sofa. The sofa was delivered only 3 weeks before they passed. The unsigned payment protection policy was sitting on my dads bedside table, he was probably going to sign and post it the day he was taken into hospital. After paying for the funeral there will only be enough left in the estate to pay for the sofa. I made enquires in the shop it was purchased but was told it is no longer anything to do with them and I was given a number for the company financing the credit agreement. I have been asked to forward a copy of the death certificate but the person on the phone was unable to advise what will happen next but said it is likely the sofa will need to be paid for. My understanding is that it will have to be paid. What my family would rather do is send the sofa back! The shop however say this is nothing do to with them anymore. Does anyone have any idea's or suggestions? The only thing we think we can do is pay for the sofa and sell it on ourselves. Thanks Steve.
  9. We all OK thanx Congrats on the promotion Be sure to let us know how you get on. Take care ;-)
  10. Hey stranger! Maybe ring the court and ask how the claim is progressing?
  11. Glad I stumbled accross this thread, forgot about Studio fleecing me! Years worth of "admin/service charges"!
  12. They are so predictable, reading through the other posts on here you (as Amanda already thought) can tell what the next step is going to be. Only another few months before you get your money back! (Sorry for being so negative- just being realistic from experience!)
  13. My claim was for charges applied that I hadn't actually paid due to being in my overdraft. They threatened me with action to recover the overdraft and it got as far as DCA, when I informed them it was in dispute the DCA asked if Woolwich were aware of this... to which I replied it is going to court so I would think they would! I never heard another word from the DCA! But yes as the account is in dispute they shouldn't be refering it to a DCA. Just make it clear to them you are aware of this fact
  14. Welcome Jessica... Have fun taking on the banks, I am! Don't be daunted, you have plenty of help here! It's a long battle but you will win, Woolwich take everything as far as they can in the hope you will bottle it and cave in. Just stick to your timescales and get what they owe you
  15. No need to be nervous! It looks great when you get paperwork from the court saying you are suing a bank.... I kept looking at mine and thinking WOW!
  16. Hi ya kayyeehah Yee is very welcomah hee yah! Good luck, its a long road, you wont get your money quick but YOU WILL GET IT Just enjoy the ride and feel free to ask away!
  17. I didn't send back the form witht the claim because the bit of paper you sign only says "I agree to the above terms and conditions". They could put anything with it! I sent my own personal letter stating I will not inform the court that this is settled until I have the money!
  18. I didnt hear a single thing from the time I refused the goodwill offer until they offered to pay in full just before the court date. Apart from the copy of thier defence forwarded by the court I'd have thought they were ignoring me!
  19. Have a good read throught the forum Warren, plenty of people the same as you. Dont lodge your claim until you are 100% sure you know what you are doing.
  20. Maybe phone the court or MCOL just to clarify it for your own peace of mind although I doubt you have anything to worry about.
  21. You can be settled by cheque.
  22. I refused the offer I got that was about £200 short by email, got an email back the next morning offering the full amount.... Just some food for thought for you. They actually offered the full amount for charges but didn't want to pay the extra costs I'd asked for. When I said we'll let the judge decide they offered to pay them.
  23. I wouldn't think so mate. Would be a bit over the top if they struck your claim out for that! What does it say on your Notice of Acknowledgment as defendant?
  24. Case management conference due on 6th April, got an offer on Thursday 22nd March. Its was a little short of what I was after so refused. Got offer of full amount on the Friday
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