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  1. Thank you all very much for your helpfull advice. I am off to put my claim together and tell Barclays i want my money lol
  2. Thanks for that, but would that still count as the bank is Barclays which i presume is an english bank not scottish like rbs etc. If i sent another claim could i quote what your saying in my letter for back up pls
  3. Thanks very much, will wait until then
  4. I recently heard about the case going to court in regard to ufair bank charges. The one where all the banks etc are putting peoples claims on hold until a decision has been made !!! I have one last claim to make to Barclays but am unsure whether to go ahead just yet as i can't seem to find out what the outcome was. Have sent 3 claims in already, but i just get a letter back saying that they wont be processing anything until the courts have decided. Can anyone advise pls Thanks Pauline
  5. Thanks Tilly Am an old hat to this site lol, but wanted to know if it was worth sending another letter as they said they wouldnt be doing anything until after OFT had made a decision. What do you think? Should i sned another prelim or an lba or wait?
  6. BM have charged £150 exit fee but i cant find anything in the mortgage that states they were going to charge this in the first place. Is it worth trying to claim. They charged me when we changed the mortgage to diff company, but have looked through paperwork and can find no sign of them saying this world happen !! Thanks
  7. I recently wrote to Barclays trying to claim back some charges on my account for returned cheques etc etc and they have resonded saying that until OFT make a decision in court they are holding fast with all claims. Can anyone tell me how far OFT is or when a decision is likely so i have some idea when to approach Barclays again, They said they would contact me but i dont believe them Thank you
  8. Please can someone explain what an exit fee is compared to an ERC and where on my final mortgage statement likely to find it. Would it come under another name. I'm sure i can claim for exit fees with 2 or 3 mortgage companies, just not sute what to look for.
  9. Hi all Just to wish you luck. I want to go up against kensington for £7,000 and BM for £10,000 in early redemption penalties. Would be happy to get half back !!! just dont know where to start. Any ideas.
  10. I am looking to claim back £7000 from Kensington and £10,500 from BM in ERC's. Would it be ok to use your 'letter' (re Zootscoot) as a start. I'm not sure what to write as a preiminary letter. Thanks.
  11. What if i decided to claim only under £5000 ?
  12. Ahhh ok thanks. I dont know if you are allowed to do this but can you recomend a 'letter' from anyone else's site that i could use. I have seen a few but am unsure what would be best.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Could you pls tell me if i decided to go ahead and start a claim, where would be the best place to start. Is there a template set up anywhere for a Preliminary letter or do you know of anyone who may be able to help me write one. I would like to give this a go, even if i dont get as far as the court stage. Thank you
  14. I have been successful in claiming back all the charges from my Banks and Credit Card Companies and would like to try to get the ERC's back from Kensington £7001 and BM £10,500. Would it be ok to use Surreyscouse's letter as a starting point, a Prelim Letter so to speak.. There are so many conflicting threads regarding ERC's and i have no idea where to start, but after reading this thread, its given me hope.
  15. Sorry but i dont understand what you mean by fast track.
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