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  1. Got my day in court & pleaded 'Not Guilty', so its going to Trial in April. The TVL Guy stated to magistrate that you needed a TV Licence when owning a TV, as its just a case of plugging in a Aerial to watch Live TV, although we don't have Aerial, as I stated on the days in question I have only been watching my DVD Collection & it wasn't setup to watch Live TV. I have a license backdated before the offence date & TVL stated it wasn't valid on the days on question, as they don't backdate licences, so they sold me a 11month & 2day Licence for the price of a 12month one.
  2. OK, I 'll give the court a ring in the morning, as the case is in 3 weeks
  3. With regards to 'If you're putting up a defence then you are entitled to all the documents TV Licensing hold relating to your case. You should scrutinise those documents carefully to make sure they are factually correct.' Are these available before the court date or only on the day?
  4. Cheers for info. No I didn't let him into the house & I was actually playing a Blu Ray at the time on the PS3. He also had a cheek to call me by my first name when I answered the door, as if he was some long lost friend On his witness statement he has stated that I accepted the caution [i didn't] & that I refused to sign I think he can also waste a day in court with me, if this is how he wants to play the game
  5. Today I have received a Court Summons from the TV Licensing people for not having a TV Licence for a whole week The TVL Guy came to my house on Sunday 26th October & clearly could see the TV switched on. in the front room. The TV had only just been replaced by the warranty co 3 days previously, after a 6 week wait for them to see if they could repair the old one. He tried to caution me on the doorstep to which I did not agree with, as he is not an officer of the law & I stated that I would not sign his paperwork. I told him today was the first day of using the TV & he c
  6. Hi all, I've received a PCN ticket of £50 for an 12 minute overstay in a Pay & Display car park in Blackpool, as I waited around in the dry until the thunderstorm had stopped. The only errors I can find is the date states 'Served on' rather than 'Date of Notice' or 'Date of Issue', it also has the date of contravention, but no colour of Vehicle. It also states the Tax Disc is illegible ? Is this one for a challenge?
  7. The only way I can prove it, is with his defence, as he has a receipt from a local WHSmith's for a map @ 1:35pm & petrol receipt from BP Western Avenue, UB6 8TY at 5:54pm Total Journey time: 4hrs 19mins Google quote: 283 mi (about 6 hours 9 mins) to this point 283 miles / 4.3 hrs = Avg Speed: 65MPH
  8. Tell me about it, he made in home in record time aswell 4hrs from Newcastle to SE London after setting off at lunchtime. I dont know what he expected for his money, certainly not a new car or one without some degree of wear & tear
  9. Many Thanks for the info I had phoned the court on Monday & they've sent a photocopy of the claim with the seal on it I also phoned TS & yes they're investigating myself as a Motor Trader which I am not, they said the would send me a letter if any action was to be taken. I had no issues with the car & even let my pregnant wife use it, so if it was in a dangerous state I knew nothing of it & I did quote the buyer "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) when told me that he was to take me to court, which probably wound him up, forking out £80 on the claim
  10. I am going to go to my local DVLA office in the morning to find out whos name it is in. I'm not going to ignore the case but I wanted to know if the claim is valid without a court seal i.e. He's trying to pull a fast one & just sent the forms to me? Basically the advert stated: 94M Make & Model, 115,000 miles, Leather Seats, Alloys, Airbags & in Average Condition for age. £795 ono Never had a problem with the car in the 4 months I owned it except for the radio which had to have its code entered every time you started car (no permanent live)
  11. Basically you dont have to prove who spent the money as you're both liable if its not repaid. I would remortgage the house & have the deeds changed (cost approx £150-£300 depending on mortgage co)
  12. Yep, this is true as I recently got 3 points (MS90), for being unable to furnish the police with the details of who was driving the car. We where away on holiday & it wasn't until the court day when the police had enlarged the image & I could clearly see it was my brother-in-law, they dropped the speeding charge & they gave the points for failing to disclose
  13. Also just reading through the paperwork he has sent with the claim is a copy of the V5. I must have given him both sections, so I guess its still in my name Just checked it on the DVLA website & its untaxed (Not SoRN'd), so will I get the fine?
  14. Yep, stated on the receipt 'sold as seen' but according to the claimant Trading Standards say this is not a valid statement.
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