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  1. what should we expect from these compared to DLA? any info? do you reckon the gw charges are part of the new setups plans to reduce the number of claims? cheers
  2. ok, filed moneyclaim but quite unlike myself I forgot to include the account number in the actual claim? I am about to send of the spreadsheet which includes all the details of the charges to attach to the original claim is this ok? also, do I just send a letter asking for this to be associated with claim number xxxx? thanks in advance..
  3. I see thanks Michael... very much appreciated...
  4. ok so if I filed this online, received a claim number, where would i send my spreadsheet to? or will i wait until the AQ came through?
  5. Thanks Michael, I suppose when you get the claim number you also get allocated your court? regards
  6. How much are they? also, where do you put the spreadsheet on the claim, or dont you do this? cheers
  7. ok, am going to file my moneyclaim tonight, but one thing, Abbey have sent me aletter saying they have refuned me (good will they say!!) some charges £1215 which includes 900 old charges and 315 they were about to charge me!! should I account for this on my moneyclaim? or because it is good will ignore it? thanks
  8. hey guys thanks for your quick responses. your advice is spot on thanks, will continiue with the claim until such time Abbey explain what these refunds were for. cheers
  9. ok quick update.... Just checked my account and £900 has been refunded as miscellenous payments, ie about 25 payments between 20 and 35 pounds. This represents only 1/6 of the amount I am claiming , so will deduct of the claim which I shall be filling next week. Is this common practice? I sent my LBA last week... cheers
  10. etered

    5k border

    I dont understand why you would want to? If they owe you these unlawful charges then claim what they owe. ok the cost to fats track is slightly higher and so are your exposure to costs, but Abbey wont win .... the only benefit for small claims track in my opinion is that it protects you from costs should you lose... we WONT lose....
  11. Correct me if I am wrong but doesnt WITHOUT PREJUDICE mean that your offer of settlement prior to court is now not admisable to the judge? Apologies if this is incorrect but i would have thought you would want the Judge to see that you made an offer to settle out of court? good luck by the way cheers
  12. abbey taking over A & L???? where did you hear this? regards
  13. yes those sort of figures are scary for two reasons, that abbey can take it off me, and i am still solvent !!! but, in 2002 the costs were £15 a time rather than the 30-35 they are now, so i should reduce the first 3 years by 50% in my book, does that sound reasonable... thanks again Karnevil, its great to know there is good advice around...
  14. oh and i am going on the fast track on this.....
  15. right lets say my actual for last 12 months of charges come to £2845, how do i estimate for the previous 5 years, without it being way out? is there a formula that you guys use? I know a few of you estimate for your prelim letter? kind regards and thanks
  16. etered

    Denz v Abbey

    Suggest you put in an estimate request .. you can change this even when you have submitted your claim..
  17. it seems to me that this is very confusing to people. Can someone with a far better knowledge int his area than me please enlighten us. In my book it is simple > 5000 >15000 multi-track fast track, abbey would have to divulge details od their charges if they were going to contest? the rest is pretty flaky so please advise and add to this thread if you have any info... thanks
  18. Karne, Thanks very much for your advice, the temptation to rush this process is very strong, and it angers me that abbey can be so bloody flippant. Anyway, I will take my time, play it by the book and stick by the proven timetable... I think I will make an initial claim of 2004-2006, then a further claim from 2000-2004. this site is fantastic...
  19. You know what, i have just calculated back 8 months charges and so far (waiting for further statements) we are up to 2091.81. This is gonna be well over the 5k limit... I also received a letter stating that Susan Eden has carefully considered my points but, basically its my fault. should i continue to county court they will cancel my account. I already have another account and have quite a lot of money going in per month circa 8K so that will hit them when i change this.. Its amazing how you miss these charges, it wasnt until i had the recent 500 quid applied that i thought about it.... anyway, should i hit them for two sub 5k claims or one big one? saw some old statements which showed that the charges used to be only 15 quid per 'misdemeanour'. reckon i will have to estimate but looks as though this year alone will be circa 3k...
  20. dessie, i see, what is 'Fast Track' and what are the main differences between a small claims and FT? cheers
  21. Ok sent of the DPA today (already sent a letter 4 weeks ago, but not in this format) Seeing as Abbey will not release statements from back to 2000 should i send an estimated claim before waiting the 40 days? Also , why are people reluctant to go over the 5k mark? surely if they will have divulged their actual costs then the banks are more likely to pay up if a claim is over the 5k limit? cheers
  22. Dessie, thanks for the advice. Already started up a new A&L account, in the process of transferring DD's over, will make it complete next month...
  23. hi, great site and some great result by what i have read, anyway, i started my proceedings way before finding this site, but will be modifying my approach. I have probably been charged over the last 6 years somewhere in the region of 6K worth of charges, i have asked abbey to breakdown and list my charges, only had a complaint pamphlet issued so far, so will start with the DPA. last month alone i was charged 383.00 in DD fees etc etc... will keep you all informed...
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