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  1. Hi I purchased a lift and rise chair for my mother 3 weeks ago from an independant retailer in letchworth (martins of letchworth). In teh shop she sat on the chair for 5 mins and all ok. Once she received this it became very clear that sitting on this chair for any length of time the foam comporessed and became very hard and uncomfortable for sitting. Clearly this wasnt fit for purpose. We called after 5 days and lodged our displeasure, the response was that the manager was out until Monday (7 days time). SO I called him on the Monday and he stated that he was getting in contact with t
  2. Ok, I have filed an erc claim ( just read the notes stating not to bother!) anyway, the bank have filed a defence , BUT The defence is a bank charges defence and does not even relate one iota to the erc claim. Does this mean good news?
  3. etered

    Taking on The EGG

    ok, after having an account for 4 years and never missing a payment, i missed a couple last summer, staight away egg defaulted me, they never sent any notice of default, i instigated court action after sending numerous letters to them explaining that they are breaking the law for not sending a true a signed copy of the alleged default, have £160 worth of charges that they owe, have also sent them a letter telling them to stop processing my data. they have employed eversheds who offered with conditions. I am refusing point blank until they remove the default. how can I escalate t
  4. etered

    OK situation is....

    That egg defaulted me for two missed payments, never sent me anyting, have affected my credit record so..... MCOL for 160, and after not complying with CCA request for proof of true default have included this on my claim... This is not on... I have also lodged a complaint with the FSA, because they have not respinded properly.. is there anything else i can do as they are affecting my credit record etc...
  5. anyway they settled at 100% cheque from ashursts arrived today lovely
  6. firstly read the FAQs on this site, then you will realise that the banks charges are illegal. commence your proceedings, you will win your charges back... if your claim is for over 5k then you are liable for maximum £750 charges if the judge decides this is so and you lose the case, no one has lost a case as yet as the banks know there charging is illegal. if your claim is less than 5,000 then no charges can be claimed against you unless the judge orders this so, which he wont as a you will win and b you are wasting the courts time which you are not.
  7. tuddsy they WILL offer you 100% plus costs if you say thats what you want. but as has been said, let them do the talking, and IMO they will offer it all...
  8. okey dokey Cheque in post today, 100% won, plus court costs FYI Abbey are now not leaving it to the day before to settle as the courts are getting arsey with Abbey! They are trying to settle early... hence my court date was week beggining 5th feb fast track... on to abbey for my mortgage now... erc for 5k.... so now I have won 5k Abbey, 1k MBNA, MCOL with EGG and LBA to Abbey Mortgage.. lovely jubbley
  9. Egg defaulted me for 5k, I am taking them to court to get this removed but. I will be selling our house soon and will need an 80 k mortgage, we will be putting 320k down as deposit, my question is this: will they refuse me a mortgage because of the default? should i get it at least satisfied before th ecourt case? or will it not matter because of the size of the deposit? cheers
  10. Hi just sending off the court index to court and abbey now.
  11. Can someone comment on this please? Ie is it ok? CLAIMANT -AND- Abbey PLC DEFENDANT DISCLOSURE BY LIST OF xxxxxxx CLAIMANT I, xxxxxxxxxx Intend to rely on the following documents in court – 1. Correspondences .....Date .......Description ......................... ......................... No. of pages (A) 07/08/06 Letter: Data Protection Act request - 1 (B) 22-08-06 Letter: Preliminary Approach for repayment - 2 © 04-09-06 Letter: Letter Bef
  12. anyone have inga or christine's abbey email addreses? cheers
  13. fantastic, thats cleared that up, well sort of, how to i go about asking for disclosure of Abbeys costs? I have been allocated fast track even after Abbey requested small claims, and on my AQ I asked for disclosure, should I put this in my bundle? thansk again Karn
  14. Can anyone please enlighten me a touch on what I should give to who and what it contains? sorry for the ignorance, i have an idea which is a list of items that i will depend on in court? cheers
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