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  1. Can a Mod please put my thread in Natwest Successes, as all claims are finished now. Thanks to all the brilliant help I have received from people on this site, and Good Luck to all that are still in the process of claiming theis money back. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Thanks Hedgey I'll buy a drink for you ;) ;) xx
  3. Hi All Received my cheque today in the post :D . All done & dusted now, they kept me waiting on this one though, court was in 3 weeks time ;-) . So remember all of you cheque hunters, keep going it pays in the end. xxxx
  4. Hiya Its as Dellar Says just fill in the ticks etc, and then (i wrote it in) the long verse in the other info bit of the form. Remember to keep copies of everything for yourself, and send a copy of it all to Cobbets aswell, just to show them you mean business !! Good Luck Andrea
  5. Hiya I'd send a letter to Cobbetts, saying that I am concerned at them, contacting you direct, could be misconstrued as harassment, and that you are very, very upset by the way they are dealing with your case against Nat west, and should that you have spoken to the court concerned with your claim, and that they have advised you to inform them of any future telephone calls, and that you are also sending a copy of this letter to the court , for them to keep in your claim file, and quote all the relevant info like Court Claim No etc, that should shut them up. Good Luck
  6. Hey Congratulations Mate Can I ask how long is it since you sent back your AQ?, and did you receive a court date, My AQ went in 4 wks ago, my court date is 23rd May (4 wks) and still haven't heard anything from Cobbetts. You could always accept this cheque, and then put in a claim for the differance owed, and pursue that one!!! Andrea
  7. Hiya Fill in your AQ, i sent a copy to Cobbets aswell, as well as keeping a copy for myself, just for reference. After the AQ date, you should then receive a court date......if you haven't already been paid out!!!!!! Good Luck Andrea
  8. Hi When I was asked by Cobbetts for all crap, that they should actually know, i sent this to them, Re: Claim number xxxxxxxxxxxxx Your Reference:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have received your defence. I notice that you say that my particulars of claim discloses no reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the defendant. I have to say that I find this frankly surprising. I have clearly identified the account contract to which I'm referring. I have made it quite clear the source of the monies which I am claiming is derived from money taken by your clients in respect of my breaches of the account contract and I have even supplied a detailed breakdown of the charges on a separate schedule. And I have also explained why I consider that the charges are unenforceable and that they are unenforceable at common law. I will add now that the recent Office of Fair Trading report concluded that bank penalty charges are indeed excessive and in breach of the common law because they exceed the actual costs caused by my breach. It is true to say that the OFT report dealt principally with consumer contracts, but as there is absolutely no difference in the penalty charges between consumer contracts and business contracts it is clear that there is a read-across from the OFT consumer-oriented report to business accounts. Finally I have made it clear the total figure which I am claiming. As I have clearly stipulated A. The contract B. The term of the contract in question C. The wrong which I say you have committed D. The amount of my damage suffered I really do not see what else you expect to find in my particulars of claim. In fact I would say that your defence does not answer my particulars of claim in any way and therefore this letter which I am copying to court is my formal request to the court to grant me a summary judgement for the entire sum claimed. You have a further 15 days to file a proper defence before the date for the submission of the allocation questionnaire and if you do so then I will say now that I will raise no objection to your amendment. I have noticed quite recently that there are now several cases or on the same bank charges issue which have now been transferred to the mercantile court in London. I also understand that there may be a group action on the same issue and that there may even be an attempt to refer the OFT failure to take their own action. If you decide that you wish to oppose my application for summary judgement then I suggest that you let me have your amended defence directly as well as filing your copy with the court. Yours sincerely, I also sent to them a schedule of charges,which shows all breakdown of charges, and the reson for that actual charge. Good Luck Andrea
  9. well Done Mate you Have Given All Of Us Hope, Congratulations
  10. WELL DONE CONGRATULATIONS, can I please ask Ali, how far were you into your claim, had you rec'd a court date?
  11. Hi The AQ tends to arrive a few days after their defence, mine did. They asked me for more info, so sent all information they requested, on to Cobbets and copies to the Court, had court date now for 23rd May, not heard anything yet though. Good Luck
  12. would it not be easier to claim all together? i know someone who claimed on the same account twice, the 2nd time they had a warning, from natwest saying that they might close their account, they didn't though and she did get the money back.
  13. Hey after your acknowledgment, you will get a opy of thier defence, this takes 28 days, so don't panic.
  14. Sorry Martin Must have been time of the month lol, Please ignore all self pitying remarks or statements as i can sometimes be a little too sensitive. As can all females lol. Anyways, have you heard anymore, i have had my cour date for 23rd May, so fingers crossed. A
  15. Hi Late payment mark? If you mean unauthorised overdraft fee, or referral fee, then yes probably lol. Natwest have a habit of applying charges for everything. You can claim all these back!!
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