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  1. Thank you for your advice. I shall begin the arduous journey lol.
  2. Hi All, A year or so ago i had a problem with my income and asked Barclays to apply an overdraft facility to my account. They said i was refused due to credit scoring but then proceeded to apply an overdraft to my account. I used said overdraft and immediately it was revoked and i received letters telling me i was overdrawn and would be charged. My money went into my account, overdraft was cleared and charges refunded. I made a complaint and found out that several overdraft applications had been made without my knowledge and also one or two credit card applications. Barclays couldn't provide me with my consent to these (bar 2) and said as i had obviousley consented to two i must have consented to all. Again i complained. I then found out that i had a student account with a £350 overdraft facility, not the account i had opened initially and nor was i informed of teh change to my account (paperwork and statements to proove this). Barclays couldn't understand why i was complaining. I complained about my account being changed and details of my income and status being falsified, i was advised the overdraft was authorised and my account would be amended. I used the overdraft and two days later received yet another letter saying the overdraft was not authorised, i shouldn't have used it and i would need to pay it back in X amount of days. I complained and complained to head office but found i was getting no where. Because my money was still being paid into my account i had no access to it as it was paying off the overdraft, i got in arrears with my rent. I told barclays i would be closing my account and moving to another bank, i changed everything over to my new account and asked in branch for them to close my account. I had written a cheque for my rent payment £54.76, this left my account during this period and therefore took me overdrawn. I was still trying to resolve my complaint with barclays at this point and refused to put money in my account to cover said cheque. I heard nothing off them for a long time and they ignored my letters. My statements continued to come through the post and charges were added each month. Once they finally closed my account I started getting debt collection letters for the debt owed to barclays. Today i received a visit from a doorstep caller asking for the full payment of the debt, i believe its about £200 now although he would not say. I do not want to have to pay this entire debt, i will however pay back the £54.76. What can i do to have this sorted? They have also amended my credit file to show the debt owed, this is causing me no end of problems as they are the only people i have bad notes from on there.
  3. Ok so i can leave them on and everything will be ok?.....soon :-s See i have applied for business bank accounts since and havent been able to get one because of all the credit searches. Well i think its that, i have copies of credit files from all three credit houses and there is nothing adverse on them
  4. 1st: I recently started my own business, applied for a business account with my personal account holder bank, RBS, and they lost my application and ID docs. i wrote and asked they find it, they gave me £100 laughed during the apology and left it. I wrote again, they didn't respond. I have the credit search on my file and want it removing. Can i? 2nd: As above........so i applied for and received a mobile phone contract. When i got the phone the signal search thing i had completed said the signal strength in my area was good however i could not get a signal within at least 400 yards of my home. I called and told them, they advised i cancel my contract as the signal strength is poor in my area and i must have been reading the piece of paper in my hand wrong. I cancelled it and now i have that credit search on my file and dont want it there either. I have been trying to get a business bank account but due to excess credit searches within a short amount of time i cannot get one. 3rd and finally. Last year i sucessfully complained to BT mobile regarding a default they had logge don my credit file which caused me to not be able to receive credit, i received a cash settlement and an agreement from them that they would "make good" my credit file. Show i had paid on time all teh time and my account was settled.............They removed it completely, i wrote and asked them to sort it out and put it back on with teh relevant information, They havent yet. I wrote 13th December 2006 Sorry there is a lot there, if i have posted this in the wrong place please nudge me and let me know and i can break it up. I am new to forums and this is my first post. Thank you all Jxx
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