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  1. hi, I know when all the dates of the charges were applied. I found an interest calculator which works on 8%. was hoping that I could get back the interest they charged me on the account 39.9% rather than the 8% the calculator works it out as. is this possible? if so how do i work out 39.9% interest on the charges? does anyone know of a template letter asking for the charges back? many thanks
  2. ok, will do. what happens if DCA turns up at my house, what do I do then? call police?
  3. was paying barclays collections £50pm for a loan taken over 6 yrs ago. sent template to them requesting the CCA. they replied with, "CCA not available due to age of loan". i replied with the template letter saying that therefor we would be making no further payments as debt unenforcable etc etc. no word from them for about 3 months. This morning letter arrives from "credit solutions" saying " our client has informed us that the above debt is unpaid. As specialist debt collectors we have now been asked to do one or more of the following- 1.refer account to a doorstop collector 2. leg
  4. as far as i know the account which the loan was in is closed. we have no accounts with them and our current accounts are with llyods, so no chance of them getting their mitts on any more money. thanks for your help and the template.
  5. do we tell them were not paying anything more, is there a letter to send or do i just write and say as you cannot supply the original true copy of CCA, we see this debt as unenforcable, therefor we are making no further payment...or something along those lines?
  6. I dont really understand the paper theyve sent with it, it just has a small amount of info about his acc the loan was in- from 18aug 03 -18nov 03. on 18th aug, it says there was payment of £6500, then underneath it says insurance premium £1547 and by the statement balance it says £8047 DR Theres nothing on there about any recent activity and nothing about the £1 PO.
  7. i add also that they did not return the £1 PO
  8. explained situation in an old thread, partner had loan £8/9K, defaulted, went to barclays collections dept. have been paying loan off ever since now stands at about £3700. (we cant remember how old he was when loan taken out, may have been under 18, in any case loan was unsecured) advised to send off CCA request which i did last week. today received this on a slip of barclays headed paper= Due to age of loan original loan agreement not available. ledger shows funds credited to your current account so does this mean we are not obliged to pay them any further repayments? what do w
  9. Im looking for the thread(s) which were about loan agreements etc and specifically loans taken out before 18yrs old, about if theyre enforcable or not etc. sure I saw something last time I was on here but cant find it at all now, can anyone help?!
  10. if CCA came back and was not enforcable say, could we claim back the payments already made? or is that pushing it ?
  11. ok cool, Im guessing their are templates on here somewhere for requesting CCAs?
  12. cca-consumer credit agreement? what will that show/prove?
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