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  1. She got the letters but did not tell me soon enough and unfortuanely paid them, it was not until after that that I researched it and found out it was all a joke really, basically. She has put it down to a learning experience, it gave her the necessary shock but we are a bit wiser as a result but a shame she paid them, thankfully it was not too much no police involvement
  2. ur welcome, my girlfriend felt the same way, it was sooo out of character for her, trust me. she had nightmares, thought she would lose her job working with kids in a college, etc. i convinced her to see the true picture and she is ok now but still worries a bit. It will all be fine, trust me Read this, it will help, it is the same principle just a different shop http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?448994-RLP-FAQ-s.-What-do-they-mean-Reviewed-September-2015
  3. hi f9d Just relax and dont worry about it anymore, HONESTLY, you got away with it lightly BUT DONT DO it again. It would cost Tesco, £100's if not £1000s to take it further with the courts which they dont want to do PLUS the Police do not want to be bothered with this trivial thing. This is why Tesco employ this approach, as a deterrent and to be seen to be doing something about it, it is just too small a thing for them to worry about so they get their security guard to act all threatening, take details to scare you then they pass it to this other company that try to get money out of you afterwards, they "invite you to pay", these requests have no basis in law and as DX/Honeybee rightly say above can be thown in the bin and laughed at. This same thing, in TKMAxx, happened to my girlfriend a few years back and I researched it fully and it was a real eye opener, I think I have a thread on here about so check my history threads. To allay your fears and really make you feel better I suggest you read up on it yourself as suggested by the guys/girls above, it is a fascinating and interesting thing once you see the real true picture. Take care, calm down and have a cup of tea, stick a movie on and relax
  4. Little update We are going to do a SAR to the local police after talking with a very helpful lady in their Data Protection department, that should get us what exactly at the time and indicate what might be on the DB Check And I have sent a general query to the DBS service making an initial enquiry. Lets see what happens
  5. Yes, I think you might be right BUT i have only tonight realised who RLP are what they do. If I had known about this then, well it would have been a different story I can tell ya
  6. hi Silver Thanks for the prompt reply! I did some research at the time into CRB (Now DBS) checks a nd looking at it you cannot get an enhanced one as member of the public https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check/overview but you can get a basic one. We will have to wait and see what record was held by the police I suppose My intuition tells me that nothing will appear on one as the DBS guidelines state that whatever is recorded has to be relevant to the post applied for. I doubt this would be tbh. Yes, it sadly appears that ther £250 is lost but I will try and bottom that out for sure as it is a lot of money and there is the principle involved
  7. Hi Everyone Hi want to get some help for a close friend of mine who will I suspect follow this thread as a guest, i hope! I have posted this as result of the monthly CAG email article about civil recovery, great news btw! Anyway.... Brief synopsis: 2 years ago, TKMAxx, swapped price tags, caught, taken in a room and police called (?), they both went out of the room twice throughout the discussison, let off (we think), unsure if cautioned, could have been PCSO. Banned, they took her mobile number and debit card details [removed] and RLP have been paid something like £250!!! My friend needs to have an enhanced CRB check done for something and is obviously very worried. This was a one off incident totally not in character for them in a moment at a time of great stress. I have given my friend the chat about not being paranoid now about being followed and they have have probably forgotten about it now, etc. So, as result of this article and bunch of the threads in this section where I have this new eye opening knowledge!. Firstly, we are trying to find out from the police exactly what happened at the time and what was "archived" and what may come out on a CRB check, this will hopefully let us know if it was a PCSO and they went over the 30 mins detainment, the details if any. What can we do, if anything, about the £250 that was paid to RLP? Does anyone here have any accurate info about whether this can be charged back from her debit card (after 2 years)? Does anyone have any accurate knowledge of enhanced CRB checks and what might be on it as result of this. I know this may be difficult to comment on now as we need more info and the memory is a blur for my friend and details sketchy of what was exactly said at the time? Last thought, £250 for nothing taken, speechless!!!! Thanks Steve
  8. it was a section at the bottom of the Traffic Offence Report where he makes a comment and signs. im at work atm so can give any more detail but will check when I get home and add more detail.
  9. http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/legal-advice/vehicle-defect-rectification.html
  10. thank man, pretty well summarised. this all gives him a nice list of some things to ask or do, thanks
  11. so, with that in mind, if he has been incorrectly cautioned, how do you rectify that?
  12. thanks, im not sure I know what you mean? do you mean that he should not have been cautioned due the wrong legislation?
  13. Thanks, it does seem over the top. the problem is, as with all of these things, knowledge of how it works. Why was he cautioned as well as the fine and points is something that does not make sense to me or him? Do you get both or is the first two proper procedure?
  14. yeah, fully understand that. does anyone know why the the 14 days to rectify was not offered
  15. hi everyone my housemate i trying to sort out a strange problem that occurred a couple of week back. He was stopped for having a bumper missing on his work van, just the cosmetic bumper not anything safety-wise. they gave him a traffic offence report (ticket i guess) for RT88457 for "danger of injury due to vehicle condition" in the "vehicle defect rectification scheme" section, nothing is written about that that condition is or mention of the bumper area, no photos taken, etc. after hearing form him it appears the constable was a bit unsure what of what he was doing and no offer to get the van fixed within a time was offered. he was given a FPN of £60 and 3 points and a caution. This to me sounds completely over the top, i don't know much but I presume he should have given him the option to get it fixed within 14 days or something but straight went straight to all this.... He said that whilst in the car the officers have problem with the spelling of his name, they got it wrong, he challenged them politely about them entering an "n"where there was not one it it appears they got the hump for making a mistake and this may have led to them going this far. he has gone up to station to speak to the constables supervisor to try and sort it out and complain and is waiting for a call back from a sergeant. whilst there the desk officer entered into a light hearted chat about the new forms being not very good and them having a number of complaints about them which was ironic considering. Does anyone here know anything about this or what steps to take. it just strikes me as a something that has not been done properly and now he has to put up with higher insurance and a caution for potentially nothing? thanks in advance
  16. thanks andy, ill get here to do that as well, good idea
  17. hey guys Is there anyone here who is right up to date on the recent changes to Enhanced CRC checks where the government lost that case and have had to change them, possibly! My girlfriend is in a strange "predicament" where she is in a job already and wants to apply for another internal job but they will be doing a ECRC check ((her current role is more or less the same and she had a ECRC years ago) She had a stress related incident a few months back resulting in a caution and is very very stressed about the check what it might show. I just wonder if anyone is up to date on it now or have we got to wait until the changes filter through in any case I think it is best she does not apply, for now, as it may trigger something, she may the lose her job and that would be catastrophic for her! Im inclined to advise to speak with an employment specialist solicitor and see what they advise as part of a free 30 min consultation if she can get one? Thanks in advance Sew
  18. This looks really great. I cant wait to see this start to take shape ST - Is there any way for a link/header to be put at the top of a Start Thread for someone to see. Which would off course would have "Once you have finished your initial enquiry please go here...." Try and get everyone here to read and contribute They would then see TT introductions and key points and then get into the swing off it?
  19. thanks CB, perfect, whatever is fit for purpose and economic. let's see how this goes....
  20. I think we need a Sticky at the top of each thread with the "points to raise/views to be considered" bullet pointed in a list. Obv we will have all the comments debating below but things can get lost, this will help further too If the site admins can assist in making this happen, just take a pm and add them in every couple of days OR when someone posts a comment/idea they ask in the post for it to be added with some sort of identifier or someone at the top just edits a post and keep a running list, something like that. good, bad, thoughts?
  21. Excellent news, Lets get this going big time, Come on TT.....
  22. Thanks TT, nice to be here again but it does bring back old unpleasant memories!! But your and the help from the people on this site help was truly great, thanks again yeah, you are correct I think. I haven't got the time to sit and read it all the way through and tbh, i don't understand the legalese. this is the main problem with this, it will just fizzle out to a few hardened advocates, we need to bring this into format that everyone can easily read and comment on..... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and opportunity must be taken, a duty to all people that come on here in the past and future This needs to be done in such a way that people can feedback as best they can without having to read it, the doc is just too intimidating, people will stop and it will just get passed through without OUR contribution.. Think about everyone, the bailiff firms will throw a good bunch of fully trained solicitors at this and come up with a professional response. We will not be able to do that if our "responses" are here in a haphazard way. IT IS weighted in their favour atm if we do not go back with either our individual entries , which i think will be a low take up, it would better to have a group response or at least through some Yes, I think to make it easier, like TT says to break it down to thread for each area and the post in that making it easier to collate responses for each I think taking this idea further a new section should created called "Bailiff consultation Paper - Responses" with fixed stickies for the headings mentioned above that way it is prominent and in fixed place so people can get to it all time. Feedback can then be easily entered and collated by people for their own individual replies or group responses by TT/Fair Parking and such. You could even go a step further an have a sticky at the top of each with "bullet pointed listed points" as quick reference for new people inot that particular thread If it is a standard thread here it will get lost as new threads are posted. We cant miss this, lets get organised!!!!!! Comments/thoughts ...and i wanted a lie in! edit, brassnecked, u got in there first, great minds think alike.....
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