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  1. Thanks Dx, Andy, for your help WS emailed just now to both We shall see what happens Sew
  2. v2.0 up. lol More emphasis at the end to the 2 dodgy agreements Funnily enough as i was doing it I made notes in order of the exhibits and the issues with each but felt I had to follow the run of their claim & WS, should have stuck to that as a pattern for mine Witness SB v2.pdf
  3. Hi Guys, sorry I am late. I hope under LIP I can get this in today, was due last Thursday 4pm, 2 working days late, should be OK I hope I just couldn't face it Friday, too overwhelmed by the legalease and what to do then developed flu/cold with heavy covid cough over weekend and didn't feel up to it BUT been on it for last 90 mins and got right into the zone and found a couple of other cock ups by Lowells! Both agreements have the WRONG acct number on, couldnt believe i missed it! I led with my defence and then have tried aligning my against thei
  4. Hi, I've made a good start, 3/4 pages using my Def to start and some paragraphs from Andy's example on that Kearns thread, ive hit a bit of a block in regards to addressing their statement points and how to respond, getting a bit overwhelmed and taking a step away to think about it, I'm slowly getting there though. what bits to take out of my def, what to say in my individual replies to points and trying to understand the legal text in the points/texts. Ive had a few good ideas and will use them. I have other massive things going on outside of this and they're stopping
  5. OK, thank you, looking it all up now and will get something here in a while
  6. haha, omg, i'll give it a try, should be a right laugh...
  7. so no default notice for card 1 Nope. that's all there is is your name simply typeface and you signed up for these 2 card via an online portal? Yes and Yes, no sigs yes make notice that they have forwarded someone else's stuff, I will do so i believe there trumpeted letter of claim for each debt, that they carp on about as you ignoring each one are not in the correct format nor are entitled letter of claim, as they should bee. OK online agreements should hold some record of the ip address etc from the pc from which you used to gain the credit
  8. TBh, I dont know as Ive had no direct contact with the fleecers and passed it on to them, maybe fomr the orig docs or court docs? Yes, nice and late as expected Im working through thier witness statement now, redacting, etc, up soon
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been in away and came back to the 2nd attachment (NASCT) Sunday night. The first "GFJO" file attachment was from a few weeks back and I assume means the court is just asking the claimant to do somthing which I assume they did because of the 2nd attachment. I have just done a search on the forums for an example witness statement and found this, Could I use this to create mine using their Statement? I know it is very rough and need tayloring, etc I have just had by email the witness statement from Lowell, it is 75 pages long and has the
  10. Thanks Andy, if that is the case then ill just go with the Papers determination if its more or less the same and I get the chance to submit a statement, thank you
  11. hmm, yes. I guess there is a chance of a lottery with the paper hearing route, 50/50 or the judge goes with the path of least of resistance. After a bit of thought as well it seems to be the wrong way to go. I’ve not had a chance to defend and check their docs, they’ve not provided a response to any of my requests for documentation, like you all said they would, no surprise ofc. If I object and take it further then they will have to provide it I presume.
  12. hi Everyone I’ve have just received this after just being away in France, missed the first few days on the timeframe. Can confirm my understanding of it with anyone as I can’t see anything about providing a witness statement as you’ve mentioned above. They are basically asking me to agree and confirm by email by the 10th for the judge to do a decision without a hearing, yes? Due to COVID I suppose. Have I definitely missed the set aside opportunity (whether I should do it or not) due to my holiday or do I get a bit of leeway here? Ive not had
  13. Omg, my heart was pounding, lol. All done. She was nice but I think she knew what was going on. phew. Talk about anxiety
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