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  1. hello, I had a collison on christams eve. This was in my vehicle which my partner was driving. I am the policyholder and he is a named driver. The accident was not my partners fault however as there were no independent witnesses this is going seems to be 50/50 liability. We are currently disputing this, as the third party has lied throughout there statement, we have even produced evidence to prove this but still the solicitors do not seem bothered and are still pushing us for 50/50 . I know that this will mean my partner will only get 50% of his injury claim, but what im wanting to know is as a passenger/policy holder will this mean i also only get 50% of the injury claim? Surely as an innocent party my claim should not be halved?
  2. that was my intial thought, but cash always shows as DEP (i used to work at te bank). I will ring them later. Just didn't want to draw attention to it if you know what i mean ;-) lol
  3. Hey guys, you may or maynot remember a few months ago i was successful in claiming my charges back. To day however I checked my bank accounts and one of the balances was particualy high than it should have been. It was due to a deposit into my account under the refrence of OD charge refund. (overdraft im quessing) the payment ref for this was as CSH, apposed to DEP or TRF. Can anyone shed some light on what might have happened as im not sure if the bank has made a mistake? Is this money now mine???
  4. Yeh this was the full amount (though i felt it was a lot as they all incurred in the last 2 years). I sent my first letter asking for the refund Jan 25th, they kept to the 14 day reply period. They refused the first time, but the second letter seemed to do the trick.
  5. Today I got a letter back to say I was being refunded the £750.00 I had recieved in charges. I want to tell people to be persistant, and not to give you. And also to thank this forum, whom without I could not have done this, thanx for all your help.
  6. Today I had some good news, I have had a letter from Lloyds TSB agreeing to refund my charges. It only amounted to £750 over the past 2years but in my situation im in at the minute decided I could do with the extra cash. At first they refused to refund the charges, it was not until I sent a letter (used from the templates on this forum) explaining I would take legal action. Tbh i had forgotten about it as Iv been caught up in other this, and was expecting them to refuse again. From this I urge everyone trying to claim back charges to hang in there. I can honestly say Iv not been this happy in ages, I really feel with the extra money a weight has been lifted I want to thank this forum for being here to help as Its something i wouldn't have done without you.
  7. The washing label says not to tuble dry it. :-| So I dont want to risk doing something that could go against me, but thatk you anyway.
  8. I have found the receipt so will be going back to the shop tomorrow or tues. A £20 voucher was used with the purschase does this effect my options when returning? Also any advice on whst I should say to the shop assitant and approch the subject as I have never returned a faulty garment
  9. Yeh my partener bought it on his debit card, so if I cant find the receipt I will go to the bank (where I used to work ) and get them to give me something with proof of purchase. Thank you
  10. My partner bought me a O'neill jacket for winter just before christmas. I washed it for the first time today following instructions to wash it on a 40, I always check lables so I am not lying I definatley washed it as it stated. Anyway the polyester filling in the coat has gathered together making the coat usless. It is now like an empty bag rather than a padded jacket, with balls of filling through out. Im not sure if I still has the receipt. What are my rights and can I exchange or get a refund for this? I can take it back to the store but would like to know my rights before I do, any adivce would be of help. I am rather upset as it cost £110 and I have worn it 6 times maximum . Thank you Sarah
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