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  1. Hi, Apparently just passed to and not sold, althought they previouslt passed to good old Moorcroft who returned it to Nationwide after a previous letter cvoncerning non CCA compliance. This is a prior to April 2007 agreement so i guess as Nationwide have previously confirmed in writing that they have no records (circa 1989 conception) then i stick to non cca 1974 sect 78 compliance for the credit card. VOLVO
  2. Hi Brig PT2537 was one one of the major 'beneficial' advisors on CAG many years ago whose advice is still relevant to this day particualry with regard to CPR procedures and has had an impressive case load to the appeal court winning many cases for the underdog as many of us old timers would affirm. VOLVO
  3. only just caught up with your thread brassed off but so pleased for you. Just one nationwide credit card left for me. Hope you are still celebrating. Best wishes VOLVO
  4. Hi Dave, Long time no speak, but good luck with your current endeavours, Balloons for you if you are successful, just like the old days VOLVO
  5. Just recieved notice from CCS on Nationwide letterhead that account has been passed to CCS as nationwides agent to collect outstanding balance. Also, just recieved letter from CCS advising me to contact them to agree a repayment programme. Replied advising return account to Nationwide until they comply with my original CCA request VOLVO
  6. Institutions do just that, with cheques..... Volvo
  7. Hi dx I stopped paying around this time last year and sent them a cca request. VOLVO
  8. Hi dx Yes they have registered it with the CRA's. I have stopped payments and told them no payment until cca complied with. If i reclaim, does this acknowledge the debt? VOLVO
  9. Hi Lily Have yousent them a section s78 request under the Consumer credit Act 1974? VOLVO
  10. Hi Have a credit card from nationwide going back to 1988 and have sent them a section 78 cca with no success and they have stated no agreement available and sent t & c's which only relate to mid term of the credit card usage. However i have now been advised by moorcroft and nationwide that moorcroft have been asked to collect. Sent moorcroft a letter advising nationwide in default of my cca request and that they return account to nationwide. moorcroft have replied account on hold whilst they contact nationwide VOLVO
  11. I believe it suffices for s78 requests etc but you can still demand production for court hearing VOLVO
  12. Thanks Donkey and VJ A saga youre right but my solicitors will make a packet out of Cabot and i should be getting a few hundred quid for my troubles A relief really , just nationwide to resolve now... oh well VOLVO
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