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  2. Well every day gets better.Two more payments just in;one for £1000 and the other for £256. I am now only £207 adrift.I have also had charges of £214 this month which I have emailed Charles Bacon about so I will now sit back for a week or two then decide what to do.I'm off to buy a new dishwasher, as I have actually been washing up for the last two weeks!!!Quelle Horreur!!!
  3. Thanks everyone.Have sent email to Mr Bacon as follows Dear Charles Re: Claim No 6AS01502 Total amount on court claim form: Total charges over past six years:£4960.00 8% Interest under sec.69 of cc act 1984: £1009.15 Court Costs: 250.00 Totalclaim:£6219.15 Paid into my account yesterday 4 payments @ £950 1 payment @ £956.36 This totals £4756.36 According to my calculations this leaves a shortfall of £1462.79 I have phoned the courts to see what my next steps should be to recover this shortfall and they have told me to send this email to you and let them know your response.... I would also bring to your attention that this month a charge of £209 plus £5.08 interest will be charged to my account. May I ask for a refund of these charges in full. If these unlawful charges are not also refunded I will have no option but to take these to the court aswell which will again incur interest and court fees. Awaiting your response Yours sincerely Lorraine Miller Does this seem ok or do I sound a bit agressive...I'm really a very nice person...normally!!!
  4. What is the next step in fighting for the rest.Does anyone know?I have had no correspondance from them since the court claim was acknowledged and they said they were to defend it.
  5. Well, I really thought I would be the one test case where they decided I had really deserved all those charges and wouldn't get a penny back....I WAS WRONG!!!!! Last Night at 9pm I received back 4 amounts described as corrections of £950 each and a 5th amount of £956.36 totalling an amazing £4756.36!YIPPEE!! My claim was for £4960 plus £1009.15 interest plus £250 court costs so my calculations show a shortfall of £1462.79 which I will obviously be wanting back too.They are not getting away with any of my money now.I also have this months charges of £209 to claim back so will be sending an email to Charles Bacon this morning outlining this.Many thanks to all for help esp. Dolly and Davisc02.Cheers...Will be donating once all settled without hesitation, would have been almost impossible without the templates and advice,Thanks again.
  6. Just a quick message.My claim is for £4960 plus £1005 int @ 8%.I have taken in forms to court and got a claim number.Is it too late to add on this months charges?Ironic really , I haven't had any since May and then this month things go bad again.Got statement this morning saying charges of £209 plus £5.80 interest will be debited in the next 28 days. I know I have to wait till these are actually debited to add them on but is it worth an email to let them know I want these back aswell?Who to?Charles Bacon seems to be the answer to all these questions is it Him and whats his email address.Thanks anyone...
  7. Received Notice of Issue today(9th) will be deemed served on the 9th also.Defendant has until 25th to reply!!!1Counting every day...
  8. Hey Jodes, I'm with you all the way...xxx
  9. Way to go Jodes.I have sent off Toms second letter today.He only had two charges but it is the principle!!!! Lets go out when we get them all refunded...
  10. Thanks for support Dolly.What name was the £11K payout so I can read it? Ta very much.
  11. Well its quite a while since I wrote anything although I read everyone else's every few days. Got standard reply to LBA letter, basically saying you can't have received our first reply so here it is again... Now I have filled out my Court form N1 and have taken it in to local court today!!!! My claim was for £4960 but 8% interest took it to £5900 which meant my court costs also went up from £120 to £250.This is a shame. But decided to go for it anyway, you can't come this far and not carry on, although my family are all very sceptical and think I have just wasted another £250. Maybe I won't share the pickings with them...A holiday on my own would be very nice!! Will let you know if I hear anything or should I say WHEN I hear something. BE POSITIVE LORRAINE..
  12. Thanks for your reply.Good Luck with your claim too.Already deciding what to do with the money.I can smell it.... Although i did read yesterday a judge gave Nationwide eight more weeks to dispute someones amount as their figures differ.That is a bit disturbing.. Speak soon.
  13. Does anyone know why the charges can only be claimed back for the last six years.Has anyone tried going back further? Thanks
  14. Have received my first letter back from Nationwide saying they were allowed to charge all this money as its in the terms and conditions.this seems to be the standard answer; so I'm sending next letter tomorrow.Will find it in the library I presume.Anyone know what it is titled? Thanks a lot.
  15. Too bad on your disappearing overdraft!!I wrote a pleading letter when work was really slow coming in and their response was not to extend the overdraft temporarily, but to(yep you've guessed it)cut my overdraft back from £1100 to £800.REALLY helpful!!They are playing with us.Hadn't realised how bad they were till now; when you start realising they had no right to do it.We have all been at their mercy.NO LONGER. My letter was sent this morning Recorded Delivery.So Bring it on...
  16. Thanks a lot.Think I'll follow you and leave it at You Owe Me £4960(how wierd that we have almost the same amounts;I'm not proud of how much I have paid in charges,sometimes my finances were pretty erratic to say the least.But when you realise how much they took for so little effort, it makes me so angry as I really suffered over the years with extra stress when the charges went out.) Will decide on the interest rate at later stage.Good idea! Thanks again
  17. Do you think it would be acceptable to amend the prelim letter with one sentence after stating the exact amount of the claim as follows: I will be adding to this figure interest at the contractual rate at which Nationwide lends to its customers.? Would this suffice at this stage or will I have to list each charge and how much interest it would be and also the actual rate of interest.I haven't yet found out what this rate would be for the Nationwide and whether it would be authorised or unauthorised. Thanks
  18. Wow quite a read!!I have my 1st letter with the schedule of charges here ready to post, but now feel I should amend with the extra contractual interest which I will add if it goes to court.Why settle for 8% if you can get more?My feelings after reading the above thread were that if I intend claiming this higher rate(whatever Nationwides lending rate is)I need to tell them from the outset.So I will.If it doesnt go to court it is irrelevant anyway. Thanks a lot for all your help
  19. Thanks Davisc02.Not sure where I can read up on this, feel free to let me know tho.Or can I just wait till I get to that stage and come back to you as you seem to know what you are talking about.Good to know you're there. Thanks very much
  20. To be honest the interest listed over the six years on my statement amounts to only £142.11, while the charges are £4960. so for the sake of not taking it over the £5K limit I am just ignoring them.I think i can live with Nationwide earning that small amount from me over six years haha!!
  21. Brilliant.What an amazing site! Thanks so much for your reply...Here we go then
  22. Hi there everyone I have been reading the site for about a month now and am nearly ready to start my claim. I have a fairly complicated question... I already have my statements from the last six years, and have calculated the charges at around £5000. The question is, Do I put the whole amount in as one claim, bearing in mind that if it goes to the small claims court I will be adding on 8% interest and this will take it over the £5000 which is the maximum claim in the small claims court. I have been on the calculator on the site and calculated that the charges incl. 8% from 6 years ago until 6/10/2005 are £4900 or thereabouts.Shall I put this in as one claim and from 6/11/2005 to present as a second claim? Please advise...
  23. hey jodieB Lorraine M here.I am posting my own thread today so speak to you soon.way to go!!!
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