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  1. Afternoon all, I have 2 accounts with the halifax, one of my own, and one with the ex wife. Mine is overdrawn by 2k, and the joint one by nearly £500. Since my last claim, i have had about £900 of bank charges on my account, and the bank charges on the joint account are just over £500. The joint account hasn't been used for over a year, and we are now receiving letters apparently from the bank's solicitors about it. I say apparently, as I lost my job in october, so had to move out of my flat, and in with family, so I'm not getting any of the letters, just the odd comment from the ex-
  2. Jim J

    Overdraft revoked

    My main problem is that I've got funds due to go into my account later this week, and as from tomorrow my overdraft is revoked, so I'm worried I wont be able to access my money. I'm due to start a job next monday, so I can set that up to go into my other bank account. Think I'll have to ring them today to see what will happen, just wondering if its worth me withdrawing what little I have left in my account before then.
  3. Had a letter from the bank last week saying my £2000 overdraft will expire on the 3rd December, and I need to re-apply for it. As I've been struggling for work lately, I'm more or less up to my limit, and I've now had a letter saying my application has been rejected. So does anyone know what will happen next? Will I get massive overdraft charges while I'm still in the red? I've got a bit of work lined up to see me through xmas, but there's no way I can repay £2k
  4. Its very daunting. The reply back in post 16 was from the debt collection agency, looks like they've passed the debt back to next, and they've just gone for the court option.
  5. Well I've now recieved a letter from Northampton court, saying that Next are claiming the outstanding balance of £453, plus a court fee of £30, and solicitor's costs of £50, d'oh. Got the options of admitting all the amount claimed, only part of the amount claimed, or I can dispute it. Is it worth disputing as NEXT cant provide a signed CCA?
  6. I've now recieved a letter as follows: Dear Mr J I write to confirm that our client (Next Directory) has been unable to supply a signed credit agreement for you. We have therefore returned the payment you have made. (£1 postal order) we accept that under the Section 127 (3) of the consumer credit act 1974 this debt is therefore unenforceable via a court order. We must inform you however that the account still remains outstanding. It is our understanding that the goods which have been charged to your account have been ordered by and delivered to you. We can confirm therefore
  7. Well I requested a copy of my credit agreement, and today I have recieved a letter back saying: Dear Mr J Further to your recent correspondence, I write to confirm that we require a monthly repayment proposal you can afford and maintain to enable us to assist you further Yours sincerely ******** Now that to me sounds like they cant provide the credit agreement, and are hoping I'll settle with making a small monthly payment. Any advice for my next step? Cheers Jim
  8. Just another quick question, as I made a payment to Moorcroft with my debit card last week, could they try to take more payments with the card details i gave them?
  9. Thanks for the replies, so in short: Dont ring them tonight to pay anything, as I made a payment last night over the phone. Send them a letter explaining I wish all correspondance to be done via letters, and that I will be making a regular monthly payment of £50 to clear the outstanding debt.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply Maggieboo, I have no doubt about the amount which is owed, I just dont want any CCJs against my name. Now here is me being stupid, when is a CCJ applied to you? If I ring them tonight and offer to pay £100 a month for 5 months, can they reject my offer and start the court proceedings?
  11. Hi all, I've trawled for an hour trying to find an answer to my query, so here goes: I owed about £500 to the next directory, but after me and the ex split up, I wasn't passed any of the monthly statemants from her, and now 6 months on, I've got a letter from a debt collection agency. I spoke to them last night, Moorcroft I think, and I asked if I could spread the payments over about 6 months. The lad I spoke to was a complete arse, and he said I could only pay half now, and half next month. I said I'd have to check funds available, and call him back tonight. This is when he rea
  12. Hi Ben, When I made my claim, I too had recieved notification that they would be making another charge within the next few days, plus another at the end of the month. I included mine, and they paid up, in fact I think I even managed to claim back some charges which they had cancelled, but thats another story. So, I did, but not sure whether you should. Hope that helps, Jim.
  13. Finally, the money is in my account this afternoon. Thank you very much to all involved in this site. Please could a MOD change my title, and move this into the WON forum. Will do the survey and make a donation tonight. :D:D
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