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  1. Thank you for replying renegadeimp. Have CCa'd the lovelies but received a bog standard reconstituted agreement - no signature/etc.. Is it a next step to sending original catalogue a SAR request? How do i proceed in finding out if these DCA's actually have any documentation to support their 'legal' lies? Thank you.
  2. Hi guys. Catalogue debt (applied online in 2005) of £4000 when defaulted due to personal circumstances in 2013. Been with Capquest since. Was paying after agreement but, after receiving a 'you have not paid we will take you to court' letter 6 months into (the fully honoured by myself) agreement I stopped paying and challenged them. Since then heard nothing until recently. Sent CCA but received a reconstituted agreement (typical no sig/dodgy T&C's). Now debt is showing at more than 5000 than original default sum on credit file! Question: what is my next st
  3. Have a £768.23 debt originally from Cap One credit card. Stopped paying when I lost my job. This has been sold to Lowells who have been sending me the usual threatening letters, indispersed with discount offers for a few months now. They have now sent a 'Pre-legal Assessment' letter which informs me that they know I am working, a home owner, and service other debts. They also state that they are willing to accept whatever amount I suggest for a 'repayment plan' but would go down the Court route if they do not hear from me. Advice on how best to proceed woul
  4. Thank you very much - makes for interesting reading...
  5. Thank you all for replying. Dx - no, phone spoof - just caught me when the family were going through a particularly vulnerable time. Will definitely send a SAR off to Very - I bet there are charges a plenty! Should I contact Capquest to remind them that I have a written agreement? Can I complain to any 'official' body regarding their harassment? Family just starting to get back on our feet - really don't want this to be hanging over our heads too. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Have a written payment agreement with Capquest to pay £50 per month for a Very catalogue debt with an outstanding balance of £5472.14 which I have paid faithfully since they purchased the account in October 2013. Out of the blue they have sent me a letter snappily titled 'Letter of claim under the practice Direction - Pre-action Conduct'. Confused and concerned about this and would very much appreciate advice as to how to proceed. Pretty sure the catalogue account is pre 2007. Should i forward a CCA request asap? Should I acknowledge receipt of their
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