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  1. Update. I know this is my fault but I let TSB decide the speed of the complaint. Letter after letter was sent, telling me how they’re looking into the complaint and finally it’s been closed as far as they’re concerned. The outcome? Well, apparently these accounts are still mine. What a surprise. I’ve just contacted the Ombudsman and they’re are looking into whether they can investigate or not. It’s seems it’s a bit of a grey area due to me claiming not to be the consumer. TSB’s complaint team are absolutely appalling. I genuinely feel they’re trying their luck in terms of palming me off. They’ve clearly not looking into the complaint in detail as I’ve proven I didn’t live at the registered address.
  2. Good point and I was thinking along similar lines - taking a more active approach investigation.
  3. I think I will dx, thanks. I’m really annoyed at how little they care and the arrogance of the person who looked into this issue especially considering the reason I’ve contacted them.
  4. Accordingly to TSB’s Senior Operations Manager the account is mine. Not only that but 5 others are mine as there are also 5 savings accounts. Funny how I managed to forget about them. I think it’s fair to say they dedicated about 10 minutes looking into this. Now I have to appeal the decision by repeating what I said on Saturday. I’m not trained to the same level as their Ops Manager but surely the accounts being opened 3 years after leaving the address and being opened very close to each other should have set off alarm bells somewhere.
  5. I’ll keep the thread updated. Hopefully it will be sorted out eventually. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Will do. Looks like whoever opened it has finished with it now as well. There’s no deposits since April. Just can’t understand why they would do it. I associate bank fraud with loans to gain money.
  7. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice. I recently opened up a noodle account and noticed that a TSB account of some sort had been opened in my name. I think it was a loan as there have been monthly payments and now has a balance of £0. I know I should have checked sooner but in the past we used ones like Experian mainly for our credit score. Here are more details anyhow. The account was opened approx 3 years after we left the address it is registered at in 2014. There have been regular payments into the account/loan and everything other than it being false, seems ok. Payments stopped in April of this year and is marked up to date as of the end of April. Not sure how they managed to get my details as we had a redirect on for the mail and quickly notified people of our change of address etc. but something got through or left behind in the move. I’ve contacted the bank and have been given the number for their fraud department and have also marked the account as disputed on noodle. What I would like to know is what steps should I take to make sure this account is dealt with appropriately. Thanks and any questions that might help let me know. Spoke to their fraud department and it’s a current account, not loan etc. They’ll investigate and send me a letter in 10 days detailing what evidence was used to open the account. They’ve stopped the account and put a note on it.
  8. Thanks for the tip ericsbrother. The problem is pretty basic and I'm not asking the world so here's hoping they make their decision right the first time
  9. We're not in a position as of yet to leave but as soon as we can we will. Yet another letter this morning from past due threatening to add fees to the account if I don't agree something with them, despite me asking the ombudsman to ask NPower to stop harassing us. EDIT: just re read the letter and they've actually added fees to the account.
  10. Not sure if this is new, it's been a while since we've had to actually order a new card prior to a new one being automatically sent to us. My wife visited the bank yesterday to do some over the counter stuff. The person could not read her card so ordered a new one for her. Unknown to is this rendered her current card unusable. Called this morning thinking it would be a simple matter of unblocking an incorrectly blocked card but no. Apparently it was not an accident and she cannot use the card now until the new one comes. It's ok though according to the guy she spoke to as we have 2 cards with it being a joint account. Just got to figure how to have mine appear in 2 locations at the same time.
  11. Thanks batman. Just a quick update while I'm here. The complaint is now with the ombudsman, however it hadn't stopped NPower getting BCW group to chase me up with a letter and threat of a home visit! Needless to say that won't be happening.
  12. UPDATE: I have just been informed that it is not now due to me not sending in the I&E form that they cannot spread the debt over a longer period (despite me having my online conversation still to hand and a final letter both stating it was) it is now because my wife 'agreed' to the payment plan in that call back in July. If you remember that call involved my wife asking if it could be spread over a longer period and being told NO so was forced to accept the one and only offer available. So it looks like my wife was rail roaded into accepting this repayment plan after being specifically told there was no other option when in fact there was. And they have not even set up a DD yet. I have been in contact with Laura for weeks and this has only just come up, now that they they have received my I&E form. Can anybody else smell that... People of note Mark H - ignores important questions and as Head of Complaints is a joke. Laura (online support) - pretends she can help so that anyone visiting the facebook page is mislead but falls way short. This has also been mentioned by other posters. Elizabeth G - feels it OK to rush a deadlock letter out claiming they cannot offer an extended repayment plan due to no I&E form only for the reason to change later. Also lies in her deadlock letter.
  13. Having major issues with the children at NPower. I thought I would share it for some advice and so that others can see how they treat customers. Basically we ran into some arrears a few months back. This was due mainly to them not billing us, to which we had a letter stating this and many DD not being registered that we tried to set up during this time. After each failed DD we kept contacting them regarding the DD but were ignored until we made a formal complaint to which we then had the debt spread over a longer period and some money added to the account as a goodwill gesture. This goodwill gesture they keep throwing back at us as though this new period of incompetence should be accepted by us. Anyway, fast forward to more recent times and we fell behind with the arrangement to which I apologised and wanted to set up another payment plan now our situation was better. That is when the nightmare began resulting in NPower well and truly throwing their toys out of the pram. This is the story so far: My wife called the call centre on 11 July 2015, hoping to clear the matter up and after waiting around 2 and a half hours after once being cut off got transfered to some sort of specialist department for payment plans. At around 5.10 she got through to someone and explained our situation and asked if there was any posibilty of having the debt spread over a longer period than 36 months and was told no, not at all. Fearing that they would enter our house as per the letter she agreed to the higher repayment with the view to appealing it. That and there was no other option. So when my wife was ready to set up a direct debit, guess what happened next? The person refused to set up the DD telling my wife she had to go away and think about it. Given that we were only given one option what was there to think about? No amount of asking made her change her mind. Still worried my wife called the department again hoping for someone else. This time she went through on a number she was given by the previous person, so no waiting. This time the guy refused to do the DD because his computer had broken. However, he had told my wife that he was the only person there meaning 2 things -1) that there were plenty of computers for him to log onto and 2) that the previous person who my wife had spoken to had finished her shift and this would explain why she was reluctant to do any more work that evening. Eventually after much persuation he set up a DD on his manager's computer - only he did not. I then sent a letter of complaint to them and learnt later in the week that the last person my wife spoke to had not set up a DD debit. It seems that when my wife called that Saturday that he was also due to finish his shift due to the department closing some 20 minutes later and had no intention like his team mate of setting up a DD. A 3rd call was made yet still no DD was set up. I received a reply to my complaint via post where we were simply directed back to the same department if we wanted the debt spread over a longer period and no attempt at all was made to address issues such as were there any fees added to the account as the letter stated would be if we did not get in touch. Our fear is that if they have not done their job right would it look like we had not contacted them. This is has been asked 3 times now and ignored by 3 departments meaning the quesion has been ignored 9 times in total. I then asked for the complaint to be escalated and after waiting for a few weeks decided to chase this up as well as the other issue. This is when I was informed that instead of escalating the complaint it was closed down and they would reopen the complaint. I explained at this point I was well within my rights to take the comaplaint to the ombudsman. He also made reference to the 'accounts' and as we only have the one to our knowledge I asked him to clarify what he meant by accounts and by default I asked the following departments to clarify this situation. To this date no one has clarified this and we are unaware of whether there is one account still or whether another one post my complaint had been opened as well. At this point I decided to contact the online team. From the conversations on there it seems that it is regular for them to not set up direct debits and to cancel complaints half way through as well as many more serious complaints. I repeated my request for the debt to be spread over a longer period as it had been before and was advised to send in an Income and Expenditure form. I was hoping that in regards to all the rubbish I had endured they would push it through with out but they would not. I also found them to be very evasive. I asked them to confirm their compaints procedure as I was a bit concerned by my previous complaint being closed down. Initially they refused and it was not until Monday I was sent a link. I think she realised she was in the wrong and sent it. Last Monday I sent in the I&E form but I also reveived a dead lock letter from Elizebath Gibson which did not give me the time to send in the I&E anyway. Everyone concerned has given me the opinion that unless I send in an I&E form the best that they can do is spread the debt over 36. Now that it is sent in they are claiming I can no longer spread the payment over longer. There was some issues regarding them receiving it and despite being told I had the correct email address I have had to send it 3 times. 2 times to the wrong address that I was told was the correct one and then not the correct one and once today to a working one. I was also told over the phone yesterday that once received it will go to the same departement that I complained about to be considered for the longer repayment period and when I called today as instructed to see if the email had gotten through I was given the different email address. So many different stories. With some hope I contacted the online team as advised by todays call and explained the confusion. The confusion being when they decided I could no longer have the debt over a longer period I was unaware that the form had not gone through. I told them it had been resent and can we look at it all afresh. They are still standing by their decision to no longer offer me this. This being the 36 months, metre or sending in the I&E form. However, it appears now that they are even refusing to take a look at the I&E form. Somethind I also noted in Gibson's deadlock letter. She is claiming that I declined to have a meter installed. This is a lie. It was mentioned a couple of times by the online team however I did not reply to it as I chose, if you like, the option of sending in the I&E form. Sorry about the long post guys.
  14. I can imagine. Getting in touch is a nightmare. They're usually spot on with the refunds. This time however the money we paid for the entire shop got refunded back to our account then went out again a week later. This happened a day or so after I called to report the missing items. We didn't get any emails about the refund as we usually do and looking on the internet it appears that this isn't likely to be because of the initial attempt to refund but seems to be definitely causing the following attempt to refund to fail. I suggested this to the third person I spoke to who confirmed there was a problem and I'll get a call back that day…still waiting for that. I'll give that email ago and thanks for providing it. I don't expect any action but we will see. I looked at the Facebook option but its one of those pages where you can't post or contact them via pm (never a good sign). All you can do is reply to their posts but they are soon swamped so probably not checked by the social media team.
  15. Thanks for the reply. The number I've called so far has been free plus also the emails. I also informed them about 10 minutes after I received the delivery. It's not a massive amount but if they short deliver a lot of people to the amount of £5.20 they can make some decent profit.
  16. Does anyone have a UK contact number/email for ASDA home shopping? I have been trying to get a refund on items missing from our shopping delivered 29 Sept but no one seems to want to do it and it's getting a bit silly now. I've called the number 3 times now and still no refund as well as using the online form and just had a call today from the most unhelpful woman based in South Africa who refused to let me discuss my wife's account unless I answered security correctly - which I did (they needed the email address on the account and my wife has just the one and they claim it's not the one, but it is as I have just checked it). This is despite me being the only one in contact with them and even calling me on my own mobile phone. Hopefully I can get some sort of contact from someone in the UK as after 2 failed refunds and suspecting the person on the 3rd call was simply trying to get rid of me when he said someone will call me back - I'm starting to get a little fed up. Thanks Lee
  17. Just tried to contact npower but they have a wait time of over 1 hour! I thought I would try and get some info here first. we have a letter today from them. Very polite, apologising for not getting in touch sooner about a bill. The problem is that we have been trying to pay the bill. My wife has tried numerous times to set up a direct debit without success. The system will just not set them up for some reason, despite everything looking ok from our side. She has also sent several complaints regarding this issue. She has paid some of the bill via direct transfer, but, sometimes we forget, as nearly everything else is set up by DD. Now, we expect the bill to be quite big as this has been going on for some time. I'm just wondering what options we have. I've read about the back billing which might be a defense here, but if not, what are our options? Bearing in mind we have tried over and over to set up DD and complained about not being able to on many occasions with no reply. Thanks Lee.
  18. Well. The plot thickens. When we moved into the address we were definitely being billed by 2 companies. One for gas and one for electricity. And there was definitely one pre payment meter. British Gas are saying that when we moved in they provided BOTH gas and electricity and both meters were installed in 2008, a year or so after we moved in and had been using this other pre payment meter. Really confused now.
  19. Sorry, should have been more specific. Pre payment meters were installed at the address.
  20. Does that include leaving a property in debt? Not that we intentionally did that as by the time we left there were meters for both gas and elec and we thought we were up to date. Also. If they are the supplier that had a meter in from the beginning and were also billing us seperate then we didn't owe anything to begin with. In fact. They'd owe us wouldn't they if they are chasing the previous bills they issued despite is having a meter. Just thinking aloud here.
  21. So, someone has finally contacted is. Now, they're claiming that the bill is for another address. Not the house we moved into after, but one after that. This would fit into the time frame, but this is where things get a bit more interesting. The details sent to me by Advantis carried the BG logo and came in the form of an email attachment so wasn't a case of Advantis making a massive mistake. Not sure what to do now. There was a problem at this address. Basically elec and gas was supplied by 2 different companies. One supplier was via a meter already there and one was via normal billing. Somehow however, not sure how but the provider that had the meter kept sending us statements claiming time after time that we didn't have a meter. The meter was working correctly and we topped up as normal. We eventually got them to admit we had a meter and they sent us a letter stating as such and that the bills that had somehow managed to be run up we're not owed. My wife is pretty sure that was BG but we don't have the letter.
  22. Sent an email Friday with the update and informing them that I'm utterly disappointed with the service. I think they've washed their hands of it now as they have completed the complaint as described by me. The SIM request is additional, when they advised me to call if I no longer had the SIM. As a matter of fact she seemed a little impatient when I informed her that, according to her colleague, none of the actions she said she had done had actually been done. Almost like it was my fault her colleague was clueless lol. I have received a credit of £90 (the outstanding bill) as a gesture of good will regarding their poor customer service up to that point. More fool me to think it was all over. It would be quite straight forward to just call and have them send it again but I'm at the point where I dread talking to them due to pass experience because I'm more than certain it will be another head ache!
  23. Just an update… So…finally was contacted by someone after emailing the executive department or whatever they call themselves. A big sign that both the customer service and complaints department failed as it should have been dealt with lower down the line. I was told that the account had been credited and to call to set up payment details. Now this is where the plan failed. When calling the general customer service you are more than likely to be put through to some useless and incompetent person posing as some sort of customer service person. They told me the account was still in debt and that the money had not been credited. On top of that I had to call the DCA and tell them that the account had been returned to Orange. I bet no one has done that before and they would believe me 100% So I went back to the person dealing with the complaint who basically confirmed that I had got through to another idiot at Orange and to call them again (the main number staffed by poorly trained people) as I needed a new SIM. Did that and still waiting for the SIM over 3 weeks later.
  24. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any dealings with complaining to BG? Just wondered how long to leave it before chasing it up.
  25. Complaint sent. See what their reply is. Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: the more I look into this the more confusing it is. Advantis have given me the above dates but the attachment from BG gives the 'Original date of Issue' as 25 June 2008.
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