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  1. My question to anyone who can help is this we received the keyfact from our mortgage company Abbey but did not get the keyfacts from the mortgage broker Bridgewater House UK Limited and they have made charges of in excess of £6029.00. They say we signed the a customer survey which we did but it did not specify whose keyfacts we were signing to say we had recieved when questioned the broker said it was in relation to the keyfacts we had received which were from Abbey. Can I claim back these charges as I was unaware is there not an FSA regulation that they have to provide keyfacts before a mortgage is complete?:confused:

  2. Well finally scraped enough money together to pay the court fee so sending my N1 off today I know I am a little late but times have been hard and reading the other threads there is hope to get the stay lifed

  3. Thanks got a little down harted when the thought of having to wait for a year for my money, when you have finished bashing natwest on the noggin pass the hammer on for the rest of us to have a go boy would that be something to write home about, cant wait to go to court as know most of the District Judges seem to be on the side of the customers not the bank, so getting my money back will be the best bashing we can give them:cool:

  4. Well got a letter from the bank basically saying they are not going to settle until the outcome of the court case with the OFT so have sent my LBA and will get my N1 filled in ready to send in 14 days as not much chance of an offer coming through

  5. Just seen the news this morning on BBC say the banks are being taken to court and that no claims will be settled until the outcome of the hearing which could be next year!!! Do we keep going is it worth applying to the court if the banks are just going to apply for a stay of action until the outcome of the High Court Hearing, any suggestions. :confused:


    yep I thought the puddy cat was cute too



  6. Well Well (drum roll) sent a letter back with a cheque for £5 said I thought it was a bit cheeky as I had already paid the £10 to them and low and behold the statements came and they refunded the £5.


    Try sending a letter saying you are enclosing the payment but point out that you have already paid for this service it may work!!!!!!!


    Sending my prelim letter today so will report back in 14 days well due to postal strike may give them an extra couple of days

  7. dont worry I will,


    looking at the other banks it seam Nat West is not the only one not supplying the statements my nephew still hasn't got any from Barclays, but the HSBC have settled his claim out of court and only offered him £20 less than what they had taken in charges.


    guess we are with the wrong bank!!!

  8. Got a letter from Nat West they want another fiver think its a buddy cheak but if it means I get my statements then will pay it and claim it back

  9. Did not get my bank statements well not all of them so have sent the following letter asking for the rest in 7 days will let you know what happends


    Dear Sir/Madam


    Account: xxxxxxxx


    I am in receipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my Data Protection Act information request dated 14.04.2007. The disclosure of personal data is incomplete in that at least the following documents are missing.


    1) You have failed to provide a complete list of transactions and charges. Bank statements from 05.04.2001 to 16.10.2002.

    Accordingly, I have to tell you that you have not yet complied with your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.


    If you do not comply within the next 7 days I shall seek a Court order obliging you to do so together with damages at the discretion of the Court and without any further notice.



    Yours faithfully

  10. Could any one tell me what I do if half the bank statements do not turn up it has been over 40 days now and still got just over 12 months bank statements missing

  11. Got SOME of my bank statement asked for the last six years and only got them till 2002 so at least two years missing, do they usually play silly beggers and only send part of what you asked for, will write again and go into my local branch to find out where the rest are.

  12. Well I rang Barclays and spoke with Krysta she said she had passed my details onto a Paul Quinn telephone number 0207 116 5634 who was working in date order and was only dealing with the 6th May court dates today so if my maths are right a letter should come out to me on Thursday and could I call him back if I had not heard from him by the 30th April.


    He sounded very fed up and told me they were inundated with emails and letters at the moment I wonder why!!!

    Did feel a little bit sorry for them but when I saw the news of how much money they are spending alamgamating with the Dutch bank it went right out the window.

  13. Hi Conni


    Just been reading your threads, cannot believe it's been going on so long.


    Really need some advice, trying to claim back charges from Barclays, LBA deadline is on Thursday and have heard nothing from bacnk since they sent me a letter acknowledging my first 14day letter with their usual ' we wil repsond to you in 8 weeks according to the FSA rules'. i called them on tues stating that I would have no choice but to file a claim on friday and they said sorry but reiterated the same rubbish as in the letter above. Do I file a claim on friday? or can I wait until monday, if so will delaying it hinder my claim?





    Hi Saxonlim


    Stick to your deadline you gave them 14 days if they have not responded then file the claim delaying your claim will not hinder you but if you do stick to the dates then they know you mean business

  14. Thanks for the lovely warm welcome, will keep you updated but in reading some of the other posts it is going to be some time before my next post as they seem to take some time in sending out the statements, but my local branch is very friendly and helpful, we support the same football team!

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