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  1. Welcome! If you need any help just shout!
  2. Hi, not sure if you have finished your story or whether there is another instalment to come. It would be much easier to follow your story if you keep it all together in one post Welcome to The Consumer Action Group, I do hope you can solve the above problem with other users help and knowledge. If you need any help or advice just post it here! If you are new to forums a good link in helping to explain how to make posts can be found here http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o.uk/forum/welcome-our-forum/13182-how-make-posts.html
  3. Can you start your own thread please? thanks
  4. eXCELLENT letter Gary! Really well written, insteresting to see if you get any kind of response to it! I have a claim against lloyds for £35.00 that has reached allocation stage, can you believe it!! The sheer arrogance of these people and the pure intent to waste court time and resources must be stopped! Keep us informed
  5. It doesnt matter if you changed your name or not. as long as all documentation is in the same name....it will only complicate matters if you start using your married name....of course if you wish payment to be made into an account or by cheque which carries your maiden name, you will need to let them know, but a simple copy of your cert will sort that out. Best of luck and congrats!
  6. Steven can you pm bankfodder with this information please? I do believe you have a duty to return it and cannot withhold it for any reason. You need to seal them and put his name and address on them and bring them into your local branch telling them what has happened. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Karn! I may well take you up on your offer to scan over my reply when I get to it!
  8. Off his own dear back Gary! Fantastic arent they? I am very pleased! I have already been having a nosey at your thread and borrowed stuff lol...i was going to ask...honest! Thanks!
  9. Update: Notice of Allocation to Small Claims Track (hearing) received this morning. The district judge, has considered the statements of case and allocation questionaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track.The judge has approved the case to be listed in a "back to back" small claims list.This is where large numbers of cases are block listed at 10am before a number of judges. The reason this has been done is to give you the earliest hearing available. Whilst this system allows us to give you an earlier date, it does mean that your case may not be heard until the afternoon. The hearing of the claim will take place at XXX on 21st Feb at XXXX County Court and shoudl take no longer than one hour.The Court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date The claimant shall by the 15th Jan file and serve: **Copies of any statements or documents relied upon as showing that each and every charge repayment of which is sought has been made. **A statement of claimants own evidence, if such is to be relied on as tending to show that the alleged charges have been made or that they are irrecoverable as penalties. The defendant by the 12th Feb file and serve a response to the listr of charges claimed by the claimant. stating in respect of each item claimed: **Pursuant to what contractual provisionn such charge was made, producing a coy of contractual document relied **Whether such charge is accepted to be a penalty and if not, why not. **If such charge is alleged to be a pre estimate of the defendants loss incurred by the claimants actions, whether or not such action is to be treated as a breach of contract between the parties, all facts and matters intended to be relied upon as showing such is a proper estimate of such loss. and all evidence to be adduced as trial as to what is the true cost of dealing with the matter was. This order has been made by the court by its on initative without hearing the parties or giving them an opportunity to make representations. Any party affected by the order may apply to have it set aside. varied or stayed. Such an application is to be made not later than 7 days after the date on which the order was served on the party making the application. So there we have it
  10. £200 in full and final? What else are you looking for? I think that is a fair settlement tbh and I would guess any judge would agree.
  11. Is this the same account that is in dispute re bank charges? I would first try and call them, backing up whatever you say on the phone in a letter, and try to reason with them regarding the reason you couldnt pay your £60 this month. Try that first.
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