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  1. Well finally I got through all the bull s**t and got a result. Would rather not say what the result was here due to 'confidentiality' but I am sure you can read between the lines! Thanks to everyone who helped and gave advice...
  2. I got the letter from the court (can't off-hand remember the form) with the citibank defense attached indicating they would defend in court. The following day I got the letter direct from Citibank with the offer to settle out of court.
  3. Sounds like the same letter I got however they offered to pay the 'full' amount (actually 45 pounds less) so I am going to send another letter back saying I will accept if they re-submit their offer with exactly the full amount I demanded.
  4. Well, Citibank sent me another letter today 'Without prejudice Save as to costs' to settle the 'whole of [my] claim'. So, I could either just accept the amount they offer (800 ukp) or up the anti and re-submit my claim for the full amount and see what they do next. I think I will send another breakdown of the costs, this time including *all* of the charges to the court, copied to Citibank and see what happens. I feel a little better today
  5. Pretty certain about the spelling. I did double check it since it is such an unusual name.
  6. My claim against Citibank has been transferred to my local court in Reading. I presume that Citibank cannot now get it changed to Salford? By the way their defense letter was signed by a 'Helena Forsgardh Alstrup, Lawyer for the Defendant' Strewth...
  7. I made my claim on-line and there does not appear to be a way of amending the amount claimed. Is it possible (desirable) to put in the new amount in the 'further information' section of the Allocation Questionnaire? I note that the court does not require me to attach all relevent information at this point (for example the breakdown of the charges) although I can provide that later. Also, if I send a further breakdown of the additional charges to Citibank will this be deemed by the court to be further negotiations and hence cause a delay in the proceedings? I feel sick to the stomach tonight having discovered my mistake.
  8. My absolutely stupid mistake was that when I printed out all the scanned in bank statements for some reason it only printed the first page of each statement! Hence I missed half the charges. I could kick myself!
  9. Well, I thought i was doing so well. I took it right up the the final stage, filed my claim and it was registered with the County Court. I have until the 13th Dec to complete and return the allocation questionnaire. Citibank have filed a defence. The main points being (shortened by me) 4. They deny the charges levied are unenforceable by common law. They were levied under a liqudated damages clause. 6. They levied default fees as per the Terms and Conditions. 7. The claim is based on the OFT statement on unfair fees. This only applies to credit cards and not bank charges. However I truly screwed up (I still have to understand how) in that they claim I 'voluntarily breached the Agreement no fewer than 54 times' whereas I calculated it at 26 times. My claim was for 580.00 ukp but they calulate the default fees at 1130 ukp They assert that by me only claiming for half the amount that was the total for the default fees I am basing my claim entirely on the OFT statement (presumably where they demanded that charges be halved for credit card companies). So. It is still possible to modify my claim to include all the debits, upto 1130 ukp or have I screwed myself. Do I admit that I made a mistake totalling up all the charges or should I put in a second claim for the remainder? Advice please.
  10. oops, modified my post at the same time you responded!
  11. A more methodical check of my bank statement shows #580 for Citybank alone! I now have a spread-sheet. On to the next step. I was worried initially about how to calculate interest on this #580 sitting in their bank account rather than mine for 3-6 years but I found out indirectly from one of the standard letters that it is up-to the court to suggest a suitable amount so that makes things a little easier.
  12. Hi everyone. Found my way here from the Fool web site. I was a (lower case) fool for some years and I have the bank and credit card statements to prove it :o One advantage I seem to have to getting this started is that I have been scanning all my documents, credit card slips, bank statements etc. for the last 7 years or more. I knew that one day they would come in useful I can't say that I had lots of bank charges, perhaps 400-600 pounds or so (still have to work methodically through my statements) but I want to claim them back just for the hell of it. CityBank. #300 Lloyds TSB. Credit card. #100 Royal BOS credit card. #200 Just a thought. This is money I never expected to get back, even. If everyone who used the resources on this site were to donate 2% to 5% of what they recover I am sure that it would make a big difference.... Anyone else want to pledge to donate 5%?
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