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  1. ofcourse it will benefit shareholders to but dont be so cyncial. just becuase the banks win doesnt mean customers have to loose
  2. I work for the halfiax and can honestly as an employer they are great. and they are making huge internal changes in how they operate which in the long term will benifit the customers
  3. If thats the case why hasent Mick been dealt with , he has personally insulted several people on this thread , me included.
  4. I suggest this thread be closed Mick clearly thinks he knows best and is dishing out insults to anybody who suggests otherwise.
  5. Ok i work for hbos. and have read most of this thread , (although not that last post mick, one work PARAGRAPHS it hurts my eyes) issue one , NI number on your statement, as has been said before this refference is put there by the DWP and changing it would eb considered fraud , if your that sure the halifax is in the wrong seek legal advice and see how far you get. issue two. the halifax does normally send a thankyou for your email . email after sombody has fowarded a susspecting phising email, I know this from personal experiance as i get them myself all the time . so you must of used the wrong address. issue three. Adress change , its actully quite normal for the halifax to send a confirmation letter to the old address, this is considered additinal secuity and a heads up to the account holder if its fraud. and although you can change your address using the online form if the new address cant be verified electronically you will be asked to go into a branch with ID. and clearly there is an issue of some sort with the address change and this should be being investigated by the halfiax. as should teh fraud , but please bear in mind that ulimatly the halifax fits teh bill for any fraud on your account as its in there intrest to make things as secure as possible and get whoever was responsable so please just calm down, stop ranting over things the halifax is not responsible for and let them investgate the real promblem properly another word of advice if you want the halifax's help in getting this sorted as quick as possible for you. be as nice as you can becuase people who are being yelled at are less likly to go the extra mile for the person doing the yelling.
  6. i dident mean by a brach vist ,somtimes companys employ people to promote there credit cards , (ive been stoopped at the theater a few times by mbna) either at events or by literally stopping them in the street. these forms are like mailer's so thats why the halifax would call them a mailer , i dont think they have a seprate cataegory for this type of application ,
  7. just a random idea on the application form , was it filled in by one of those people with clipboards , you some times see them places doing promotions or stopping people in the street, they generally fill in the application form for you. and you sign it, this would be treated by the bank as a mailer becuase its the same sort of form , and it would explain why its not in your handwriting ,
  8. The only trouble is that if the sort code and account number were infact valid for a Natwest account, if thats the case the money would of been paid in there, If this happend there are 2 options either Barclays can do a recall of funds if this isent possible then thy need to get natwest to write to the 3rd party explaining the mistake and then ask for there permission to remove the funds , Remember this was not Barclays error so i cant see a LBA being much use ,
  9. Sorry , Does the letter with the agreed settlement figure on it , have a date by which it is vaild till , (standard pratice would be 30 days)
  10. it would depend , Does the letter have a valid till date on it ?
  11. Ok i know for a fact, if you can produce that letter , and prove its what you paid , even if it was a mistake bos will honor it. so phone them up. (rebate of charges normally just means the intrest rebate when you pay a loan off early)
  12. basicaly when a dd is cancelled by the bank (not by the customer with the bank, but by the bank itself) a block code is put on auddis which needs to be removed by the bank before the dd can be set up again, (ive yelled at lots of bank staff about this so it seems to be little known information) if a dd is canclled by the bank at the customers request then they can set up again as they wish to, but that needs to be done with the company the direct debit was going to ,
  13. mm i wonder would the 2 days to and its counted as being delivered thing apply here,
  14. I hate to be the one to break this to you. but the average bank worker doesnt give a S**t if you have claimed back charges or not , after all its the amount of accounts opened thats targeted . and show me one example as to why the account wouldent be opened without prevous bank details and i am willing to bet very large sums of money theres a explaination for it ,
  15. Jon and what type of information do you think they are exchanging? exactly what use do you think your bank details are to them? When opening accounts its a ice breaker of agents to ask why there chaging accounts.(you know conversation im sure you have heard of it) as for asking for bank account numbers , well there is a small thing called a direct debit transfere form, which is a form to change all your direct debits over, so yes they will ask for you details to do that with your full consent.
  16. Anyway does it make any diffrence, you dont incur charges by staying within your limit
  17. they wont follow you abroad, however they will be waiting for you when you get back. even after 6 years . they dont come off your credit file , they just get written off by the company you owe,
  18. just out of intrest, where did you send the sars ect as i think that might be causing the confussion
  19. The court told me they hadent had a acknowledgement, but i got one anyway 3 days late , trust me that letter could save you about 6 weeks if barclays go for a set aside
  20. i would advise sendng barclays this letter if they dont acknowledge by the end of today. it may save you a lot of hassle in the long term. Dear Sir/madam You have not filed a defence for claim number xxxxxx xxxxx county court, and the time to file a defence has now passed. I am writing to give you one finale opportunity to make full payment of £xxx If I have not received payment in full by 4pm (1 week from now) will enter Judgement in default.
  21. thats the same message ive been getting for ages . and i really wanted them to.
  22. In short if you were aware of cost involved no. some shoes are more expensive than others but that doesnt give the right t sue after buying them does it However if you were told you had to have the cover that is a mis sale and you should go with that, because it has always been what we call non complaint to inform a customer that the cover is mandatory.
  23. Nobody has been more worried over these claims than me. However it is possible to do yourself and everybody here is more than happy to help at every single little detail
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