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  1. Well it was just a guess but then I knew there was a reason I'd stopped coming on this site quite as often as I used to. Nothing wrong with my maths.... I do have 2 A-Levels in it which is more than most people!!! Not that my post contained any form of mathematics anyway
  2. Take the interest off. You can only ask for interest if/when you have to file a claim at court
  3. Sorry to bump a thread where I've been talking to myself but thought I'd update people. Following the last letter I got a reply from LTSBs solicitors today. They've removed the default as ordered and made a compensation offer which whilst less than the figure I asked for I have accepted. So after nearly 3 years it looks like this is finally over
  4. You can't do that in asda. Our local one didn't have any bags on the self scan either apart from the bags for life for 5p. The environmental issues are all well and good as is saying that you should take your own bags but what if you pop in for just a couple of bags worth but end up buying a trolley full. Presumably you then have to cram the trolley full of shopping into the two small bags, then have them split as soon as you leave the store. And what if you weren't planning a shopping trip but then remembered you needed some things whilst you were out? Asda are more than willing to use bags on their home delivery service despite all the goods being in crates anyway. We frequently have just one or two items put in a bag that wasn't needed anyway. We also have the opposite where they jam 60 tins of beans into one bag which has then split and can't be reused anyway. Really saving the planet there!
  5. Oh dear the DCAs aren't going to be able to ring me anymore as I have a new phone line with a new (ex directory) phone number. Shame!
  6. You could try e-mail Ian Livingston who is the chief exec of BT. I got his e-mail address off MSE as I had an issue with BT that the indians on 150 didn't have a clue about. An e-mail to him and I was contacted by someone in his team within the hour and my issue was resolved prior to my line being connected yesterday His e-mail address is [email protected]
  7. A subject access request may get you a transcript or recording of the phone call if it exists. Hopefully you can then prove that you didn't agree to a contract extension
  8. Don't the royal mail enjoy an ever so comfortable immunity to civil claims?
  9. I signed up to Scottish Power on a comparison site however after receiving their literature I telephoned to cancel as it was actually dearer than my current supplier. Today I find out that they have ignored my cancellation and gone ahead and transferred me anyway and have sent me a prepayment card for my gas. Any suggestions on best course of action?
  10. Nah they aren't. I had one code that had actually been e-mailed to me deactivated because someone else who had received it had posted it on a forum. Had to call customer care to get another one though as I'd received the original one they had no problems with this. Codes are getting very hard to come by these days though. Tesco started to clamp down on theirs months ago and now it seems asda are following suit EDIT just added the code you posted to my asda account and so far it is still working. Will see when we come to do next weeks big shop!
  11. The problem is that as soon as codes get posted up on sites like this or MSE, Asda immediately deactivate them or change them so they only work on a minimum spend of £500
  12. In the absence of any response, I've drafted the following letter which will be going to Lloyds TSB head office first recorded tomorrow
  13. We are also in a 2 bed house with 2 adults, 2 children. Partial central heating with the kids room heated by an electric oil radiator and the living room by a gas fire. We are currently topping up between £15 and £20 a week on each meter. Hope that helps
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