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  1. I made a point of telling them that if they didnt pay up it would cost them court fees and interest and if they were relly interested in managment cost and time they'd pay up also I was cheeky and said if they put in a defence just to delay things I would put in a Wasted Costs Order! Not sure if it heled at all but they paid up in full!!
  2. Oh and special thanks Zootscoot!!!!!
  3. Lovely feeling isnt it!!!! Thanks people!!!
  4. I sent mine edited to suit, told them that there offer would not change my timscale and told them the deadline, had downloaded LBA ready to send and before i could they paid up!! keep them on the defence!!!
  5. Seems FD are paying out quite quickly at present, see my post, hang on in there it really is worth it!!!
  6. WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!! Rejected offer, by return of post got an offer of the lot!!!! Thankyou forum!!! Donation soon as its in my bank!!!!!!
  7. An update, sent claim letter recorded on 27th March, today 2nd May I received an offer 85% of my money! They seem to have moved fast to make this offer, now what? Accept and run or fight for last £300 ish and if I fight how long is it likely to take (how long is a bit of string?)? If I go to court (try) then interest is another £300! HELP!!!!!!
  8. Thanks, hope i dont need luck just patience and this great forum!!!
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie be gentle! Using template letters I have received my statments, gone through them and they owe me £2k ish! So next letter monday! Nervous but happy!!!
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