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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone for their help! After spending 45 mins in the bank this morning, it came to light that Natwest had let the direct debit come out on the Friday 4th meaning it was at least one working day before the actual date of the Monday 7th therefore Natwest had no right to charge me £38.00 and removed the charges! Yay! Thanks again Claire:)
  2. Thankyou very much for all your help i just spoke to Natwest, they are trying to say that its company policy that the funds are put into your bank account at least 1 working day before the direct debit is due to come out, as i went to put the funds in on the saturday (ready for the direct debit to come out on the monday) they say this does not count as one working day. They also say it is not their problem that the direct debit payment came out early and that i have to take it up with the company that took the payment. Natwest will not stand down on the £38 charge but say i may be able
  3. Natwest let a direct debit come out of my account earlier than the date agreed and are now trying to charge me £38.00 for the returned direct debit! any advice or ideas on what i should be doing ot make sure this charge doesnt happen would be great thanks claire
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