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  1. I have been in dispute with eon since august when they sent us a bill for £2321.41 for closing our account. this is because of a faulty reading of our gas meter by 1 decimal point. when this was pointed out to them they took soo long to check this out that only last week did I get them to adjust this. However on sturday morning we got a letter form UDS stating they would take us to court if we did not pay this. after many phone calls I find that that it is now at the correct amount. so here is the rub the letter by UDS is dated 9th Dec 2008 and the letter with correct charges is d
  2. me too was asked if we wanted insurance in case anything went wrong in next 5 years, you can guesse what I told them;)
  3. I also phoned them and asked them if they wanted the old tv back they said I could do what I liked with it
  4. sorry for not posting sooner I had to get them to give me the right to deal with the claim as it was getting too confusing for my mother, after letter to them they phoned me offering £570 I asked them why so low as it was only 1 month after the warenty expires they told me that the fact that the plasmas and lcds have come down in price and we have taken off an amount for fair ussage and they was all they could offer. I told them is that including the cost of egineers report, and they said that i hadn't included a price. just look at the report it has a bill at the end I told him so he
  5. not on Hp anyway currys head office phoned my mum on sunday( claiming they only just got the letter ?) and made an offer It was either £550 or £650 my mum has problems understanding spoken numbers as she is spanish and some sound too similar for her to tell esspecailly on the phone. she took my advice from the result of shop call and asked them to put it in writing but they thought she ment the acceptance but she said no the offer as i want to see what it is as i cant understand properly ( good for her) so will wait and see the offer and then ask them to raise it to real cost pluss the e
  6. I need to wait till next monday to send a letter before action letter, as of yet nothing form head office so its a waiting game . But not much fun for my mum as she is watching a 14'' screen in front room and my computer screen is bigger than that and i sit much closer to it han she does to the tv. It seems that the bigger the company the less they care shame really as it makes you wonder how they ever got so big with such crap customer services, cant all be due to the price as they are and never will be the cheapest
  7. my mother got a phone call from currys shop saying they had the letter and as the 12 month gaurentee was over she has no recorse to a repair or replacement and she should instruct her lawer( as if we need one in this case) to contact head office and deal with them. she told me yesterday , its a shame she didn't ask them to put in writing, maybee i should phone them and ask them to clarify and put it in writing as this will be something to show a judge how they missuse the SoG act to misguide everyone
  8. JAPN The info I have says you should chase the retailer so the shop would be the best one. also have you phoned consumer direct 08454 04 05 06 or your local trading standards they will also give you lots of help and keep tabs on the shop
  9. as which is a subcription service I dont think you can find the link anywhere ( at least if your not a member) I got that info from a page in the guardian money section dated 25.03.06 and it was page 3 . I kept the copy and laminated it as I was sure I would need the info at a later date . you could try giving which a ring and see where they published it, they will give you a 3 months free trial of web site but I think it would take longer than that to find the relevent piece of info for what its worth here is the data I have Washing machine 5-10 years Fridge 7
  10. you can get the info on how long a TV is supposed to last from the manufactures web site as they should quote panel life in hours. also Which did some reachearch and published it about how long common electrical items should last and a TV should last 8-10 years so 2 years is well below its lifespan. I think your next step would be to wrtie another letter giving them 14 days before you file with court ( as per bank recliam) then file an N1 with the court , that should wake them up
  11. by the way refusing to sign as per recieving the letter is a common ploy , they can honestly say they never saw the letter. so send it recorded as no way they can say they never saw it , as he would have had to have read it in order to decide where to send it. and court will view as having been sent as the same as recieving it , and the recorded recipt proves they recieved it. See the bank side of forum regarding this
  12. Phone trading standards and give them the info ask them about what you can do next and tell them what the manager said. Take carfull notice as they will give you wording you can use in a letter. also send the letter to shop recorded delivery and keep the recipt attached to your copy of letter , you will need this if you want to take them to court also give them 14 days to respond then after 14 days send a another letter giving them another 14 days before you take them to court. also start your own thread so you can get even more help form other posters on this site . I am in the proccess of th
  13. thanks Will be sending copy to customer services and shop manager Happy christmas to everyone
  14. would this be ok or is their anything I should leave out or add your help will appreciated esspsially spelling mistakes I didnt pick up Dear Sir, I would like to complain about the treatment of myself by one of your manager, as he tried to deny his responsibility under the supply of goods act, He told us that as the 1 year manufactures warranty had finished that I have no recourse to a repair. This is not the case and he should be trained in the law that all retailers are obliged to uphold. His attitude to the whole incident was very undermining trying to tell me he was trained in
  15. the link i got most of if not just under all from is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/comet/105671-letter-manager-ok.html
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