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  1. I absolutely agree with Jezzy's advice especially the highlighted sentences. Any money acquired form recouping the charges would certainly bu used to pay off your creditors. A couple of questions: 1. Would the reclaimed charges go some way toward paying off some of your outstanding debts? 2. You say you are going Bankrupt when you can afford it, is this your choice then or is an organisation threatening legal action? 3. Why Bankruptcy - this is an extreme route to go down?
  2. I have complained to the IOC and basically had a standard response: "We have written to the organisations concerned and reminded them that they need to comply blah blah blah and then they went on to say that they were then closing the case. A puppet organisation I fear! I am hoping for much more of a response with teeth from the OFT! Could you send/post one of the letters that you have sent to the CRA so that I have the basis on which to add the information that Spark suggested. Thanks honey Boo x
  3. I sure have honey and I am in the process of drafting the letters to the CRA's as we speak! Boo x
  4. Letter received from BCW this morning: I write with regard to your recent communication concerning your aforementioned account. So I see! I can hereby confirm your concerns have been duly recorded on our system again!! and as previously stated in my letter dated 23rd march 07, further details have been requested from our client and on receipt will be issued to you without further delay. Only been waiting since August 2006! Please do not hesitate to contact me on **** should I be of any further assistance. ?? I am just pulling my hair out with these people they appear to have no idea that they, as the agents of GE Capital have a responsibility to comply with the aforementioned requests yet they pass everything back - aaaarrrhhh!!
  5. As long as you've stuck to the tried and tested process on here, sent what you should, when you should then you'll be fine! Good luck to you also. Boo
  6. No problem little sweetie, I know exactly how you feel, been there done it and finally had the bank balance to prove it. I went through numerous emotions, worries and postings on here. My son thought I'd lost my mind and never for one minute believed that anyone got anything back. My daughter thought I was having an affair as I spent most of my waking hours on this site. They had no problem believing when it came to spending it though;-) Relax take a deep breath and I usually find the odd (bottle of) wine helps!! Boo xx
  7. Lots of people have taken the Lloyds TSB case and blown the decision out of all proportion! You need to look at other threads on here that are dealing with it, they will reassure you. 8 days that's practically years away, be patient something will happen in the next couple of days. If they haven't filed a defence yet then that's a good sign! Boo x
  8. Me too, me too!!! As long as it's not later than my bed time:rolleyes: Boo xx
  9. Hi there Firstly you need to read the FAQ's see link below. Then you need to follow the process. 1. Initial letter asking for money back attach a schedule of charges (spreadsheet) - see templates library then allow 16 days (2 days for them to recieve it) send recorded delivery. 2. Letter before action which is basically a reminder that they haven't complied and you will now be looking at taking action trough the Courts then allow 16 days again (as above) 3. Complete MCOL (money claim on line) or N1 and submit at Local Court. Hope this helps Boo x
  10. 40 days, get on the templates library and send the reminder letter now! Boo x
  11. Why? carry on as you would have done. This is one case out of thousands, we do not know all of the facts therefore as has been said many times today it's business as usual:wink: Boo x
  12. This is what all of the banks do. they send you the basic bog off letter hoping this will frighten you into going away!!:o Lets start at the beginning, she obviously had her list of outstanding charges. She then needed to follow the tried and trusted process on this site i.e. Initial letter requesting money back then 14 days later, letter before action - basically asking for charges back or Court Action will follow then if nothing received Court Action. You set the timetable and basically you call the shots. The letter she has received is a basic bog off letter and is quite standard. Let us know where she is letters wise and then we can point her in the right direction. Boo x
  13. Excellent advice Noobrider!! I've read an awful lot of threads recently where people just want to claim whatever (usually estimated) without putting in the work and are jumping straight to the Court stage with everything done via the phone etc.... Boo x
  14. Boobaby

    JG65 v Abbey

    Hi there TBH I found it a lot easier to complete the N1 on here and then print it out and take it to your local Court See link below: Bank Templates Library 4. Particulars of claim - N1 - hard copy version This will also give you the information to go on the form as I found I couldn't get everything I needed on to the MCOL! The choice is of course yours. Hope this helps Boo. PS You will need to attach your schedule of charges (the spreadsheet) including the 8% interest and you will need to print three copies of both the N1 and the Schedule. To be on the safe side print 4 as you will need to take 3 to the Court with you. This is because you cannot save the N1. What I do tbh is to prepare the document first in a word file and then cut and paste the particulars on the N1. Hope I haven't confused you and if you need anything further then come back!
  15. Brill, let us know how you get on. Both my sister and I are with V/M who unfortunately are the cheapest for the three option! But by God it's true what my dad used to say when dealing with some people, you pay peanuts and you get monkeys! Their turn over of staff is unbelievable, you never get to speak to the same person twice and I'd love to know what 'charm' school some of them have attended as their attitudes suck! Had major problems about five years ago and to get a very very long story short my line was working in conjunction with someone else (like the old party lines for some oldies!) but unfortunately I was paying the bill for both lines. I used to get bills of £300 + a month!!! Took me 18 months to sort it out. Told me they wouldn't disconnect the line as the problem was with them - they did!! Told me they wouldn't be billing me anymore - they did!! Told me they wouldn't chase for payment - they so b****y did. In the end I wrote to the regional manager and demanded it be sorted by them within the week - they did!! Now I just pay via DD, check my bills, always something on there that shouldn't be. I phone them they take it off and we continue the process the following month. Sorry for the rant and I hope you can sort it out... Boo x
  16. You can ask if there's a buddy on this site, living close to the Court who is willing to attand with you! Good luck and I know what you mean about wanting everyone to go with you it kind of feels like the Unison advert with the ants etc... Boo x
  17. please see above responses in red, hope this helps if not come back!! Boo x
  18. Hi TBH I have never heard of anyone getting their charges back in days in some cases it can be a long slow process. Lets start at the beginning, you obviously have your list of outstanding charges. When you say you wrote in March ahev you followed the tried and trusted process on this site i.e. Initial letter requesting money back then 14 days later, letter before action - basically asking for charges back or Court Action will follow then if nothing received Court Action. You set the timetable and basically you call the shots. The letter you have received is a basic bog off letter and is quite standard. Let us know where you are letters wise and then we can point you in the right direction. Don't get mad, get even! Hope this helps Boo x
  19. I'm on the case Spark - I will post the letter here for your's and Un1boys perusal before sending! Thanks hun Boo x
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