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  1. As far as I am aware they will only put an S (settled) on your credit file. This record will then remain on your file for six years from the date of default. So although it is showing as settled the record is there for all to see that you have defaulted. Boo
  2. What fantastic sites! I have just printed off a couple of the notices from the last site. I live in a quiet road with parking for about 23/24 cars. There are 19 houses with one of the houses having been made into two flats. The upstairs occupant of one of them has four cars, seems if one goes wrong rather than get it fixed who goes out and buys another. They are all of course big cars - two estates and two large BMW's. He insisted on parking all of the cars in the limited spaces in our road which is partially residents parking. A number of us asked him to move his vehicles which eventually he did - well one of them anyway! Until that is one of the others broke down, which was then towed back into the street and the moved vehicle was repaired and that is also now being parked back in the street along with two others which aren't road worthy but have tax plus of course the only one he drives!! I personally have given up on him, but its' so annoying because I can never park anywhere near my house. I only have a little car, but when it's full of shopping I could personally punch his lights out, so will try the tickets and see if that works. Don't know if that's the way to go with that neighbour of yours though, strikes me he could be the kind of guy that could potentially carry out a revenge strike and also park all four of his vehicles in your spaces! Sorry
  3. Hi everyone Does anyone know where we are with regard to the 'STAYS'? Seems a really long time since Claim papers were submitted by myself and many of my friends and the OFT case, yet I have seen no update as to where we currently stand regarding a decision. Thanks
  4. Hi I am not quite sure who deals with the funding of placements in England but here in Wales Local Government Social Services Departments have that responsibility. If I were you I would contact your Local Health Board and or Local Authority and find out who deals with the funding of care home placements and ask for a copy of their funding criteria. Explain that son in law would like to purchase property to release his in laws of the financial burden/worry a Mortgage has placed on them and what would be the penalties, if any, of him doing this should one or both need placements in the future? I dealt with funding placements in a previous job with Social Services but that was some fifteen years ago and I know that criterias have changed quite significantly in Wales. Good luck Boo
  5. Not sure if people are aware but eBay changed it's Feedback Policy in May of this year. What it means is that if you are a BUYER - everything is still hunky dorey and you can leave - Positive, Neutral and Negative la, la, la, la, la all alright with the world, so as it was before:D If you are a SELLER beware - everything is not as it was before and you can only leave Positive:eek:. So if your buyer bounces a cheque or doesn't pay - POSITIVE! If your buyer doesn't like the item and demands a refund and threatens you with a Negative Feedback - POSITIVE! If your buyer is the most obnoxious creature and leaves you a negative for whatever reason - POSITIVE! We are seeing a picture here now? When you ask eBay to remove the feedback - this is the response you get: eBay cannot get involved in feedback disputes or else feedback would become eBay's opinion rather than members' opinions and we cannot be seen to be taking sides. eBay will only remove Feedback ratings and comments in very limited circumstances. These are listed in our Feedback Abuse and Removal policy. Even if you believe that you didn't deserve negative Feedback from your buyer, it's unlikely we'll remove it. Then directly after that (same policy) it reads: Why don't we take sides on Feedback? But they do and it's always in favour of the Buyer. This is what happened to me: I HAVE EMAILED EBAY AT LEAST THIRTY TIMES IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK AND I GET THE USUAL "WE CANNOT GET INVOLVED" INVOLVED ENOUGH TO SUSPEND MY ACCOUNT THOUGH!! FIRST NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WAS AN EBAYER WHO REGISTERED WITH A POSTCODE AS AN ADDRESS AND SOMEBODY ELSES PHONE NUMBER FOUND THIS OUT WHEN I PHONED, WHO THEN PROCEEDED TO PURCHASE AN ITEM WITH A FRAUDULENT CHEQUE WHICH OF COURSE BOUNCED - THEN LEFT ME NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!! SECOND EBAYER - AN AMERICAN WHO LEFT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FOR ME IN ERROR HE'D ACCUSED ME OF NOT SENDING HIS ITEM FOR TWO MONTHS! WHEN I CHALLENGED HIM AND PROVIDED EVIDENCE THAT IT WAS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS HE TRIED TO WITHDRAW THE FEEDBACK AND SAID THAT EBAY WOULDN'T LET HIM - WHICH IS TRUE!! IF THE FEEDBACK WAS JUSTIFIED I WOULD PUT MY HANDS UP AND SAY OKAY - "FAIR COP GOV" BUT IT'S NOT AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. EBAY HAVE SUSPENDED MY ACCOUNT FOR 30 DAYS ON THE GROUNDS OF BUYER DISSATISFACTION. THEY HAVE WITHDRAWN 30 ITEMS I'D LISTED WITH SALES ON FIVE AND I AM UNABLE TO PAY FOR ITEMS I HAVE ORDERED OR ORDER ANYTHING ELSE. I HAVE BEEN REGISTERED ON EBAY FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS AND HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH AS A WARNING PREVIOUSLY, NOW THROUGH NO FAULT OF MINE I HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED! CAN ANYONE HELP? PLEASE Boo x
  6. Oh Boy - Impressive credentials!! I will see your credentials and raise you two degrees and numerous management qualifications! That my friend still does not give me the right to stand in judgement of others. I am and I make no excuses absolute crap with my own money. Thankfully I have managed to put my house in order with the help of people on this site who have been willing to give up their time and impart their knowledge allowing me to do that. They have not sat in their ivory towers judging users (including themselves) of this site who have incurred difficulties. I am glad that you appear to have no financial issues and are able to manage your affairs without resorting to using bullies, conmen and downright rip off merchants, so why then are you on here? Thank you all for your help advice and support you truly are amazing
  7. Hi Fleeced This was settled some time back and yes I got my costs. I was more than happy with the settlement. Boo x
  8. And damned if you don't We all learn the hard way - good advice castlebest.
  9. Don't know how they are dealing with their claims now - perhaps they went a little mad after they settled mine, as I understand lots of people are now using a firm of Solicitors. I did manage to do it on my own. I followed all of the procedures and DIDN'T GIVE UP! I kept on even though they tried to say it was all my fault and if i'd handled my account better etc etc - nothing to do with the way I handled my account they kick a dog when they're down so to speak! I missed one payment due to a life threatening hospital admission (month) and they wouldn't accept a debit/credit card or cheque payment just cash via a payment book. I couldn't get to the bank and tbh to ashamed to ask someone to pay it for me! Carried on paying after my discharge but that one missed payment snowballed. All I can say is thank God they never got their mitts on my car and that the loan was only for a £1000. I can't believe people still use these v******s (flying birds that usually hang around death!) but more than that I can't believe they are still trading. Absolutely astounded to see they have their own section on the site but also sad to see as this means people are still taking loans with them. Good luck to those of you taking them on ! Boo
  10. Not like you to not know what's going on - I thought i did a pretty good explanation of doing the right thing etc... Perhaps I should just have said NO and blamed you after all everyone else does perhaps "someone" ought to? Boo PS yourbank - i'm sure you did the right thing to be honest people sometimes don't want to hear a resolution just want someone to blame so take comfort in that you tried to help! :grin:
  11. I would just like to reiterate what Locutus said and wish you and your family all the very best. I'm so happy that Mrs P is home and that you're all there for each other. I'd come round and make the bed or look after littley or whatever to help, could even bring Mikey & Sulley but you live a little to far away for us to just pop round so we'll will send a big monster hug instead... Lots of love Boo x
  12. No actually cos once you involve another someone then the someone you were helping thinks that you have betrayed that someone with the someone you've asked to help and you are then unable to justify to that someone why you involved the other someone when someone supposedly told you in confidence (I think) !!! Best to let someone sort their own problem or tell them to speak to "someone" else! Hope this helps - but then you can always speak to "someone" who knows.
  13. Thanks honey, hope you're okay and no it wasn't recent - long story! Boo x
  14. Please let us know if/when this is shown on Watchdog. Thanks Boo
  15. I GOT BACK EVERY PENNY PLUS INTEREST!! I kept getting phone calls offering ridiculous settlement amounts right up until the day before the hearing was due to take place. I kept referring them to the Court date stating that actually I had nothing to lose! The day before the hearing as stated above they came up with the amount that I wanted which included interest, costs and the clamping fees. :grin: So in my case, I found it was well worth plodding on. That's the one thing with this company although they appear to be quite large it seems to be the same people you speak with and they don't like confrontation unless they are the ones doing it! They will revert to bully boy tactics which are frightening and not always legal. Stick to your guns follow the guidelines and procedures on this site and you can't go wrong. Lots of clever people on here who will advise and support you! Good luck Boo
  16. As stated above I have taken photos of where I was parked and it wasn't on double yellow lines! To once more appeal this ridiculous situation, is the onus now on me to prove I wasn't or on the CTO to prove I was? In other words would I be within my rights to request CCTV footage of the time in question? I can't see how else to proceed... I need first to cancel the ticket before I can go after The Bailiffs. Boo
  17. Firstly - Thanks MTM - I have thankfully calmed down from Hysteria and breakdown mode to boiling mad at preent! Secondly Hi Roost - sorry:oops: and thanks Thirdly - Thanks Rob S It was Cardiff CTO and the ticket was issued by a Warden on my old car which I changed in February. Boo
  18. Thursday the 19th of June I was returning from walking my dog in the park at 7.00am (I know but he has to have a walk before I go to work!). As I turn the corner into my road I can see a big van with Certificated Bailiffs on the side parked up on the pavement and two men hammering on my door a little further down the road. As I get to my house I ask if it's me they want and they reply only if your name is *Boo*! I asked what they want and especially at this hour of the morning and they tell me that they are there to collect on a parking ticket that I received last December. I remember the ticket because it was issued whilst I was working, having been called out on an emergency I was parked on a single yellow line, inside a broken white line box with a work issued parking permit displayed on my screen. I returned to my car after finishing my visit as the Warden was finishing writing the ticket. I showed him the permit clearly displayed on my screen to which he responded "sorry I didn't see that but as i've issued the ticket now you will have to appeal"! I was so cross but wrote a letter appealing the ticket sending a copy of the ticket to the Central Ticket Office and tbh thought no more of it, assuming that as I heard nothing further all was okay - I know stupid or what? The next I hear is as stated above when these two men are knocking my door. They then told me that they were there to collect on this particular ticket and would need full payment of £405!!! in full or they would clamp my car and it would cost another £75 to release!! I have never heard of anything so ludicrous, how does a parking fine go from £30 to £405?? To cut a long story very short and not wanting to relive the anguish and upset of that morning, they were paid by card for which they charged an additional 5%. So before 7.30am in the morning I have had to lay out £425 for a supposed offence that I appealed at the time. I did inform the Bailiffs (who by the way had no records or fee breakdown on them) that I would of course be appealing this ridiculous fine to which they responded with well you can appeal the ticket but you can't appeal our charges! Follow up - I contacted the office of the Bailiffs and requested copys of all correspondence and a breakdown of their charges. I received one A4 piece of paper with about 10 lines of writing stating: ARREAS - £45 Letter 1 - £50 Letter 2 - £50 Letter 3 - £50 Uncleared Balance £195. £50 per computer generated letter which I never received sound reasonable???? On checking with the office they then told me that they charged £210 call out for that early morning visit - nice work if you can get it! I also wrote to the Central Ticket Office and they just said that as I was parked on a double yellow line!!!!!! (I was not) then my permit was invalid, and as I didn't pay the ticket it was now out of their hands. I have been back to the property where I incurred said ticket and taken photos, so now comes the question: What is my next move and do I contact both parties? Thanks Boo
  19. Thanks Pete I was going to do that but needed confirmation that that was the way to go. What I don't understand is that if they are staying this claim why ask for an A/Q? Boo
  20. I currently have a claim against HSBC which was submitted some months ago. This claim is for charges incurred on my Current Account and not my Credit Card. I received a letter from HSBC in January stating that they would be applying for an order to stay my action should I proceed to Court which I did. I then had a letter from the Court saying that HSBC would be defending the case. I have not received any further correspondence until today when I had a letter from the Court dated the 5th of March saying that I had until the 12th of March to complete an Allocation Questionaire. What do I do now as: 1. No Allocation Questionaire received 2. No correspondence to say HSBC had filed a defence and would now require the the completion of the A/Q 3. Out of time!! Thanks Boo
  21. Thanks Bookie, knew I could rely on you for some good advice;-) Boo x
  22. Glad you're doing so well lovely, you so deserve it! Started my year pretty badly by falling down the garage steps last week and fracturing my wrist, day before a big birthday, and I hadn't even had a drink. Pain in the behind typing with one hand, and putting my underwear on well we won't even go there! Nice to hear from you and glad things are going your way. Take care of you and yours. Boo xx
  23. If you'd stayed here you might have gotten snowed upon instead! How are you and the slayers doing my lovely? Banks any better out there or have you stashed all your millions in a roos pouch somewhere? Boo x
  24. You have never patronised, in fact it's always been a pleasure to converse with you and I have always found your advice and support extremely helpful. I appreciate all advice - particularly from one as knowledgable as yourself Boo x
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