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  1. HELP I really need to call on someone for help with this one. I really don't understand this one. I have been sent a date for the hearing of my case for December. The letter states (and this is the bit I just don't understand... do I need to do something or not?) -The claimant having already served a schedule detailing her claim, shall by 26th Oct' file and serve: A statement of her evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show that the alleged charges have been made or that they are irrecoverable as penalties.- Does this mean I have already or need to ? If it is need t
  2. Hi Madoron and all... have been on hols for while. Have received offer of £1500 as GOGW with conditions applied to not disclose anything to anyone about anything ; yet to reply to that one! Have also got court date for December. Perhaps it will be a time to be jolly La la la la la la la. Hope all is going good for you.
  3. I sent standard complaint letter to three sold in 1988: one payed up £4070. without much question stating there was no evidence to show I was mis-sold and there was no evidence to show I was not. The other two have argued on grounds of time-barred. I have taken the two to the FOS who have upheld that decision. I am about to send letter of complaint to FOS... on grounds my complaint is not about shortfall and advice given by firm at appropriate dates as stated in replies but about having been mis-sold. So my advice would be keep going with it; you never know...
  4. I am sorry to have caused confusion... It is my friend who is having to take the sad road of bankruptcy. |I put this in the first person to try to avoid confusion and seem to have made it worse! Anyway, some of his questions have been answered, I will just relay your replies back to him. Situation is... He has got into such a mess now with credit cards, exceeding overdraft limits, loans and mortgages to the max that there is no way to keep up with repayments and nowhere else to turn. The financial advisor says bankruptcy will result in reducing amount owed for mortgage to bank (for example) ca
  5. Completing AQ today and sending with £100 with NW cheque oh cruel irony think this goes beyond small pleasures in life for a sad one... this has been a long time coming - I just never imagined this would be around the corner. I can never thank the BAG founders enough for setting up this site - really.
  6. What a great reply cumbria Thankyou it warmed my tummy to read it Sorry Madoron not been online for few days - poorly computor! I love both replies; I aimed for the 2nd but ended up with the 1st. Stopped myself with great will not to go further... The basics are in there for both of us, thanks to this fantastic site. The part 18 not relevant, find it intimidating and will advise the court of same, however, will supply AGAIN (possibly due to your lack of communication with your client) breakdown and basic details like name/ acc no' as requested. HONESTLY. Don't think they are trying to intimid
  7. BIG THANKYOU to Timinio and Laffar and Lynne and Kate and everyone on this thread and site. You have made me able to reply to Cobbetts 'standard' request for further info... CPR p 18 etc. with ease and no worry (I was a little nervous till I read this thread. And well done Timinio well done to you.
  8. Received Cobbetts defence today along with request for further information... Thanks to this fantastic site am ready for this... onwards and upwards aye.
  9. No news sadly to date. Getting close tho aye... this Saturday is fireworks I think x
  10. Does anyone know the situation arround claiming bank charges back if one has been forced down the sad road of bankruptcy ??? My financial advisor will propose to the court that I get a reduced amount (£15,000 reduced) to repay my mortgage to make it possible. If that goes through... am I still - or not - in a possition to claim the unfair charges? They were certainly not responsible for my present financial MESS but the banks monthly £500 charges, because I am in such a mess, have not helped!!! to say the least... please offer advice because I do not know. If I claim and get it... will it be
  11. I do not know because I really do not know but I thought they would up the stakes sooner or later. My best guess is that this is such a pathetic attempt at 'upping the stakes' really sad I think. I would definately say continue with your head held high and hold your ground with these blood sucking 'professionals' ... the momentum will speak for itself I believe x
  12. NW have acknowledged receipt so 28 days for too
  13. Ooow hotting up. I havent received anything yet. Am curious to the difference in reaction, all doesnt really make sense, nothing really standard except bland letters. APART FROM RESULT that is.
  14. Has anyone put in a complaint, to date, for the shabby posting of our statements from NW? Confidentiality of our personal details and encouraging potential fraud etc. I am keen to know - is there a thread for this issue?
  15. Still no joy with buddy system... please help mods. Will try new thread later if no result caus I am in need of prep work now begun court track.
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